How To Make An Appealing Resume For Teens?

You don’t have to make your resume seem like you’ve got all the necessary experience to fulfill the job description as a teenager. So sit back and relax; we’ll walk you through the process step by step.

To attract companies, include the following parts in your adolescent resume:

• Information on how to contact us

• Education

• Volunteering Experience (Only if you’ve volunteered)

• Career Objective

• Extracurriculars

• Key Skills

• Accomplishment

Here are two brief resume writing strategies that could assist you:

Tip 1: Include any babysitting, landscaping, vehicle washing, and other jobs in your document. They demonstrate your abilities and create the idea that you are responsible and capable of managing.

Tip 2: As a teenager, there is no hard rule that you must include the ‘experience’ area. Include activities you participated in at school, such as group or participating in organizations.

The Teen Resume Template (And How To Make It Appealing)

So, what is an ideal resume example for teens? A resume’s layout refers to aligned content, and colors are used. It would help if you made it aesthetically attractive, as this is what draws people’s attention. Even the attention of recruiters!

Make Use Of Numbers And Bullets

Teen resumes with points are simple to read, and recruiters can scan them.

Using Vibrant Hues

To avoid straining the eyes of hiring supervisors, choose subtle colors and regular font size. Avoid using bright hues like red and yellow since they may appear unprofessional. Instead, pay heed to these minor elements to make them attractive.

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The Finest Resume Format Example

The next critical step is to format your adolescent resume. Your resume for adolescents should flow so that hiring managers don’t have to waste time looking for important material.

  • Chronological — In this format, your schooling comes first, supported by your talents and voluntary work, and then your career objective. When you’re new to the workplace, this format is used.
  • Functional — This approach emphasizes your abilities and accomplishments over your educational background and other factors. It is also an excellent format for your resume as a teenager.
  • Hybrid — This format combines the two previously stated types. It would help if you first listed your qualifications before moving on to further parts.

How To Create A Professional Objective When You Have No Experience

Here is where you describe yourself and your abilities. You should include everything you do and how you go about doing it. It demonstrates how you deal with challenges and whether you can handle them on your own. This sample is ideal for teens who want to inform hiring supervisors what they can do if they have no prior work experience.

Emphasize Your Education

The education portion of your teen resume comes next. You should list your current high school, GPA, diploma date, and curriculum. You can also mention any other programs you have taken online or anywhere.

Skills: The Most Acceptable Partners For Teenagers Who Have Never Worked Before

Introduce the section on skills, which should cover both hard and soft talents. In our CV for teens, we have an illustration of this.

• Customer Care

• Multi-Task Administration

• Cheerful and enthusiastic

• Computer Literacy

• Teamwork

• Resolution-oriented

• Monthly Payroll

• Leadership

• Straightforward

• Versatile

• Time management skills

• Cold Selling

What Are The Most In-Demand Abilities Among Teenagers?

You should include both hard and soft abilities in your resume, such as software packages you utilized in high school or out of interest.

Hard Skills

• Computer skills

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• Tech skills

• Microsoft PowerPoint Soft Skills investigations

• Microsoft excel

• Microsoft word

Graphic design

• Public speaking

Soft Skills

• Positive attitude

• Logical

• Excellent attendance record

• Structured

• Devoted team player

• Meeting deadlines

• Dependable and reliable

• Excellent multi-tasker

• Polished and mature

Recruiters will be looking for abilities relevant to the position you’re applying for, so include them. They aim to match your skills to the work and assess your ability to execute the responsibilities. Therefore, it’s critical not to include talents that don’t apply to the position.


Interests Including this part in your resume tells recruiters that you have hobbies outside of your job responsibilities and can offer solid and diverse abilities.

Create A Cover Letter That Precisely Complements Your Resume.

Unless the job description specifies otherwise, always include a complementing cover letter to impress recruiters. Your cover letter should be a page long and begin with a brief introduction of yourself, why you desire the job, and the talents you have. Do not veer from the job description; instead, write what is relevant. Include your contact information in your cover letter, such as your contact details.

You can learn how to write one by looking at a few resume cover letter examples.


That’s everything! Now that you know how to make a resume make sure it’s only one page long and everything is to the purpose.

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