Jarvee Review 2024 – Is It a Scam?

Jarvee Review - Mass Planner Alternative and Replacement

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Jarvee Review 2024

If you’re business savvy, you understand how advantageous it is to build an online presence for your brand, which could mean you’ll want to outsource your engagement.

The main reason you’ll want to outsource your engagement is to save time. It takes many hours a day to engage enough on any social media platform to become popular enough to enjoy a decent level of success.

Who has that kind of time to engage for hours per day on one social media network much less multiple platforms? When would you have time for work, school, or fun?

There is nothing wrong with seeking out help from a reliable and dependable third-party service to help you with your social media engagement. As a matter of fact, it’s quite common.

Promoting yourself through engagement online is a time-consuming process, so why not get some help to do it?

In 2017, Mass Planner was infamously shut down by Instagram, which left many people looking for an alternative. Creators of these services learned something from the Mass Planner debacle to bring you better options like Jarvee. 

One of the reasons why Jarvee is such a great choice is because they’re a legit company.

Figuring out which companies are legit and which aren’t is only half the battle – there are so many out there that are a scam, which you don’t want to go anywhere near.

It’s important to learn the telltale signs of a scam or fake company before you invest your money in that kind of engagement.

While it will be obvious with some, with others you might only end up realizing it when it’s too late.

Reviewing companies like this is what we do best, so that you can rest easy knowing that you’ve got some great options that aren’t going to take advantage of you.

Not only do these reviews tell you a lot about a company like Jarvee, you can also take away information that will help you figure out which ones are less reputable and fake.

So, let’s review Jarvee – which is the latest company to promise it’s software will build up your social media branding via their third-party assistance.

What Is Jarvee?

Jarvee, like most other automated bots on the internet, is capable of completing all those repetitive tasks that you would rather not be doing yourself.

Jarvee calls itself a social media scheduler, which means that it automates all your day-to-day activity like scheduling of your posts and following other people.

It prides itself on growing your accounts with real followers only who are much more likely to engage with your platform.

Jarvee can be used across all major social media websites. According to the Jarvee website, you can safely and quickly grow and engage through this automation on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, YouTube, LinkedIn, Reddit, Quora, and Tumbler.

The site claims that this growth helps to drive more relevant traffic to your websites, and get more clicks and followers.

This is said to result in more and better lead generation for your business that can convert your loyal social media followers into loyal customers.

Jarvee boasts features that are unique to all these platforms, so it depends on what you’re looking for in an automated system, and what social media you have.

It also depends on what your ultimate goal for social media marketing is. Do you want more traffic for your website, or leads for your business, brand awareness, cause awareness, sales, or just more attention to your content.

Jarvee focuses on rapid growth for your accounts, pointing out that it does the job of an entire social media management team – and it can do it 24/7.

It is a Windows-based software and needs to be running constantly on your computer to be working.

This feature comes with both is advantages and disadvantages.

Obviously, it’s a bit of a pain to have something that you always have to be running on your computer to benefit from, but the good news is that it can be downloaded to your desktop, so you don’t need to do it online.

We like this way of doing things, because it keeps more of the control in the clients hands – you get to play around with their features, and decide what works best for your niche.

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Not all brands we’ve reviewed that are legit will do this for their clients, so it’s definitely worth trying.

Jarvee Review - Homepage

Jarvee’s Main Features

  1. Scheduling Posts: Jarvee will schedule your posts to be published at the best times, relevant to the social media site. This allows for maximum engagement. You don’t want to go for a company that can’t schedule your posts when you want them, on time every time. This is a huge time saver, and means that you can concentrate on making even more content that your audience is going to love, without having to worry about the rest.
  2. Instagram Automation: The Jarvee Instagram bot can follow, unfollow, like, unlike, comment, manage direct messages, delete posts, auto-repost, and use hashtags for better searches. Having your engagement strategy on autopilot is one of the best ways to go for Insta. This is largely because it means that you won’t have to do it yourself, which again is going to save you a lot of time. Just make sure that you opt for companies like Jarvee that aren’t a scam, so that your online reputation isn’t put at risk in any way.
  3. Facebook Automation: Jarvee uses the following tools when engaging with your Facebook: finding and joining niche groups, searching and communicating with potential clients and posting on behalf of you.
  4. Twitter Automation: on Twitter, you can use Jarvee to follow and follow-back, favorite and re-tweet, and execute Twitter mentions.
  5. YouTube Automation: YouTube relates to growing your channel and engagement on your videos. This tool allows you to automatically follow and unfollow, auto like, video comments, like comments, video auto watch, natural and random activity, spin syntax support, and proxy support.
  6. Pinterest Automation: with Pinterest and Jarvee, you can follow and follow-back, auto-repin and comment and watermark any pins.
  7. LinkedIn Automation: on your behalf, Jarvee will find, join and unjoin niche groups, view profiles, and invite your friends to groups.
  8. Tumblr Automation: on Tumblr, Jarvee can follow and unfollow, like and reblog, and post on sub-blogs.
Jarvee - Features

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Here’s my list of top tools to grow your Instagram account. Did Jarvee make it?

