7 Tips On How To Improve Your Customer Service Team Performance

If we make a list of essential things to improve your relationship with the customers– an improved customer service experience will be part of all of it.

You might have the best product in the industry and have the most talented staff, but if the direct interaction is not satisfactory, it’ll be tough for you to succeed.

McKinsey & Company once stated that the customers of today are not interested in products and services solely.

Their purchase decision involves more of the idea and experience that the company provides.

A study by Walker states that customers value experience more than price and products, and around 86% of the customers spend more for a better customer experience.

Here are seven tips that you can use to improve the performance of your customer service team and fast forward your growth.

Get to Know Your Customers

A study by Microsoft shows that more than 70% of the customers (when they contact the support team) expect the customer service team to know their details, their order history, and all the previous engagement they’ve had with the brand.

And knowing all this not only saves the time of both parties but also makes things easier for the support team.

When you have the right call centre software in place, all the recorded data will be displayed in one place, and you won’t have to search for anything.

Before you even pick up the call, you’ll have access to all the information that regards a specific customer. 

After Call Work (ACW) Does Wonder

Customer support team managers prioritize keeping the agent busy on a call because that’s where the real ROI is generated.

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The more customers your agent has a call with, especially the outbound, the more will be the ROI.

With the after call work feature, agents spend a predefined amount of time to complete the follow-up tasks.

This can include documentation of the call, updating relevant teams with the latest information, and scheduling the required actions. 

Be Patient and Empathize With Your Customers

It is not very challenging to understand the mindset of customers. Your support team members just have to imagine themselves in place of your customers.

It is not ideal to force your customers to make the purchase. Instead, be patient with them.

If you can help them understand how your product can make their lives more convenient, there’s no reason why they won’t buy your product.

All customers are not the same– some are very friendly, and some are burning with anger.

If you want the best performance from your support team, the first step should be to instruct them to treat every customer with the same level of commitment.

Clear Composure is Essential

Whenever customers make a purchase, they expect the best service for the product. They constantly chirp in with feedback from all directions.

These feedbacks help the support team understand customer experience.

For the support team, it can be challenging at times when customers leave negative comments, posts, and tweets on famous social media channels.

However, the team should not react any differently in such cases. They should have it in them to digest the criticism and work on them with composure.

Knowledgeable Customer Service Team

When customers buy a new product, they completely rely on the customer service team for the right information to understand the product and its features.

This makes it essential for the team to always be the first ones to be updated about the changes.

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The subject matter expert and the support executives should hold meetings to know all the minute details about the product.

Words like sorry and thank you are incredibly powerful. If you are not sure about the answer to some query, you can say sorry without any hesitation.

You can assure them that you’ll get back with a response really soon after discussing it with a senior. No matter who the customer is, they will definitely appreciate the honesty.

Enhance the Communication Skills of Team

You can have the best of the technologies available for customer support, none of them can replace the communication skills of an experienced customer service executive.

In fact, good communication skills are the base of any customer support interaction. Every customer wants their issues to be heard patiently and then get a solution politely.

Good communication skills are not only necessary for interacting with customers but with the team members too.

Introduce Greetings and Personalized Messages

Taking forward the first tip we have mentioned, customers want companies to remember and offer personalized assistance.

You can add personalization like personalized greetings and messages via your call centre software.

Customization is the need of customers, and the sooner you adapt to it, the better experience you’ll be able to provide.

Get Started With Improving the Performance of Your Support Team

There’s no one-for-all way to improve the performance of the customer service team.

However, if you combine all the tips mentioned in this article and incorporate the amalgam into your customer service team strategies, you’ll definitely see a significant boost in performance.

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