The Instagram Followers Cheat Sheet

The Instagram Followers Cheat Sheet

Are you ready to make Instagram easier?

This Instagram followers cheat sheet will help you make it happen. You don’t have use Instagram bots to build Instagram engagement. Believe it or not, you can build a hefty following of real Instagram followers with a few great tips and tools that will aid in performing the appropriate tasks.

  • You will need engagement.
  • You will need to do the prep work.

Once you do the things, it will be worth the prep and work. These advent-garde tips, tools, and strategies will make much easier to do and help you build your brand faster.

Now is the time to start preparing and engaging via Instagram. Here are some effective tips to help you on your way to getting attention to your account so it can grow, and you can prosper.

#1 Buying Followers

While you don’t have to, it will help you boost your initial and future following by buying followers. You will want a good resource to buy followers from, and I recommend SocialSteeze.

Keep in mind this is merely a jumping off place to give you a jumpstart. You will still need to engage and share your wonderful content on Instagram as usual. If you’re not active with your followers, they won’t be active with you.

SocialSteeze is a reputable, reliable, and efficient service that helps you grow your Instagram using real people for real growth. Their audience targeting is one of the things that makes this service effective. It’s also an affordable and trusted resource for Instagram followers.

SocialSteeze offers a regular and a professional package, which keeps the packages and pricing clear and concise.

Pro Tip: An even faster way of getting followers would be to straight up buy an existing Instagram account with real followers from Social Tradia.

#2 Make Your Presence Distinct

You need to stand out on Instagram to boost your exposure. Making yourself interesting on Instagram will help get more attention to your account faster.

Since Instagram is a visual social media platform, plan and maintain consistent communication on the platform. That will further boost your distinctive visual presence.

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You can make use of free graphic design apps to create your unique images to share. Memes, infographics, tips, pictures at work, and other images related to your industry will be your driving force.

Don’t forget to choose colors that suit your style/business and fonts that are readable, but uniquely you.

#3 Create Your Unique Profile

Every user on Instagram can create and customize their own profile. Here are some tips to boost your profile. There are three essential elements of your profile.

  • Profile Image – Whether it’s your personal picture or your business/brand logo, create the face of your profile that acts as the face of your business.
  • Username – There is no right or wrong when it comes to choosing a username. You can use your own name if it’s already recognizable, or you can be creative and choose something that will catch attention that is also related to your industry or what you do.
  • Bio – Surprisingly, many people fail to create a bio on their Instagram profile, but that’s a mistake. Use this space to create a short sentence for potential followers so they know who you are and why they should follow you.

#4 Engage with Your Audience

How to Promote an Instagram Post

You must engage with your followers in order to gain more followers and maintain your current ones. This is probably the quickest and easiest of tasks you can perform yourself on Instagram. You don’t need any tools other than your device and your finger, or a mouse.

Engagement includes Likes, Comments, Direct Messages, and Sharing (when applicable). Did you know that engagement is so crucial to your Instagram growth that people will pay for bots to do it for them? Avoid that pitfall and risk of getting banned from Instagram. Bots won’t garner real engagement or followers.

The easiest way to do this might be to sit at home where you can relax and enjoy the time you spend on the social network. Take some time to answer questions or address concerns. If you do this for just a few minutes everyday or evening, you will reap the rewards of your engagement.

#5 Your Content

Take some time to come up with great content. It’s important to plan it before you share it. Content is king, as they say, so it does make a difference.

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Plan ahead and save your posts or try out a scheduling software to help you plan it ahead by a week. It’s wise to do this every week, though you can do it by the month if you choose.

However, if something interesting comes up, you will need to create an additional post or switch it with one already scheduled. Images with news in your industry and trending memes related to your industry are must-shares on your account.

You must share content that is relevant to your industry and that is interesting to your followers. That is how you convert followers into customers.

#6 Use Hashtags

Hashtags are like a quick-find index that allows people to find your Instagram posts/page when they enter the corresponding hashtags. It’s faster than a keyword search on social media channels. It’s sometimes faster than a Google search.

SocialSteeze uses hashtags, locations, usernames, and blacklisting according to your preferences when you sign up for their services. Just like they use hashtags to find your perfect audience, you can use them to boost your posts.


I hope this cheat sheet helped! Avoid the scammy and spammy third-party companies out to sell your information or sell you fake, inactive followers and ghost profiles. Only engage with the most reputable and reliable Instagram growth services.

Whether you’re new on Instagram looking to build your brand/business or you have an existing account that isn’t performing, these tips, tools, and strategies can help you get where you want to be more efficiently and quickly.

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My diverse background started with my computer science degree, and later progressed to building laptops and accessories. And now, for the last 7 years, I have been a social media marketing specialist and business growth consultant.

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