How to Encourage Donations for Your Online Fundraising Campaign: A Guide

Running a non-profit in 2022 can cost quite a lot of money, and regular donations will mean the organization you’re working with will be able to provide more support.

So, to help out a non-profit you care passionately about that you feel does admirable work, you will understandably want to fundraise as much money for them as possible.

To provide you with some pointers, we’ve come up with a guide on how to encourage donations to your online fundraising campaign.

Be Creative And Capture Your Online Audience’s Attention

When trying to grasp the attention of others and encourage others to donate to your cause online, you need to come up with a few creative ideas.

Posting creative and exciting things on social media is a highly effective way of raising money for non-profits in 2022. Social media has a powerful influence today and can be a force for good. 

For instance, viral TikTok challenge video campaigns have raised significant funds for non-profits.

The social media company has supported non-profits by setting up the TikTok for good initiative and pledged large sums of money to many prevalent online non-profit campaigns, including the ‘Movember’ campaign to raise awareness about men’s testicular cancer. 

Suppose your online campaign is exceptionally engaging and creative and manages to capture online users’ imagination instantly.

In that case, you may even be able to persuade people you don’t know to donate to your campaign, such as friends of friends.

In terms of helping a non-profit, the more donations you can get, the better, regardless of how you know the individual or organization donating. 

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Pick A Fundraising Platform That Is Easy To Navigate And Donor-Friendly 

There is a wide range of online fundraising platforms out there for you to choose from.

The best piece of advice is to select a fundraising platform that is donor-friendly, simple to navigate, and makes it easy to donate online money. 

It’s a great idea to choose a platform that allows you to make things fun, such as your donors being able to leave donor messages, images, amusing GIFs, silly likes and comments, and so on.

You need all the encouragement you can get when doing an audacious fundraising activity such as sky diving or bungee jumping!

Making sure you choose the right fundraising platform is a critical decision. You should look for an online fundraising platform with an exciting social feed page that enables you to bring your donor community together.

A great example of this is with Givebutter, a people-centric fundraising platform suitable for all your fundraising needs. 

Post Consistently And Provide A Direct Link To Your Donation Page

You certainly don’t want people to forget that you are fundraising for charity due to you not posting regularly enough about it. We all lead busy lives and get easily distracted.

Therefore, refreshing your social media followers’ memories on a regular basis by encouraging them to donate to help you support the non-profit organization of your choice is essential. 

Although you may not want to hassle others by posting about your fundraising campaign all the time, going the other way and failing to post enough will sadly mean you won’t receive as many donations as you otherwise could have. 

In your regular online posts reminding people to donate, try and educate your online audience by providing them with information on the important work your chosen non-profit carries out throughout the year. 

You may decide to share video clips about the non-profit’s work, provide links to the non-profit organization’s website, give case study examples of the positive difference they made to somebody’s life.

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The reasons why you want to raise money to support a particular non-profit should remain fresh in the minds of your online followers.

In the online posts about your fundraising campaign, don’t let it slip your mind to provide a direct link to your donation page. Otherwise, your inboxes will become full of people asking you to explain how they can donate. 

Giving the link to your donation page will make it clear and easy for those who want to donate their money to support your efforts.

Hopefully, sending out the direct link to your donation page regularly to your followers will lead to you receiving even more online donations, so you can help the non-profit you have chosen as much as possible. 

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Remember To Show Gratitude And Thank Your Online Donors 

Your online donors will play a vital role in helping you fundraise for your non-profit, so you must show them gratitude and express how grateful you are for their support in person and through social media posts

Make all your donors realize just how happy you are that they decided to donate, regardless of the size of the donation and how much they gave.

Remember to be aware that some of your donors may be going through financial issues themselves, and money could be tight at the moment for some.

Thanking your online donors for their support is a must in 2022. 

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