LeadFuze Review 2024 – Is It a Scam? Is It Safe?

LeadFuze Review – Is It a Scam? Is It Safe?

LeadFuze is a company that wants to help their clients get more leads to their LinkedIn profiles. We believe that they are a general lead prospecting tool that has a lot to offer their clients.

When it comes to being on social media with your brand, things aren’t what they used to be. Back in the day, when the competition wasn’t so hot, it wasn’t that hard to get your content out in front of the right people.

It also wasn’t that hard to find the right people that were going to be interested in checking out your website either, but this has changed as well.

Now, if you want to stand out on networks like LinkedIn, you’ve really got to put the work in.

If you aren’t original and unique with your content, then you’re very quickly going to fall behind, and other people are going to stand out instead.

This is actually a big reason why a lot of people choose to outsource their LinkedIn engagement these days.

I’m Jonathon Spire. The LinkedIn growth industry is full of companies that can benefit your LinkedIn profile, but on the other hand, there are companies that can set you back as well.

Just like any other industry, there are companies that are high quality and those that are not so much.

In fact, some companies out there are nothing more than a scam, with the goal of stealing their client’s personal information in mind.

This is why you have to be really discerning when it comes to choosing the right LinkedIn profile to work with.

Let’s review LeadFuze and decide whether we think that they are safe enough for you to use for your LinkedIn growth.


LeadFuze Review 2024

LeadFuze says that they can help you find fresh leads instantly. They say that their automated system can verify, build, and clean leads in almost no time at all.

They are ultimately a lead prospecting tool, which is exactly what you need on your side if you plan on making a real difference to your LinkedIn profile, and finding the leads that you need for your business to do well.

They are professional, and take their client’s needs very seriously.

What is LeadFuze?

LeadFuze Review - Dashboard

LeadFuze seems to be all about automation, which is going to make it efficient and convenient for you to find leads. They say that they can help you with contact data and deep insights from over 300 million people worldwide as well as 14,000,000 plus companies worldwide.

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They say that they are the leader in cutting edge data intelligence, and they have been since 2014, which indicates that they have a lot of expertise in this particular field.

On their homepage, they have an area where you can enter your work email and get 25 leads for free, which is a great way to start. It’s always nice when you get a discount or a bit of a free trial in the beginning to get you started.

What are LeadFuze’s Features?

LeadFuze Features

LeadFuze says that they are the most accurate contact and data intelligence possible out there for revenue teams and recruiters.

They say that they can target the right leads for your niche based on their market research, and they also say that they can find specific people before using their account-based search.

They can help you avoid adding leads that you have already added, as well as those that you think are going to be a waste of time. They also help you with list building and verified emails for your leads so that you know that they are legit. 

This type of lead prospecting can take you far.

Top LinkedIn Growth Tools

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What is LeadFuze’s Pricing?

LeadFuze Review - Pricing

LeadFuze right out of the gate is pretty reasonable for what they’re offering. They say that their most basic price point starts at $132.30 a month.

This offers you unlimited lists, as well as account-based search filters. Their next price point is $447.30 a month and can help you with market-based search filters as well as integrations and ignore lists.

They also have a custom option, where you have to get in touch with them to talk about it.

How Did LeadFuze Do in Tests?

We decided to test out LeadFuze against our LinkedIn profile to see if they’re worth your time. We thought that they were both professional and practical, and made it really easy to get through the sign-up process.

We were impressed at how effective their features were, and how much work they did for us in such a short space of time.

If you are trying to maintain a good reputation with your LinkedIn profile, this is definitely the kind of experience that you want.

What About Their Team?

One of the last things to check when it comes to companies like this is how upfront and honest they are prepared to be about the team behind their features.

If they can’t seem to part with any initial information about the people that make the software, then we think that you should be relatively worried.

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We thought that there was more than enough information on LeadFuze’s website about the team they have hired to develop their features, which means that you are going to be going in knowing as much as you can about them before you register for anything.

User Reviews Overview

Here are some reviews we found for LeadFuze on Software Advice.

LeadFuze Review Software Advice

Review Conclusion

The biggest issue that we have with companies in the social media marketing industry when it comes to your LinkedIn lead generation is that they directly violate LinkedIn’s terms and conditions around using a third party.

The good news is that companies like LeadFuze don’t do this at all.

In fact, they are realistic about their client’s expectations and tell them how it is.

Because they are a general lead prospecting tool, they can help you not just with LinkedIn, but with other sites as well.

When it comes to your lead prospecting on LinkedIn, a little bit of this is going to be automated.

However, LeadFuze links up with Dux-Soup when they do this, which means that there’s no additional risk to you or your LinkedIn profile. Dux-Soup takes the risk, and you get to stay in the clear.

We think that this is a smart approach, and we believe that it reflects the type of company that seriously cares about their clients.

What’s more, they seem to only have good reviews out there, so this can only mean one thing – that they have a great reputation already.

Check them out today!

Top LeadFuze Alternatives

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  1. Hey Jonathon – Founder of LeadFuze here. We don’t do any sort of LinkedIn automation, so not sure what this is about. We actually integrate natively with Dux-Soup for that sort of thing. The automation is for grabbing leads with emails and building lists to then send to third party tools, but that’s done with data inside our platform. So there’s zero risk at all. We are also one of the top reviewed tools in our space 🙂


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