How To Improve Your B2B SaaS Business Marketing In 2023

The SaaS business model is so appealing because it’s a lot cheaper upfront and simple to implement.

After all, small businesses couldn’t possibly hope to afford to keep the majority of these services in-house, which means that they never even had a choice.

So, since the need for the SaaS is there, is there a point in overthinking marketing?

Since the demand is there, you only have to provide the supply, right? Well, not exactly.

Since this field is so lucrative, it’s also highly competitive. This means you’ll spend more instead of investing less in marketing.

Here’s how you can improve your B2B SaaS business marketing in 2023 without overspending. 

1.) Offer A Free Trial

You can’t expect people just to take you for your word. Instead, you need to offer proof, and there are two ways to do this.

First, you can give them some testimonials to look into. Still, this is the least convincing of the two methods. The best way to convince them is to give them a chance to try your product for free.

A free trial is a great marketing method, especially in SaaS. The majority of companies handle this in the following way.

You ask them for their payment info and notify them that they can cancel their (so far) free subscription anytime before the X day.

If they fail to do so, you automatically renew their subscription for one more month. This time, the subscription will be for the full price.

Aside from being a simple and elegant way to gain a new subscriber, this helps automate the process.

They no longer need to make two decisions (one to check out your free trial and one to become a subscriber). By bringing it down to a single decision, you’re making it easier for them to commit. 

Free trials are also great for generating user content. After all, there are professional reviewers out there who want to check out your platform and compare it to others.

By offering a free trial, you allow them to go into more detail. Since earning early reviews is a significant challenge, this is a huge advantage. 

Most important of all is that, with SaaS, there’s no extra cost. It’s not a physical item that someone can damage upon return.

There are no shipping costs or loss of value. At worst, your servers will be overworked, but even this isn’t likely for a new platform. 

2.) Reach Out To A SaaS Marketing Agency

While there are many things you can do on your own, for optimal efficiency, you should always turn to professionals.

In other words, you’re seeking someone with experience crafting marketing strategies for SaaS businesses. What you need is a SaaS marketing agency.

You’re probably asking how SaaS businesses differ and why they need a unique approach.

Unlike conventional companies, SaaS businesses need to repeatedly prove themselves to their subscribers. You must constantly give them new reasons why they shouldn’t cancel their subscription.

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The problem is that, in time, people’s expectations will rise, and they will take your services for granted. Also, your product is never in its final form as a SaaS business.

You’re constantly upgrading, and evaluating if you’re upgrading at the appropriate pace can be subjective. With the right marketing agency, you’ll always stay ahead of these questions. 

Other than these few key differences, the rest of the strategy is standard. To make this work, you must:

  • Establish your authority
  • Boost brand recognition and awareness
  • Determine the cost-per-lead and customer acquisition cost
  • Optimize your conversion funnel
  • Amplify your brand

With the right team behind your back, you should be able to handle all of these issues in no time. 

3.) Why Is SEO Important For SaaS?

SaaS businesses are in a peculiar situation where, while they make money from their steady customer base, they must regularly bring in new customers.

Now, the way people pick SaaS is pretty straightforward. It usually starts with a descriptive Google inquiry and brief research. SEO can be helpful in both of these fields. 

Still, before we can answer this question, it’s essential to understand why SEO is important

The thing is that SEO is more than just a Google rank. In the minds of your audience, the order in which results are displayed correlates with their authority.

They don’t just click on the 1st result because they’re lazy, they do it because they believe this link to be more credible than others.

According to some surveys, 25% of people click on the first Google result. About 95% of all traffic ends their search on the first page. This means that if you rank well, you’ll get the most audience.

In a field as competitive as SaaS, this is important for a number of reasons.

Subscription is a long-term commitment, and people want to know that they’ve made the right choice. This is why they’ll use every metric available. Google rank is just one of these metrics.

Some SaaS platforms are difficult for beginners. So, to avoid being labeled as difficult, they need to make their platform’s learning materials more accessible. This, too, can be done through better SEO.

4.) Use The Power Of YouTube And Social Media

Social media is a shared digital space ideal for organic B2C and B2B interactions. Still, the latter doesn’t get nearly enough space in this regard.

We’re here to rectify this error. So, here are a few do’s and don’ts of using your YouTube and social media to promote your SaaS business.

You can easily promote your other content with an excellent social media presence. For instance, you could funnel traffic to your blog or landing page. Sharing content via social media is both acceptable and highly efficient. 

Most importantly, you can use social media to create a community. This way, you can use testimonials, referrals, and even FOMO to drive traffic your way. Leveraging social pressure is an effective and organic marketing method. 

People use social media for fun. So, ensure you’re not using your YouTube channel or other social media profiles as glorified landing pages.

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Don’t be too pushy; respect that you’re in a shared space. Even though it’s your account, respect some boundaries. 

The most important thing for your social media success is regularly producing quality content. What does this mean? First, you need to maintain your level of quality.

Second, you need to be on the lookout for fresh ideas. Third, many social media experts know how to recycle their old content. You need to learn this trick, as well. 

Researching competitors is a great way to get some fresh ideas. We’re not suggesting that you copy or plagiarize them, but simply that you might need some inspiration.

5.) Find The Best USP

The most important thing your SaaS needs is a good USP (unique selling proposition). In other words, why should they pick your SaaS and not someone else’s?

This may sound easy to answer from your point of view, but this subjective impression may not translate to your audience. 

This is something that has to be done internally or in cooperation with your marketing agency.

Since this is unique, you need both technically valid and highly marketable. What usually works is promising a better value for money or improving employee productivity

Ideally, you should objectively position yourself in your industry. Remember, you’re not comparing yourself with everyone else in the industry; your closest competitors are those who offer similar features for a comparable price. So, what is the unique thing you have to offer compared to them? 

Also, while there can be several things on the list, you must pick a single feature to promote the strongest.

This is the key selling point, and all the emphasis will be here. You deal with this in the brand recognition stage.

Later, you can move on to other talking points when it comes to brand awareness.

The biggest challenge lies in actually making your proposition unique. If your market is competitive and unsegmented, this will be even more challenging. This is why it’s worth it to bring more creatives on board. 

For The Maximum Value, You Need To Work On The Basics

Instead of worrying too much about some advanced marketing strategies, you need to start from the bottom.

Make a great USP, utilize your social networks, and invest in your SEO. these three things alone will increase your success rate.

Since B2B is always more delicate, you must ensure you’re getting your money’s worth. This is why you need to abandon the idea of DIY marketing and find some professional help. Someone with experience in the SaaS field can be invaluable to your brand.

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