How To Fix iPhone Low Volume Issue?

Your iPhone may give you a lot of trouble with the volume, and you may have to deal with all of these issues. There is a wide range of issues with your phone’s sound quality, ranging from bad call volume to distorted audio.

You’re not the only one who is facing this problem with the iPhone’s volume. More people than you may imagine experience these issues. It’s a good thing that most of these issues can be fixed.

Despite our best efforts to assist you, we’ll point out a handful of these issues and provide a quick resolution for each. Meanwhile, you can have a look at nextgenphone’s guide to fix the alarm volume on your iPhone. If you find that the volume on your iPhone is not working as perfectly as it should, consider one of the options listed below.

Solution 1 – Don’t Turn On Noise Cancellation

You may notice a decrease in the volume of your iPhone when you use noise cancellation. As a result, be careful to disable this function. In order to turn this feature off, you’ll need to:

  • Go to Settings 
  • Choose General from the Drop-Down Menu
  • Go to Accessibility
  • Choose Phone Noise Cancellation

Turn off this function and see if you can improve the sound quality of your iPhone.

Solution 2 – Be Sure To Clean Speaker Properly

You will find that going back to basic things rather than becoming too sophisticated is one of the most useful things that you can do. That’s all you need to do to get your iPhone’s speaker working again.

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This is because it’s common for people to mistakenly believe that a low iPhone volume is the result of something preventing the device from producing sound. Cotton buds or a toothpick may be used instead of swabs.

Finally, it’s time to have your speakers cleaned. Make sure your iPhone device’s sound volume isn’t being hampered by dirt or debris.

Solution 3 – Check To See If Your iPhone Is In Silent Mode

You may set your iPhone device into silent mode by using the little switch that is located on the side of your iPhone device. There is a possibility that you may have done this. It’s a good sign that your iPhone’s volume is working properly if you can reach this switch easily. 

If, on the other hand, it is located quite near to the rear of your iPhone, it indicates that the volume on your iPhone is set to mute. While this setting should not influence the quality of your music, the ringer of your iPhone is affected by it.

Solution 4 – Turn On And Turn Off Bluetooth Once

Facing a low-volume issue on an iPhone is quite common. However, you can use this solution to fix this problem with ease.

  • Go to Settings
  • Search for Bluetooth
  • Tap on it to turn on
  • Turn it off after a few seconds
  • Check to See If it Works

Solution 5 – Try Using A Speaker Mode

Using your iPhone’s speaker mode may also be an option for you. While on a call, try switching your iPhone to speaker mode to see if it helps. If you can hear clearly, then there is a problem with your device’s software.

Nevertheless, if you can’t hear anything even while using your iPhone’s speaker mode, there’s a hardware issue at play.

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Solution 6 – Reset Settings

Your iPhone’s settings play a vital role in your phone’s overall performance. So, if your iPhone’s volume is low, you may try resetting it. And in order to do it, you must follow the steps listed below.

  • Open up Your Phone’s Settings
  • Find the Reset Option and Tap on it
  • Tap Now on Reset All Settings
  • Enter Your Password and Confirm the Changes

Nothing Works? Try Using 3rd-Party Applications To Boost Volume

It is possible to use third-party applications to boost the volume of your iPhone if none of these methods work. With that, iOS System Recovery is the application you can rely on.

This is one of the most advanced software tools available. It lets you customize your playlist so you can turn up the volume on your iPhone and get rid of this problem in a simple and useful way.

Wrapping Up

You have nothing to worry about in terms of the volume being too low on your iPhone since there are a number of things that you can do to get rid of this problem on your own.

You may even give a try to 3rd-party applications that are designed specifically for the iPhone to improve the sound and loudness of the device. If none of the solutions listed above solves your problem, you may need to take your iPhone to an Apple Repair Center for a more thorough examination.

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