Instamber Review 2024 (For TikTok) – Is Instamber a Scam?

Instamber Review (For TikTok)

Instamber Review 2024

Instamber is the kind of TikTok growth company that appears to have a lot of confidence around the kind of features that they offer their clients.

While we admire this type of confidence, we still have to review them to see what we think.

If you’re on TikTok, you’ll know that the competition is heating up.

While it wasn’t that long ago that you could easily grow your TikTok account without any outside help, the window to do so without filling up your entire day with tasks is getting smaller and smaller.

This is perhaps why so many people are considering outsourcing their engagement needs to a company that can help their profile grow organically and safely.

However, there’s a limit to the number of companies out there that are safe and have a good reputation.

My name is Jonathon Spire, and the reason why I write these types of reviews is so that you get a good idea of what the TikTok growth industry really looks like.

The thing is, there are so many third party companies out there right now, it’s hard to tell the legit, good ones from the bad ones – you know, the ones that are a scam.

How do you?

Well, you could spend a lot of time in the industry like I have done, and slowly over time learn the warning signs, or you can read reviews like the ones below.

This is a great way to discern which companies are on your side, and which are trying to take advantage of you.

Let’s review one and see whether they’re worth your time.

Instamber Review


Instamber is a TikTok bot that also has services for Instagram, as you may have guessed from their name.

They claim to be able to grow your fan list automatically with their TikTok bot, and that this activity is going to generate authentic followers who genuinely want to check out your profile.

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It’s super simple and easy to sign up with them, and all you have to do is share your email and TikTok account.

They want to configure the right TikTok growth for your account, based on specified targeting features. 

Instamber Features


So, what are these features that Instamber offers each client?

To begin with, they use things like usernames, gender, language, and hashtags to aim all of their engagement at the right target audience.

One thing that they pride themselves on is being able to do everything for the client, so that they can focus on other aspects of being on TikTok, like creating more content.

Let’s dive a little deeper into some of Instamber’s features so that you can get a better idea of what this company offers:

  • Web-based application
  • Compliance and security
  • High level of customer support
  • Precise targeting features
  • Easy signup process
  • Growth report

Instamber Pricing

Instamber Pricing

How much is Instamber going to set you back?

Well, they have two different price points, which is definitely a plus – there are some companies out there that only offer one, which we think is too narrow.

Their first price point is $15 a month, and their more expensive price point is $30 a month.

As you might have guessed, the biggest difference between the two is how quickly they grow your account for you.

It all comes down to what kind of growth you’re looking for, and how quickly you expect a company like Instamber to implement your engagement strategy.

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Pros and Cons

Like with all TikTok bots out there, Instamber has its advantages and disadvantages.

Let’s take a look at what these are:

  • Visible pricing
  • Affordable pricing
  • Easy signup
  • Advanced features
  • No free trial
  • Packages might be cheap, not affordable
  • Questionable customer support
  • No customer reviews

What About Their Team?

With companies like Instamber, if they’re legit they will put a little bit of time into their website.

One of the ways that they can do this is talk a little bit about the people who are behind the features.

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Instamber has been around for quite a while at this point, so it should be easy for them to come up with something to connect new clients with their brand’s ethos.

We couldn’t find anything that even came close to this on their webpage, which is pretty disappointing.

Reviewer’s Final Thoughts

So, in our review of Instamber, we came to the conclusion that while on the surface, they might look like something that you could work with, unfortunately, they are anything but.

The first reason why we’re a bit hesitant about Instamber is that they already offer a service for Instagram, just like we discussed above – but it doesn’t work.

We think that they could possibly be simply reselling this for TikTok.

Second, there are customer reviews out there that say they couldn’t get their account connected to their services at all.

Lastly, Instamber is at the end of the day, just another TikTok bot, which means that they can’t really be trusted.

Unfortunately, bots go against TikTok’s regulations around third party use, which means that if you’re caught using one, you could end up being suspended or banned.

Better to avoid companies like this, and preserve your account’s reputation.

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Thanks for reading.

- Jon

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