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Additional Features

Jarvee also has the capability of discovering new content with their advanced scraping tool.

They can hashtag keywords in your posts, and provide you with growth algorithms and statistics.

Remember, hashtags are like identifying keywords that social media users enter into a search on social media platforms to generate everything related to specific keywords/hashtags.

Hashtags can garner more attention to your content from relevant users who can potentially be turned into followers who engage with your content.

It’s nice having advanced features that can help you get ahead, and remain on top of the competition. If you’re having issues with getting better engagement, or you find your engagement is falling off, these features can be quite helpful.

The trouble with the industry in general is that legit companies might be able to help you with automation, but that’s about it.

It takes an experienced company with a lot of money invested to come up with advanced features to make a real difference.

Also, if you come across a company that has everything but is really cheap, they’re most likely just a scam.

Jarvee also offers an Instagram Marketing certificate program on top of all its other features. Their website says that this is the most comprehensive Instagram Marketing course on the internet.

It shows you the secrets of successful and fast-growing IG accounts that help you obtain more fresh traffic and leads.

This 100% free course offers 8 chapters of content and over 70 extensive Instagram Marketing lessons.

You get to test your new skills via their select 11 smart quizzes. Once you complete the course, you get an IG Authority Certificate.


Jarvee has a 5-day free trial, which is a great way to try before you buy and make sure that it’s the right automation tool for you.

Some people like the idea of trying it before you buy for services like this. It gives you an idea of what to expect so you can decide if it’s worth your time and money.

Once you have tried it, they have four different price points to choose from, all available in monthly instalments only:

  1. Starter: for $29.95 a month (please see the site for this price change) you can get the starter pack, which will manage ten social media accounts for you. You get their premium support with this pack, so the only downside is the limit on accounts.
  2. Professional: the professional package is the most recommended. For $49.95 a month you can get Jarvee to manage up to 70 social media accounts for you. This package also comes with premium support.
  3. Premium: premium offers up to 150 social media accounts for $69.95 a month. Comes with premium support.
  4. Business: their customized business package doesn’t have a set price – you contact them to discuss this aspect. The business package is for anyone who needs more than 150 accounts managed on their behalf.
Jarvee - Pricing

To check out how Jarvee works, have a look at these helpful tutorials that take you step by step through all their separate features:

Jarvee Review - Tutorials

Is Jarvee Safe? Is Jarvee a Scam?

It’s not a scam. We’ve used the software. It’s legit.

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Just like Mass Planner was, Jarvee is an internet app that you have to download to use.

It has to be continuously running on your computer (or VPS!) to do its job, which does put your account at risk to a certain degree.

However, this risk isn’t too high, and you most likely won’t encounter any security issues while using it.

It’s important to learn how to properly use the system, so don’t overuse features that can create issues with whatever account where you use this automation.

In other words, make sure you configure things conservatively and you will be fine.

If you’re someone who wants to seriously take their Instagram to the next level this year, and you’re prepared to invest in a legit company like Jarvee, then now is your time.

The constantly running system might be a bit of a setback, but we think that both their prices above and the way they interact with their clients are big reasons to say yes.

Jarvee is one of a kind, which means that there aren’t too many other Massplanner alternatives out there like it.

You’ve got to take the opportunities when they present themselves, with companies that care about your welfare.

Recent Update: Be Aware

It’s important to note that Jarvee may or may not be working as well as it once was.

Some reports of faulty engagement and other problems have been reported, though Trustpilot shows very little of this happening, though this is very recent.

This is very recent information, so keep your eyes open just in case. We cannot be held accountable for this issue, so we must report it. 

We cannot stress enough how careful and conservative you need to be with regard to using automation and bot technology for any social media platform.

FAQs from the Site

Q: Is Jarvee Safe?

A: Yes as long as it’s used as intended.

Q: Can I Get Shadowbanned?

A: While it’s possible for this to happen. It’s more likely to happen only if you overuse the bot technology. It’s important not to go overboard, but to stay within the IG guidelines to prevent risk.

Q: Can I Use Jarvee On Multiple Accounts?

A: Yes you can. You can use this on as many social media accounts as you desire.

Just keep in mind that proper use is less likely to pose a risk to any of your social media accounts, but you still need to be aware that this kind of program may come with risks.

Review Conclusion

The Jarvee desktop application is Windows-based, so it can only be used on the Windows IOS, which makes it restrictive from the get-go.

We cannot stress enough that this platform is no longer working as it once did. There have been several reviews and user comments that say the customer service is virtually non-existent.

Also as the warning above mentions, its simply no longer a safe or effective solution for social media marketing. As a matter of fact, more issues on Instagram from using Jarvee have cropped up as Instagram users find themselves getting banned from the platform.

We currently believe that Jarvee is not the service you want to use right now. Please check out other reputable options for your own safety and security.

That said, much of what has been written on the website is no longer accurate. We advise you against putting your Instagram account at risk, as well as your other social media platforms.

Be careful out there and engage on social media safely.

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Thanks for reading.

- Jon

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