Increase Social Review 2024 – Is Increase Social a Scam?

Increase Social Review

Increase Social Review 2024

What do businesses do today when they want to up their digital marketing game? They use Instagram to get higher exposure. To get that exposure, you need followers. You need a lot of followers. Not just any followers will do. You must have active and engaging followers to succeed on Instagram.

The goal is to get more people who want your products or services to your website from your Instagram account. That won’t happen with fake and/or inactive followers. Your Instagram and business credibility rely on having valid and active followers.

How do you get these followers? Many businesses today outsource this because of the time constraints of the day-to-day operations of a modern business. The issue arises when you don’t do your research and read reviews like this one about Increase Social.

Let’s get into this website and service.

What is Increase Social?

Increase Social refers to themselves as Saturn on the website and they claim to be the ultimate automation solution for Instagram growth. That alone is a huge claim for a company that is barely one month old.

According to Scam Advisor, this domain is only 23 days old. Their analysis states that it is wise to take care before making a purchase from such a new site. They have no online reputation yet, so I suggest the same. However, you can contact the owners to get as much information as possible before deciding whether to use this service or not.

Let’s look at what the website says about their service.

What are Increase Social’s Main Features?

Increase Social (Saturn) claims to deliver real, organic growth using all the tools you need to be an Instagram influencer. The features they claim to use include the following.

  • Smarter Growth: Artificial Intelligence (AI) algorithms are used to maximize growth and claims to keep your account secure and safe.
  • Multiple Accounts: If you are running more than one Instagram account, this service allows you to manage them.
  • Auto Post: This AI posts pictures for you.
  • Schedule Stories: Increase Social also allows you to schedule stories ahead.
  • Security: 256-bit SSL security encryption is supposed to be behind keeping your account safe.
  •  Simple Design: This platform is simply and easy to use.
  • Payment Systems: PayPal’s secure payment processor is used for processing payments.
  • 100% Satisfaction: They offer 100% satisfaction guaranteed.
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Like most automated systems, this one offers auto follow and unfollow, auto like, auto comment, auto repost, and direct messaging.

Increase Social claims to have more than 1,000 customers, which is another lofty claim for such a new website. It’s important to contact them to find out more about their claims.

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Plans & Prices

They claim their plans are designed to fit you with no lengthy contracts. They state on their website that they use rolling subscriptions that start with a free trial.


  • $39 per Month
  • One Account
  • Auto Follow/Unfollow
  • Auto Like
  •  Auto Comment
  •  Auto DM for New Followers
  •  Auto Repost


  • $79 per Month
  • Up to 3 Accounts
  • Everything Included in the Starter Plan


  • $99 per Month
  • Unlimited Accounts
  • Everything Included in the Starter and Advanced Plans

The website has their starter plan listed twice on a table in the pricing area, which is likely a mistake, but one that makes it seem unprofessional. Mistakes this big should be caught in a proofread of the content.

Is Increase Social Safe?

There are several elements I look at when determining whether an Instagram growth service is safe or not. Here are some of those essential elements.


  • The site is https secure, which means your activities on the site are secure.
  •  Their plans and pricing are clear and concise on the website.
  •  They use verified payment gateways through PayPal, which means your payment information is secure.
  • There is an online chat box where you can contact them whenever it’s active.


  •  I found no help or FAQ page.
  • There is no contact information like an email, email form, or phone number. The chat box is their only form of contact.
  •  The website is less than one month old, which means it has no online reputation.
  • The use of AI could mean the service uses Instagram bots to do the work, which are known to get accounts suspended or banned.
  • There are several mistakes that are easily fixed on the website that make it look thrown together and not professional.
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Feel free to use these elements whenever you are seeking a reliable and reputation Instagram growth service.

Final Thoughts

While this company may be offering a valid service, the lack of reputation and the newness of the service is enough for me to recommend that you look to services that have built a reputation.

Increase Social, or Saturn needs to decide on a name and a brand as well as fix the mistakes on its website. It really needs to work on obtaining a good reputation online before I take another look.

Top Increase Social Alternatives

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Increase Social Coupon

I’ve tried to contact Increase Social for an exclusive coupon or discount code but I have been unsuccessful so far. Have you found a working coupon? If you have, please share it below.

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Thanks for reading.

- Jon

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