How to Make Online Calls From PC to Mobile for Free

All of our lives are in phones that fit in the back pocket of jeans. It happens that we urgently need to use its main function, but it is either not at hand, or the battery is dead, or there is no connection. Fortunately, you can make free online calls from PC to mobile in a couple of clicks. Modern VoIP solutions and applications allow you to call anywhere in the world for free. Let’s figure out how it works. 

VoIP and Free Online Calls 

VoIP, also known as Voice over the Internet or IP telephony, is one of the fastest-growing solutions for voice communication. If you know how it functions, it can benefit both personal and business interests.

VoIP Algorithm

VoIP has a similar structure to other data you send over the Internet. Let’s compare it to emails. The technology converts analog voice communications into digital signals (data packages) and sends them via the IP network. Data packages are combined, transmitted via any VoIP network, and reassembled after arrival.

VoIP also provides the ability to merge telephone, video, and intercom applications into a single network. However, consider using VoIP on a private IP network if you want a better and more reliable connection. In addition, VoIP offers call forwarding, caller ID, voicemail, video calls, etc.

Using VoIP service, you can call on the landline, mobile phones, or from a PC to a PC. This means you don’t need a traditional phone because you can make calls over the Internet.

With this technology, remote business teams can communicate for free at different ends of the world. As a rule, services based on VoIP technology offer the possibility not only to make audio and video calls but also to exchange instant messages and files, share screens, and create online meetings of any format for many people.

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Moreover, these solutions are usually integrated with other platforms and offer many additional features (meeting planning assistants, project management tools, etc.). VoIP provides high-definition sound quality and guarantees uninterrupted communication, which, in turn, means better quality of calls, which are so important to your business and personal needs. Moreover, using this technology reduces the cost of international calls by 90%. Do you still want to use your cell phone? 

Applications for Making Free Online PC to Mobile Calls

If you want to enjoy free calls and high-quality communication, choose one of the solutions below. 


Skype is the leader among programs that are installed on personal computers for phone calls. Windows, Linux, and Mac support it, and you do not have to enter your phone number. Skype is primarily designed for HD video calls. It allows you to create group video chats, exchange messages, and files, and share your screen. 

Using Skype, you can make unlimited calls to landlines and mobile phone numbers in several countries worldwide. This requires a combined device and the software, which must be downloaded from the official site. 


Whoosh is a cloud-based solution for communication powered by AI. It’s an innovative service that enhances the quality of interactions — personal and business. You can install it on your devices and enjoy seamless communication.

Whoosh offers users 4K video quality, noise cancellation, instant messaging, file sharing, and interactive communication with gesture recognition, whiteboard, weatherman layout, touch-up, and 3D live backgrounds.

What’s more, the program analyzes all your meetings, and you no longer need to take notes because the AI creates them for you, selecting the most important information. Whoosh allows you to organize calls with up to 500 participants, and the audio-splitting feature allows you to enjoy such a large meeting comfortably and efficiently. 

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Zoom is a convenient service for one-to-one conversations and group meetings that you can install on any device. Zoom is useful if you need to organize an event with video communication for a small group of people (5-10) or for a team of 50+ people.

It allows you to hold events of varying duration — both 15-minute stand-ups and 2-hour-long conferences. With its help, you can also hold presentations, share the screen, record broadcasts, and use gesture recognition to respond to other participants or take the initiative to speak yourself without interrupting another speaker. 

Google Meet

It seems like every person with a phone has Gmail. Voila, you can already use Google Meet without any additional applications! This communication solution synchronizes with your Google calendar and contacts. If you have found an important event, you can immediately create a conference about it by requesting people from your contact list.

You can now call with one click. You can join through the browser, as well as through the applications for Android or iOS. To create a meeting, you just need to copy the link to the event and send it to the participants. The free version of Google Meet can have only one host and not more than 100 participants.

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