Inflact Review 2024 (Previously Ingramer) – Is It a Scam?

Inflact Review – Is Inflact a Scam?

Inflact Review 2024

Perhaps you’ve seen Inflact around but aren’t sure if it’s safe or not?

Virtually all businesses and influencers love the visual social media platform, Instagram.

That’s because it is relatively easy to promote your business or brand there as long as you follow the rules of the network.

Instagram has rules that everyone needs to be aware of to avoid getting banned from the social network.

Some of these rules are that you cannot use Instagram bots to engage on Instagram.

You also cannot have fake followers and automated engagement of any kind.

Inflact Service Comparison

InflactTop Alternative
Organic GrowthNoYes
Personal ManagerYesYes
Proxy SupportNoYes
Real FollowersYesYes
Real LikesYesYes
Get Real Instagram Followers

Another problem Instagram has had in the past and continues to have, falls in the category of copyright infringement. Instagram owns the copyright on the terms “Insta”, “gram”, and “IG”.

This was a problem for this website was it was called Ingramer – and I suspect it’s the reason behind their name change.

Hi, my name is Jonathon Spire, and I love learning everything there is to know about the Instagram growth industry.

I know that it’s a big one, and that there are companies who are legit, and those that aren’t so legit – some are scams.

However, I have learned to tell the difference between the two, and I hope that you can now as well.

Now that you know the basic rules of Instagram growth and engagement.

I will review Inflact so you know whether it is a scam or a true third-party company out to help you boost your Instagram growth.

Inflact Review


Inflact promotes itself as an Instagram service for growth. They also claim to provide free likes along with their other services.

Their main concept of growth is based on automating your marketing in an effort to scale your business on Instagram.

As long as this stays within Instagram’s terms and conditions, the risk that their services present is extremely low.

When you get to know companies like this, you learn what is obviously a scam, and what isn’t.

There are more than enough companies out there that fit in quite well with Instagram’s terms and conditions so that you can safely get help growing your account without the fuss.

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Inflact’s Main Features

Ingramer Features

Inflact claims to provide auto likes, auto follow/unfollow, comments, direct messages, scheduled posting, and other Instagram tools.

The process involves signing up, adding your Instagram account to connect your profile to Inflact’s service, and setting up your new campaign.

Then you watch your Instagram grow. They say it is that simple.

Setting your new campaign involves targeting your audience, setting daily activity limits, and enabling various filters.

Inflact is not a download, so you can manage and adjust your account from your laptop, tablet, desktop, or smartphone.

This is the safer way to do things, as it means that you don’t have to worry about exposing your devices to download viruses.

Hashtag Generator

Ingramer - Hashtags

How hard is it for you to find the right hashtags for your Instagram page? If you find this a particularly difficult task, then you’re not alone.

Many people out there struggle to get used to the idea of having to find new hashtags all the time.

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Inflact can help you with this – they have a hashtag generator which makes it super easy and straightforward when finding the right hashtags. All you need are a few keywords to start, and they can help you with the rest.

Auto Like

One of the most common features that you’ll find with an Instagram bot is automatic liking.

Don’t worry though – it can also be one of the most effective as well.

It’s a great way to get other people out there to notice, without spamming them.

When you like someone else’s content, they will take it as a compliment, and return the favor – hopefully.

Inflact has a good thing going on with this feature.

Auto Follow

This is another effective automated feature to help you get the attention of potential followers.

We actually like it a bit more than automatic likes, just because it’s slightly more effective.

If you can follow someone else, they are much more likely to want to do the same for you.

The best part is that if they visit your page and like your content, they will hang around.

Inflact helps you hone in on your target audience by asking for information like usernames, locations, follower count, hashtags and more.

Trending Hashtags

Another feature that Inflact has to offer which is pretty unique to them is their trending hashtags feature.

This is a great, effective way for you to find trending hashtags that fall within your niche, so that you can keep up with the play and always be at the top of your niche.

It’s a great way to see what other people are using on their content to get ahead so that you can do the same.

