Likesocial Alternatives 2022 (They Shutdown) in 2022

Likesocial Alternatives (2019 Shutdown)

Best Likesocial Alternatives 2022

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Update May 2019: Likesocial has closed its doors to new signups.

Update September 2020: Likesocial has officially shut down. This means that you not only can’t gain access to their features, but you won’t be able to at any point in the future, either.

Either they were shut down by Instagram, or they shut shop themselves for whatever reason. We’re really not sure about the circumstances surrounding the shutdown, but this doesn’t mean that you have to be without a third party for your Instagram growth for too long.

Keep checking this page, I’ll keep it updated with further info! The best alternatives are in the table above.

LikeSocial Alternatives - Shut down in 2019

Original LikeSocial Review

Outsourcing Instagram engagement is quickly becoming the go-to method of gaining engagement and growing on Instagram.

While some people choose to use bots that use automated technology to engage on the platform, that is against Instagram’s ToS. You can also go another way and buy followers and likes to boost your Instagram presence.

The trick is to make sure to choose a reputable service from which to buy your followers and likes to prevent the issue of fake followers and profiles, which are being cracked down on by Instagram.

This review will discuss the services and aspects of Likesocial for Instagram growth and engagement.

Let’s get started.

What is Likesocial?

Likesocial is an online company that sells Instagram likes, and video views.

They are also known by their clients to quickly boost posts that make you popular.

They claim to deliver your likes and video views fast, and that is accurate. The offer a lifetime guarantee on their plans, which is a rare element of these services.

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There’s also a small chance that they offer a bot to grow your profile automatically as well. This could be what got them shut down, because Instagram isn’t exactly the biggest fan of bots in the industry.

Likesocial’s Main Features

Let’s see what’s in Likesocial’s box.

  • Delivers Real Likes & Followers
  • Detection of New Uploads for Quick Interaction
  • Video Views are Equal to Likes
  • Posts Get a Variety of Engagement to Maintain Natural Flow
  • Dedicated Team Plus Consistent Service
  • Automatic Likes & Followers

If you think that your likes are coming too fast, Like Social allows you to make adjustments to your numbers to protect your account.


The pricing structure of Likesocial’s services is simple to understand and ranges in price to meet any budget.

Automatic Likes

  • 50 – 2500 likes for between $10 and $99 weekly

Automatic Views

  • 100-200 views for between $7 and $49 weekly

When finding other companies similar to Likesocial to use for your Instagram growth, it’s good to be able to compare pricing so that you know what you can expect, and what you should and shouldn’t pay.

We think that their pricing was pretty reasonable, if not on the cheap side. If you find a high quality brand that doesn’t hold back on offering the best features, then you can expect to pay a little bit more.

However, in this business you get what you pay for, so we think that it will be worth it.

Is Likesocial Safe? Is It a Scam?

I am happy to report that this is a verified & trusted resource for your Instagram growth and engagement.

Now for the pros and cons.


  • Secure Https site that protects your personal details and helps them rank well in Google
  • Transparency in prices and what you get for that price
  • They have a help page from which you can email them with any questions or concerns
  • They have an online email form for sign-up when you purchase
  • They have verified payment gateways to protect your personal and payment information
  • They have real testimonials to read on the website
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  • They don’t offer 24/7 support, which would be convenient for anyone who needs to get in touch with them immediately
  • They don’t provide user reviews on the website (they do have testimonials)

One of the things that might have got them in the end is the lack of client reviews. It’s important that all reputable companies are able to show new clients good feedback.

Jon Says

Overall, I like this service for Instagram growth and engagement. It’s a safe site and service that won’t adversely affect your Instagram account.

Likesocial proves that it is dedicated to providing superb customer service, support, and reliability. They are trusted by many clients across the world, which is evidenced by their 4 and 5-star reviews for safety, features, website security, customer support, and authentic testimonials.

If you’re looking to boost your Instagram presence, I recommend Likesocial. Seen as it is now shut down, check out our alternatives above so that you can carry on growing your Instagram.

Other Instagram Growth Tools

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