Is It Illegal to Buy YouTube Subscribers?

Is It Illegal to Buy YouTube Subscribers?

There was a time when I too was wondering if it’s illegal to buy YouTube subscribers?

While there are many ways to go about getting more subscribers for your YouTube channel, this doesn’t mean that you have to try them all.

Sometimes, especially if you’ve found one way that really works for you, there’s nothing wrong with sticking to it.

When it comes to buying YouTube subscribers, the entire industry has become somewhat problematic, just because there are so many companies out there that you now cannot trust.

This is why it pays to be wary when doing so and know what you’re getting yourself into.

We will talk about everything you need to know in regards to buying YouTube subscribers in this article, including whether it’s legal or not.

The bottom line is that you need to make sure that you find a company that is high quality – but how do you go about connecting with them? Let’s talk about it.

Why You Need to Make Sure That Your Vendor is High Quality

Is It Illegal to Buy YouTube Subscribers?

The biggest reason why you need to make sure that your YouTube subscribers vendor is high quality is because your audience will be able to tell if you’re using fake engagement to boost it or not.

It’s pretty obvious to the outside eye when you’re using spammy, fake engagement to get ahead with your channel.

You also increase the risk of being suspended or shut down.

Now, the one thing that you need to know going forward is that it’s not illegal to buy YouTube subscribers – but in saying this, it’s important that you are aware of the industry and what it entails.

Again, make sure that the vendor you opt for in the end has a good reputation and puts a lot into the quality of their subscribers.

This will be the difference between you making it and the whole thing being a flop. 

Top Vendors of YouTube Subscribers

RankServiceMore Info
1Media MisterVisit
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Is It Illegal to Buy YouTube Subscribers?

Buy YouTube Subscribers

So, the answer is technically, no.

YouTube doesn’t have anything in their terms and conditions that talks about buying your subscribers being illegal.

However, there is an unwritten code in the industry that basically says if you’re going to use a third party to help with your channel, it needs to be high quality.

Again, there’s a huge difference between average quality engagement and high quality, and your audience will be able to tell.

People don’t like it when they think that YouTubers they’re watching are using fake subscribers to boost their social proof.

Unfortunately, It’s Obvious When They’re Low Quality

That Segways nicely into our next point, which is that it’s really obvious to people on the outside looking in.

This is because if you have a channel that’s got 4000 subscribers, but you’re only getting 150-200 views on each video, it’s going to be pretty obvious that most of those subscribers are fake.

Those who know about this industry will take just a couple of seconds to decide whether they think you’re using fake engagement or not.

Of course, this is going to hurt the credibility of your channel straight away, and people will leave in search of something a lot more authentic.

Nobody wants to follow someone who is cheating their way up the ladder, and the news will quickly spread.

It’s Not Cheap to Buy YouTube Subscribers

While it might not be illegal, this doesn’t mean that it’s cheap to buy YouTube subscribers.

In fact, this is one of the best ways to tell if a company is legit or not – by their rates.

If their rates are too good to be true, then they probably are.

No self-respecting company that’s offering high-quality engagement can afford to sell it for pennies.

You will need to find a vendor that can sell you high-quality YouTube subscribers for a bit more than you’re comfortable with.

Don’t worry, though – it’s going to pay off before you know it.

The one thing to think about, though, is that you’ll have to keep buying your subscribers to get ahead, which isn’t necessarily going to be sustainable for too many people out there.

You Have to Watch Out for Scammers

Again, the industry of buying YouTube subscribers isn’t illegal, but this doesn’t mean that it’s not full of people who are breaking the law and scamming their clients.

This is perhaps one of the industries where you have to be the most careful when it comes to scamming because they’re everywhere.

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There are many people out there who have purchased their YouTube subscribers without realizing that they could be buying them from someone who is putting their account at risk.

If you are with a company that’s dodgy and you give them all of your information, they can easily take it and run, and sell it on to another third party company that benefits from having your personal info.

When you enter an industry like this, you open yourself up to getting scammed or having your confidential information stolen.

You Won’t Build Up Social Proof with Low-Quality Subscribers

If you do end up falling into the trap of a third party company that’s selling low-quality engagement, you’re not going to be able to build up your social proof like you had hoped.

This is because those subscribers will just sit on your subscription list and not interact with any of your content.

People don’t check out other people on YouTube because they have lots of followers and almost no views – they want your engagement rate to be up before they consider watching you regularly. 

Final Thoughts

So, as you can see, whilst it isn’t illegal to buy YouTube subscribers, it’s still a dodgy industry where you can quickly get out of your depth.

If you’re someone who just wants a little bit of help, to begin with, and has every intention of making things authentic and coming up with awesome content ideas, there’s nothing wrong with purchasing YouTube subscribers.

Just make sure that you take a leaf out of our book and find a vendor that is reliable, trustworthy, and actually offers real engagement.

Otherwise, you’re just setting yourself up for failure, and if you already have a reputation on YouTube, you could be compromising this.

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