Smart Unfollow

While we all want to be able to get people over to our Instagram account to follow us, we don’t necessarily want to follow them all for the favor.

This is where Inflact’s smart unfollow feature comes in.

They offer this as a way to follow people initially, so that they are tempted to check out your account, before unfollowing them again soon after.

This is a great way to prevent your page from following people who didn’t follow you back and keeping that following count down.

Regular Stats

We love that when you use a growth tool like Inflact, you automatically get access to all of their reports and stats.

This means that they will send you reports in real-time about what they’re doing to grow your account, and whether it’s working or not.

This is a great way to know what is actually working, and what is worth a changeup.

If you can change the things that aren’t working, you can grow your Instagram profile even quicker.

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Top-rated Growth Tools for Instagram

RankGrowth ServiceMore Info


How much does all that cost?

First, you get to take advantage of a free 3-day trial.

Two Weeks for €19 per account

  • Advanced Likes Automation
  • Auto Follow & Unfollow
  • Targeting via hashtags, locations, and usernames
  • Smart Analytics
  • 24/7 Online Customer Support

One Month for €24 per account

  • Everything included in the 2-week plan

Three Months for €57 per account

  • Everything included in the One Month account Plus
  • Personal Manager to Support Your Promotion

They also allow for the following modules as per your request during your order.

You can automate one to ten accounts.


  • Basic – Automatically likes, follows, and unfollows
  • Scheduled Posting – Automatically posts your content for you according to your schedule
  • Direct Messages – Send bulk DMs to your target audience
  • Comment Tracker – This feature lets you keep up with all comments in your feed

Is Inflact Safe? Is It a Scam?

Now we get into the depths of how this company works. As with any third-party Instagram growth company, there are pros and cons.

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Reviewer Conclusion

All in all, Inflact seems to be an upfront, honest, and effective growth service for your Instagram profile.

They are the kind of service that’s simple, yet effective – they may not have extensive features, but what they do have works.

If you’re looking for a straightforward solution to your Instagram engagement, we suggest you check out Inflact.

Top Inflact Alternatives

There’s absolutely nothing wrong with having a few alternatives up your sleeve, in case you need something slightly different to help you grow your Instagram profile.

Let’s take a look at some Inflact alternatives:

1. Growthoid


If you haven’t already heard of Growthoid, then it’s about time that you did.

This sophisticated, competent, effective company has been around for a long time now, and knows what they’re doing when it comes to Instagram.

They know so much, in fact, that they are constantly changing their features to keep up. If you want the latest and greatest, try Growthoid.

2. Nitreo


The thing that we like the most about Nitreo is that they show their care for their clients in everything that they do.

Instead of purely pushing their product onto potential clients no matter what, they take the time to explain what they don’t offer as well, so that you can experience completely peace of mind.

This includes explaining that they don’t mess with fake engagement, so everything is authentic and real.

3. Upleap


We love Upleap because it’s so simple, yet so effective.

Sometimes, you don’t want a company that comes with all the bells and whistles – like Inflact.

Sometimes, you just need something that’s going to get the job done, and leave you alone.

If this sounds like a bit of you, then consider checking out Upleap.

They know that their features are simple, yet effective, and there’s nothing more that they need to do – because it works.

4. StormLikes


StormLikes is the kind of company that is right ready to help its clients find only genuine, authentic Instagram engagement.

They’re not interested in helping their clients in any other way, because they know that there are more than enough scams out there to stay away from.

They offer immediate results and genuine likes – what more could you want?

5. Task Ant

Task Ant

We love that Inflact offers their hashtag generator, and we think that it’s an important feature for anyone to have if they’re serious about growing their Instagram the right way.

However, sometimes you need to take it back, all the way back to the guys that first started it.

Task Ant are the first company to offer a hashtag generator, and since they launched a couple of years ago, they have grown in leaps and bounds.

Top Inflact Alternatives

RankGrowth ServiceMore Info

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- Jon

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