Likigram Review 2022 – Is It a Scam?

Likigram Review – Is Likigram a Scam?

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Likigram Review 2022

Likigram is the kind of company that claims to be able to help you with your Instagram growth.

Can they, though?

We like in a world where everything about being online is competitive.

Brands have cottoned onto the idea of being able to showcase their product or service on sites like Instagram, and as a result, you’ve got everyone out there trying to expand their reach and bring more people into their customer community.

There are plenty of companies that are legit enough to help you with this if it’s what you need – but there are scams as well.

If you’ve built a reputation already, it pays to be wary of scams.

Hi, I’m Jonathon Spire.

I know what it’s like to get really jaded on this industry because there are so many dodgy companies out there.

However, I don’t want my readers to get jaded – I want them to have the best experience possible so that they can do well with their brand and not partner up with a company that’s not legit.

This is why I’ve imparted my knowledge below through a one-off review of a company.

Let’s review them and decide whether we think they’re worth you spending money on them or not.

Likigram - logo

Likigram is the kind of company that claims to be able to help you with your Instagram followers, views, and likes.

They say that they can help their clients grow their accounts quickly, and they can end up making a real difference.

We think that they’re nothing more than a scam. 

Why Do You Need More Followers?

Your followers are your people, or your primary portion of your target audience. 

Therefore, when you have more followers, you enhance your overall engagement. At least that’s the ultimate goal. 

Real followers are the ones that provide you with the proper engagement. Fake followers don’t and cannot do that. 

Real followers also result in more exposure that sparks the interest of more real people interested in your content, increasing your chances of getting more followers. Again, fake followers cannot do that.

While it’s not all about numbers, the more real followers you have, the more people see your content, engage with it, share it, and are more likely to follow you. 

Due to this social media phenomenon, social media growth and engagement services are in high demand, but they are not all worth it.

What is Likigram?

Likigram - Services

So, from where we’re sitting, Likigram seems to be the kind of company that can sell its client’s real followers and likes for Instagram.

Real is the operative word here, though, because we have our suspicions that they’re nothing more than a very average Instagram bot.

We also think that there’s a chance they are providing fake engagement for their clients as well.

Naturally, we’re not impressed with what we see here so far, but we’ve got to give everyone the benefit of the doubt.

Let’s read on to see what we think of their features and pricing.

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What Are Likigram’s Features?

Likigram - Features

Likigram places a heavy emphasis on Instagram features, but they can help you with other social media platforms out there as well.

When it comes to their Instagram, they can help you with a money calculator, a hashtag generator, a profile audit, as well as likes, followers, and comments.

We are surprised to find that they can do so many things, but this doesn’t mean that we think they are of high quality.

In fact, we think that they are compromising on their quality to cover everything, which is a bit of a disappointment.

What is Likigram’s Pricing?

Likigram - Pricing

So, what are their Instagram likes going to cost you, then?

Well, they say that you can buy 100 real Instagram likes for $1.99, which is definitely one of the cheapest rates that we’ve seen in this industry.

This doesn’t mean that it’s good, though – in fact, you should avoid this type of pricing.

It means that the service itself is fake or low quality.

You can buy as many as 25,000 Instagram likes for $199.99, which is way too cheap.

Pros and Cons

So, what are their pros and cons, then?

  • Visible pricing
  • Secure site
  • Bad reviews
  • Fake engagement
  • Most likely a bot
  • Prices are cheap

About the pros and the cons:


Having a secure site isn’t unusual anymore. It benefits Likigram as much as it does the website visitors. They get higher ranking on Google and you get to browse safely on the site.

Visible pricing is important in any industry. You need to know how much a company’s services will cost before you spend any money. Transparency is sometimes a sign of a trustworthy service, but Likigram is an exception to that general rule.


Bad reviews are not a good sign at all. More and more bad reviews are occurring with this kind of service since Instagram’s recent algorithm update.

Fake engagement is not allowed on Instagram, according to their actual terms of service, so it’s already something this platform is aware of and is able to detect.

Bots are another method of engagement that is not allowed on Instagram. This suspicious activity ultimately will get you banned from the platform and ruin your reputation.

Prices that are too cheap to be believable, like these, are a clear sign of a scam.

We also found out that one of the negative highlights of this website is that it’s hosted in a high-risk country, according to Scamadviser.

What About the Team?

We couldn’t find anything on Likigram’s page about the team behind the features.

This means that they don’t care about being accountable to their clients – they just care about making a quick profit and then moving on.

In other words, there will be no one there for you if you have issues with your order. No one is going to fix it for you, nor do they seem to want to fix things for their clients.

How Did Likigram Do in Tests?

We made sure to put Likigram to the test, so that you don’t have to.

We bought 1000 Instagram followers for our profile, and we didn’t like what we got.

Almost none of the engagement stuck, and we started to see a drop after just 24 hours.

Followers may sometimes naturally unfollow you, but when several do this or drop for whatever reasons, Instagram is likely to detect suspicious activity, which could adversely affect your profile.

There are various penalties for suspicious activity on your account. Your account might get flagged, suspended, or banned from Instagram.

Review Conclusion

So, what is the final consensus on Likigram, then?

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We ultimately think that this company is a joke, and you shouldn’t go anywhere near them.

Your Instagram account deserves better than fake engagement, so be aware of that.

While they might look great on the outside, they’re nothing more than a scam on the inside.

They have reviewers out there that claim to have never received their order.


Here are three reasons not to go with a company like this: they sell fake engagement to their clients, they don’t follow through on deliveries, and they have terrible reviews elsewhere online.

Fake engagement delivers no value to your Instagram account. Fake followers cannot engage with you or be converted into loyal customers. They cannot buy anything from you.

Only real followers who genuinely engage with you can provide value to your Instagram account. You also at least have a chance to convert them into customers that buy from you.

If you care about the reputation of your Instagram account, you’ll avoid these guys. You will be putting not only your Instagram reputation at risk, but your whole online reputation.

Another thing that they do is copyright Instagram in their name.

Instagram owns the copyright to “insta”, “gram”, and “IG”, so that is a legal issue that could cause you problems when Instagram catches Likigram doing that. You will lose whatever fake engagement you get from them, and you could lose your good reputation.

Nobody but Instagram is allowed to use ‘gram’ in their name, so they’re in complete violation of this.

Avoid companies like this when you can.

Final Thoughts

Likigram seems to also provide services for YouTube, Twitter, Twitch, Facebook, and some other platforms.

Regardless of how many services this company provides across social media platforms, it’s still not a reliable or safe company to use.

You can check out the alternatives provided at the end of this review to find reliable and safe services.

No matter what, you really need to do your own research. Only you can make the final decision about how to engage on your Instagram account.

You must be the informed consumer to make the wisest decision based on your research and your goals.

Your priority needs to be your account. You need to protect it, no matter the cost. Failure to protect yourself from risky engagement practices will result in harming your reputation on the Instagram platform and online. 

Once your reputation is adversely affected on Instagram, it will spread to other social media networks and finally your website. 

What will happen then? You will end up having to start all over again by building a new reputation and create new social media accounts. You might say, you have to rebrand and start your empire over again.

Top Likigram Alternatives

RankGrowth ServiceMore Info

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Thanks for reading.

- Jon

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