Laptop Screen Extenders For More Screen Real Estate 

Whether you work from home, use an office space or you often time on the road, adding one or two more external monitors to your workspace can help increase your screen real estate and do great wonders to your productivity.

This is where laptop screen extenders come in. With the right calibration, compatibility and connection, you can set up a fancy workspace you would undoubtedly be proud of. 

Laptop screen extenders like Trio are designed to help add external monitors on either side of your main display and boost your productivity.

They are a creative solution to widening your existing laptop screen without necessarily buying another laptop with a larger screen size.

Types Of Laptop Screen Extenders

When people get a laptop screen extender, the goal is often to increase screen real estate and productivity.

There are several models, variations of extenders and even alternatives to choose from to achieve these goals, depending on your preference, laptop compatibility and sometimes budget.

Here are different types of laptop screen extenders:


Portable Monitors 

As their name implies, these screen extenders are known for their portability. Their lightweight and compact design makes them the perfect mobile and easily accessible monitors.

They are often self-powered and come with an inbuilt kickstand so they can stand on their own.

They are windows and Mac compatible and are often connected with the use of a one-cable connection.

Dual Monitors And Laptop Docks

Although not designed with the intent of mobility and portability, it offers a more stationary option for extending your laptop.

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A laptop docking station allows you the opportunity to add different ports to connect external monitors.

With a laptop dock, you can connect your laptop to up to two to three 4k 60Hz for a maximum experience.

Clip On Screen Extenders

These are the typical laptop screen extenders like Mobile Pixel Trio that clamp to the lid of the laptop extending by one or two laptops.

They are foldable and also detachable, fitting easily into a laptop bag. They are usually one-size fit all and can be powered using a USB-C connection.

With their lightweight, they are the perfect option for extra screen estate on the go. They often come with dual monitors or as a trio monitor set up.

image 1

Who Can Use a Laptop Screen Extender?

Screen laptop extenders can be used by pretty much anyone with a laptop or a desktop set up.

In most cases, they are largely used by working professionals, travelers, students, stock traders digital content creators, and gamers.

Anyone who simply wants to multitask, stay productive and increase screen real estate can use a screen extender.

Extenders give you the opportunity to work on your tasks, play your games, change songs and answer your DMs on Twitch without changing screens.

No matter which type of monitor extender you choose, these handy devices can help you do more in less space. 

How To Set Up Your Clip On Screen Extender

Clip on screen extenders like the Mobile Pixel Trio are easy-to-use, simple, lightweight, portable and detachable. 

They are easy to set up and designed to be attached to the laptop through the use of magnets, clips and metal plates.

In three easy steps, you can have your screens set up and ready to work in no time:

  • Carefully place the magnetic adhesive on the back of your laptop. They are easy to detach when you are ready to unpack.
  • Attach your additional screens together with the use of the sliding clips. Place the metal plates in between them.
  • Place the screens on the back of the laptop and slide both screens out. Unlike portable monitors that come with a kickstand, these detachable screens work perfectly with just the magnetic attachments 
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Connect the screens to the USB ports on your laptop and you have a three-screen display set up to work with.

Designed to form a triangle, they are perfect for group meetings, immersive gaming experience, video streaming, conference calls and so on.

Some models come with a kickstand and others can just be clamped to the laptop.

Wrap Up

These are the days where productivity is largely dependent on laptops and the effectiveness of gadgets.

It doesn’t matter if you choose to double extend or triple your screen real estate, the fact still remains that a multi-monitor setup would change everything about your workspace and give you the flexibility to work from anywhere without having to carry bulky monitor displays around.

Connect at least two small-sized 1080p screens to your laptop via USB-C and you have more monitors for more productivity.

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