Jarvee Not Working? Here’s The Alternatives

Jarvee Not Working? Here’s The Alternatives

Jarvee Not Working?

July 2020 Update: Jarvee no longer works as well as it used to. It is still functional but gets blocked fairly often.

This is due to an update with Instagram’s algorithms. Most bots and tools now have this problem, but there are a few available that still run smoothly – so be sure to pick one wisely.

December 2018 Update: Jarvee is working perfectly again. If you have any problems please contact customer support.

Original November 2018 article
Is your Jarvee bot not working? There are a number of alternatives available if you can’t get it to work.

Top Jarvee Alternatives & Replacements

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Earlier this week, Instagram made a major announcement that has sent some Jarvee users into a panic.

In a statement, the social media giant said that it had identified users who had shared their login details with various 3rd party websites and bots. It had achieved this through the use of machine learning.

Is Instagram’s crackdown something to worry about?

Instagram advised those who had shared login details to change their passwords immediately. This will, in turn, revoke the access of the accounts by third-party sites. Failure to comply with these demands will see the users’ Instagram experience impacted. However, Instagram did not clarify the magnitude of the impact.

For some of these automation services, it is very easy for Instagram to notice their activities and whenever they are involved says a representative from Instagram. For instance, they can unfollow and follow random accounts which are somehow easy to detect if you analyze such accounts closely.

Those that post photos scrap random stock images from other real users and post them on other accounts. These automation applications may at times come with unusual IP addresses just to mask their operations. Instagram has access to a wealth of information which can help detect the use of bots.

It is easy to detect similar comments and posts shared across various networks.

Has the crackdown really affected Jarvee users?

A message from Jarvee indicates there is ‘nothing to bother people or worry about’. A representative claims that the update will not affect any of its services.

However, many users from BlackHatWorld indicate otherwise.

A good number of them this Tuesday reported that they were met by unusual errors every time they tried to use the service. One specific user reported that the auto like option was no longer working. This user stated that he used Jarvee for auto-likes only even though the service has many more other options.

One of the users from BlackHatWorld stated that services like Jarvee can still have their way around this crackdown. He stated that the fake followers that Instagram is targeting are those bought from the panels. It is easy to detect unusual activity when one receives thousands of followers and likes in a matter of minutes.

It is thus possible for Instagram to target such accounts and ban them if they persist due to unusual activity. However, if Jarvee offered like 20 followers a day for a period of three months, it would appear natural which lowers suspicion from Instagram.

According to Wired, faking Instagram engagement and growth is not as easy as it used to be. What you needed in the past was just register with a site, pay for the service and watch your users grow. Instagram has noticed this and now makes it harder to entice users using such schemes.

Originally, posts were displayed on a chronological order but this is no longer the case. The new algorithm is hard to understand because Instagram has not yet shared the details to avoid fraud. From the analysis, it indicates that the new algorithm focuses on engagement levels to display posts.

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Jarvee Overview

Jarvee has been one of the most famous platforms that offer Instagram management services. Some of the services that they offer include growing followers-base, generating likes, comments, and engaging users. This is a 3rd party software and Instagram has been on the crackdown for those who go against their terms of use.

Jarvee works across various social platforms and not only on Facebook. As already highlighted, it automates a number of functions which eases the management process.

  • The scheduling process allows your posts to go live when your followers are most engaged. It makes it easy to reach people in different time zones at the most opportune time.
  • This service can also perform sophisticated processes like hashtag research. The tool will search for trending hashtags in your niche and use them in your posts.
  • If you manage multiple accounts, you can view all the messages and comments from one panel. This enables you to respond to them directly from your computer.
  • You can manage your followers using Jarvee. For instance, it will unfollow those who do not follow back your account after a given period of time. The service can also identify those who follow your account and follow them back instantly.
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Jarvee Alternatives

Now that we’ve talked about Jarvee and why it might not be working for you right now, let’s take a practical step forward by listing some alternatives out there that can serve your Instagram just as well. Here is a list of Jarvee alternatives that can offer similar features, so that you don’t feel too much of a loss without them. Don’t worry – they’re all completely safe to use, and can make a real difference to your growth.



How hard have you found it in the past to discover companies that can cover everything, from safety to authenticity and even accountability? If this has been one of your struggles, then you need to check out Nitreo.

Nitreo is a company that is considered one of the best Jarvee alternatives because they can help you do everything you want to do with your Insta, organically. They promise that they put a lot of time and effort into their features so that their clients can grow their accounts authentically with no consequences.

One of the things that we like about Nitreo is that they are super easy to set up – in fact, it’s only going to take two minutes to get started with them. Once they learn all about your niche and industry, they can begin to grow your Instagram following the right way.

