How To Make a Good YouTube Video Description: 6 Rules for Successful Publishing

Today Youtube is the largest platform broadcasting content to an audience all over the world. The platform attracts users by its user-friendly interface, freedom of action. Bloggers and other video makers prefer Youtube because of its wide possibilities:

  • monetization;
  • easy analysis of statistical data;
  • minimum restrictions for content.

There are a lot of factors that help create more coverage among your target audience. The key is video description, the creation of which will require knowledge and skills.

Youtube Algorithms

The Youtube platform is extremely popular, so it is easy to explain the increased attention to it. New users register accounts every day, which means it is worth taking advantage of this opportunity to promote your videos.

If you want the results of the work done to meet expectations, you need to pay attention to the algorithm of the platform’s functioning. The creation of recommendations for different users deserves special attention.

The algorithm is based on analyzing the actions of users who have already watched your publication. YouTube will then recommend watching the video to other visitors who have entered similar requests.

Based on this algorithm, it is possible to create the right promotion strategy. Adding hashtags, correct description and other features of the platform are valuable for the owners of the video channel. In order to popularize a video, it will be necessary to:

  • form a detailed description of your target audience;
  • use suggestive queries in the description of the created video;
  • study the peculiarities of video ranking on the platform.

It is quite easy to get this information. You can find data on various Internet resources, as well as thematic forums. Studying and analyzing the peculiarities of Youtube will allow you to achieve better results and promote content among potential consumers.

Peculiarities of Publishing Video Description

Publishing a video on Youtube is quite a painstaking and meticulous task. Many people think that the main thing is to shoot the material, but in fact you should know the algorithms of video hosting.

The description helps rank your video in the search query list. This means that when a viewer enters keywords, they get suggestions that could help him. A properly spelled description will allow your video to be recommended to your target audience and quickly gain views.

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A keyword is a reflection of the essence of the information from the user’s point of view. For example, when searching for a baby stroller for winter, keywords can be used: stroller for winter, winter stroller, stroller with big wheels, etc.

In order to find keywords, you need to use YouTube Analytics. The service also provides a lot of other information that can help predict content for the future.

Audience Analysis and Results

The study of the target audience helps to form a detailed portrait of the future subscriber. To popularize the channel, you need to take into account not only the age category or geographic location, but also the devices used. Today, smartphones and other gadgets are a popular way to access the platform.

In this way, the channel author’s efforts should be aimed at convenient use from mobile devices. To do this, it is recommended to include time-codes, divide videos with a long duration into several parts or publish full-length videos. This should be done to get a response from an audience that is not ready to spend a lot of time searching for appropriate videos.

Analyzing your channel data will allow you to meet the expectations of your users. Comfortable use of the resource taking into account the requirements will improve attendance and increase the number of subscribers. Detailed consideration of all the components of a successful channel will lead to establishing a good relationship with the audience.

Rules for Making Videos Popular Thanks to Descriptions

As we found out, the description helps popularize the video among viewers from your target audience. In order to make sure it reaches them accurately, when writing the text you need to keep in mind:

1. Length matters. 

Right now, you can post videos with a maximum length of 12 hours on Youtube. You have to realize that not everyone will be able to watch it from the beginning to the end, so it’s worth timing it by topic. This way, the video will gain views and the viewer will find answers to his questions.

2. Hashtag. 

This tool is very popular in social networks, as well as on the space of Yotube. Its main task is to quickly find the necessary information. You can put hashtags in any order as a group or in random order.

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3. Redirect. 

The description block in Youtube is big enough to contain not only the brief content of the video. The most effective is to unobtrusively mention your other works in the text, leaving links. This way you will improve the statistics of the whole page.

4. Clarity. 

Youtube shows only a part of the description when you view the video. This is the part that should contain all the necessary information. Plan the description in such a way that the first two sentences contain the essence and leave intrigue at the same time. The rest of it can include all of the tools previously mentioned.

5. Communicate. 

Comments, likes and interactions have a direct impact on stats and rewards. Encourage viewers to help the account get into recommendations. Keep in mind that even this appeal should be light, unobtrusive, but effective.

6. Key to your target audience. 

When placing keywords, you need to be aware of a few rules. The first one is that the keys should always be in the first sentence. The second – they must be inserted organically.

When reading the information, there should not be the impression that it was written by a robot. Also, you need to keep a balance and not use too many keys.

Another recommendation – think about your viewer. Users today value flexibility, so Youtube can be watched from your computer, smart TV or smart phone. Write the description so that it is easy to read in all cases, and make it as short and accessible as possible.

Of course, this list is not complete, but this information is already enough to write the first effective description. You will gradually be able to identify the levers of viewer control that will help improve the results of the visit.

Careful attention to changes in algorithms and user preferences will ensure that you achieve your goal.It will take effort to respond in a timely manner. Do not forget that the world of digital technology is actively developing, so you should always keep your hand on the pulse.

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