How To Improve The Productivity Of Your Employees

Productive employees make a business successful. But recently due to the increasing job trend of working remotely employee productivity has been dwindling in recent years.

It’s crucial for business owners to increase productivity in the workplace as it helps the business achieve its short- and long-term goals.

The more productive the employees are, the better chances a business has to grow in today’s ever-competitive world of business.

Have you tried several strategies in an attempt to improve employee productivity but to no avail? Using the tactics below might provide better, longer-lasting results.

Invest In Office Equipment

Your employees can’t work efficiently if they have insufficient office equipment or continue to use outdated models. How can they stay in touch with customers if their computers aren’t functioning properly?

Investing in office equipment is one of the best ways to boost employee productivity.

When employees are provided with high-quality computers, printers, desk lamps, and monitor stands, they can quickly fulfil their daily responsibilities with ease.

New office equipment also expedites work processes, allowing employees to accomplish more tasks during the day.

To score the best deals on office equipment, shop from the biggest stores, like ArgosCostco, and Lidl’s next week offers which include office equipment at special discounts, so make sure to check weekly for the best offers.

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Use A Video Screen Recorder

Meetings have become part of businesses, but not all are productive. Embracing the “meeting culture”, too much can cost businesses millions yearly.

Fortunately, there is a viable solution. Encourage your employees to use a video screen recorder.

When meetings are recorded, fewer participants are required to be in the meeting at the same time. As a result, employees can take on and complete other tasks at work instead of spending long hours in a meeting.

Additionally, recordings can be accessed during employees’ own time without any risk of missing out on any vital information discussed.

For many businesses, a video screen recorder helps employees manage their schedule better and eliminate wasted time in meetings.

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Leverage The Power of Automation

It’s common for employees to spend an entire day completing mundane tasks. Think of accounting as an example.

It takes up a lot of resources to send invoices to customers if you’re a business that provides services or sells products.

A convenient way to overcome this issue is by using an invoice generator which will help you create invoices in bulk in minutes by dynamically entering customer information and sending them via email.

Your employees will be more productive if you introduce automation to the workplace.

Automating work processes also leads to higher availability, reliability, increased performance, and reduced operating costs. Most importantly, automation helps businesses grow in many ways.

Below are some additional business tasks you can automate to free up your employees’ time and give them more resources to complete more significant responsibilities.

  • Backing up data
  • Communicating with customers
  • Filling forms
  • Paying bills to suppliers
  • Posting content on social media
  • Recording travel expenses
  • Scheduling meetings
  • Screening applicants
  • Sending emails

Embrace Recruitment Tools

According to Glassdoor, on average, companies in the U.S. spend 52 days filling a position.

The amount of time spent on recruitment can adversely impact the productivity of your employees, especially in the Human Resources Department.

Ensure that your Human Resources Department still completes its daily to-do list even when looking for the perfect candidates by introducing recruitment tools to them.

Nowadays, there are tools made specifically for recruiters to help them find the best talents fast.

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Instead of letting your recruiters jump to several calls to fill in positions ASAP, let them use the following:

Job Boards 

Request your recruiters to post job vacancies on job boards or job search engines, like LinkedIn and Indeed. Most of these platforms pre-screen applicants based on the qualifications you’ve set.


Chatbots provide automated responses to common questions asked by applicants, like the documents required and where to submit them.

Applicant Tracking Software

An applicant tracking software or ATS automates the resume-screening process by highlighting documents that contain or omit relevant keywords.

This software allows employees to know which candidates have been processed and where each applicant is in the hiring process.

Video Interviewing Software

It’s super beneficial and time efficient to use a video interview software if you regularly receive a high volume of applicants.

With this software, candidates record answers to questions and submit the file online, thus saving the employer money and time throughout the hiring process.

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Social Networks

Many businesses have turned to social media to look for the best talents. This platform is easy to use and accessible to almost anyone.

Mobile Applications

Invest in mobile-compatible recruitment tools to make it easier for candidates to submit their applications.

These apps allow your business to reach a broader audience without needing recruiters to spend more time and effort.

Prioritize Team Communication

Successful companies consider healthy communication as their core value. And you should take the same route to increase your employees’ productivity.

Without communication, employees won’t fully understand the strategies of the company, making them feel disconnected.

There are plenty of ways to improve communication at work. You can start by making time for regular one-on-ones with employees and weekly work team meetings.

It’s also essential to ask for feedback from employees all the time and provide them with a platform that allows them to speak their minds. Remember, communication is a two-way street.

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Be Appreciative

Even an employee who loves their job will eventually get tired if they feel their efforts aren’t seen and appreciated.

Appreciation matters so much because it makes employees feel safe and energizes them to do their best work.

Motivate employees to remain productive by recognizing their hard work and efforts.

Did an employee complete a big project days before the deadline? Give them an additional vacation leave or offer spa vouchers.

Was one department exemplary in its performance this month? Treat members to a free lunch or give them a shoutout on your company’s social media profiles.

When employees receive praise for their efforts, it reinforces their behavior and encourages them to continue that behavior.

Think Long Term

You’ll need to spend valuable resources to implement any of the tips mentioned here, but doing so will be worth it in the long run.

Remember, productive employees are an asset to any business — and developing some on your own guarantees your business’s success!

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