They do this by finding people who are going to be interested in your content, with no strings attached. They also have a two week growth guarantee, which means that if you don’t get the results you were expecting, you get your money back.

Stellation Media

Stellation Media

If you’ve seen Stellation Media on your radar before, then you’ll know that they are an ever changing, ever evolving company that is always working on being the best version of themselves for their clients.

Stellation Media used to look a lot different to what you’ll see on their website now, but thanks to their proactiveness, they are constantly improving their features to fit in with what Instagram is doing these days.

One of the things that they are focused on now is making sure that they include a mass story engager in their list of features, so that you can find the right people to look at your content through their stories. They say that their features are made for businesses, brands and influencers, and with them you can get more visits on your profile, as well as sales and followers.

Stellation Media not only cares about getting real people looking at your account, but they care about the safety of it as well. As you can see, there’s a lot to love about this company.



The next Jarvee alternative on our list is Ingramer. Ingramer is the type of brand to do it all, so you could see them as a bit of an overachiever – but we’re not complaining.

For a start, you’ll see when you visit their homepage for the first time that they offer an effective Instagram bot that can help you grow your account twice as efficiently as other brands. They say that they can help their clients get real likes and followers through their advanced targeting filters.

Ingramer is one of the best because they have many different ways of helping their clients. From direct messaging features to scheduled posting and even being able to help you finetune your hashtags through their hashtag generator, Ingramer is an excellent alternative to Jarvee that can make a real difference to your account.

They also come with smart unfollow features, extended functionality and advanced filters that make everything a lot easier when it comes to finding the perfect target audience.

Task Ant

When it comes to the best Jarvee alternatives out there, you can’t do much better than Task Ant. This is the kind of company that started out with a one track approach to Instagram growth, but has since expanded their range to include almost everything you need. They also have excellent customer support, so if you get stuck you know that they are there for you no matter what.

Of course, we can’t go past Task Ant without talking about their hashtag generator, which was the first of its kind. It can help you come up with the right hashtags for your niche, and it can even tell you if a hashtag has been banned in the past or not.

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Additionally, they offer automated growth features, so that you can target the right audience that are likely to either use or be interested in those hashtags that make your content what it is. Task Ant offers a lot of information that is essential for growing a successful Instagram account.



Everyone has slightly different needs when it comes to growing their Instagram accounts, and if you’re looking for a Jarvee alternative that puts the security of your account above anything else, then you need to check out Ektor.io.

This company is probably one of the top accounts for security, because they are 100% undetectable by Instagram, and they can use proxies with all of their features. This makes them completely risk free, which is excellent if you’re looking to grow an Insta account that can last the distance.

Ektor.io is one of those software programs that you download either for Mac or Windows, which puts a lot of the control in your hands. We also love that they have a one-off payment system, so there’s no ongoing subscription associated with their features.

Ektor.io offers features that include username and hashtag targeting, mass story viewing, app emulation and of course as we mentioned, proxy support. You don’t want to miss out on the opportunity to use a brand like this for your Insta page.



Upleap is one of those Jarvee alternatives that has had people fooled in the past, because from the outside it looks pretty simple and generic. However, it’s anything but, which makes it such a great choice for your Insta growth. Upleap has all of the right features for great prices, and they even let you try them for free before committing to anything.

Upleap also offers its clients a personal account manager who can take care of your account for you, so that you can focus on creating more content. This company might be simple, but they are one of the most effective out there. They have an easy setup, and they focus on helping you find more followers, so that you’re growing your Instagram in the best way possible.

Follow Adder

Follow Adder

If you loved Jarvee and aren’t prepared to give it up just yet, then let us suggest an alternative that’s so close to the original, you won’t even know the difference. In fact, Follow Adder and Jarvee arguably started the social media growth industry between them, and since then have gone from strength to strength.

Follow Adder comes with a dashboard that you can download onto your desktop, which of course allows you to take the reigns when it comes to that their features look like. They also have great prices too that have hardly changed since they first began.



Looking for a Jarvee alternative that doesn’t include bots, fake followers, or spam? It’s harder than you think to find companies that don’t include any of this, but we think that with Kicksta, you can make it happen. They promise that they offer nothing except pure organic growth that is powered by their advanced automation technology.

Kicksta is the kind of company that can get you followed back, even if you’re just interacting with a small group of people. They also make sure that their clients accounts are safe from being shut down as well, which is important.



One of the best Jarvee alternatives is going to grow your Instagram fast, right? Who has the time to sit around and watch their Instagram grow gradually? If you want an Instagram marketing solution that’s going to take your growth seriously, then you need to make the most of Combin.

They also offer content planning solutions, so that you can get it all done in one. This means that as well as helping you with your growth, they can also help you schedule content ahead of time, which is going to save you time later on. Lastly, Combin can help you manage more than one account at the same time.

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