How To Create Attractive Design To Survey Popups?

This article will demonstrate 5 fantastic survey popups for gathering feedback. The most effective business procedures for carrying out the task can be found. We’ll show you how to ask the proper questions and make an astonishing design.

5 Pop-up Survey Examples To Obtain Insightful Client Feedback

1. Ask Customers Why They Didn’t Buy |

What This Popup Does Well:

  • Its appealing design complements the aesthetic of the website. Spend some time creating a stunning popup that fits your brand and attracts users. Make a popup using the same typeface as your website and colors that are representative of your business.

  • People are more likely to respond because there is only one question. With each extra question you pose, your drop-off rates increase. Limit your ask to one or two survey questions to increase response rates.

What Could Be Optimized Or A/b Tested:

  • might experiment with various button colors for better contrast. They might try using a blue button in contrast to an orange button.

  • Another option would be to test a shorter, easier question. Keep it brief! Unwieldy amounts of text will turn away visitors.

2. Consider Customers’ Lifestyles |

What This Popup Does Well:

  • Asking customers when they want to train is a terrific idea! Customers are in charge thanks to this inquiry. Asking clients what modifications they would want to see in your shop will allow you to duplicate this.

  • The title “Your opinion matters” attracts attention. Choose a headline that makes your reader feel important and valued if you want to increase response rates.
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What Could Be Optimized Or A/B Tested:

  • This popup’s design is inappropriate for the website. The colors are strange. Make sure your popup’s colors always align with your brand.

3. Ask Visitors How They Found You |

What This Popup Does Well:

  • Its distinctive style complements the website. Try out some creative designs to entice people to your popup.

  • They can learn vital information about their top referral sources with just one straightforward question. Review your data carefully, then repackage it as simply as you can (i.e. one question).

What Could Be Optimized Or A/B Tested:

  • Immediately after a visitor loads the page, the popup opens. In order to prevent users from automatically clicking the X button, it is better if it appears after a brief delay. Always allow visitors to browse and become familiar with your offering.

  • You can increase the response rates to your popups by providing a list of possible responses.

4. Show A Quick Question On Exit Intent |

What This Popup Does Well:

  • They make use of vibrant colors. Always choose vibrant colors over lifeless grays and beiges.

  • The slogan “Your opinion is essential to us” serves to draw attention to them and amplifies their message. Put your guest in the spotlight and convey how much you value their opinions.

  • The brief phrasing makes the question easier to understand for readers, which boosts the number of responses you’ll get.

What Could Be Optimized Or A/B Tested:

  • Although the design is eye-catching, it doesn’t quite fit the look of the website. Always make sure that your popup closely resembles the color scheme and layout of your eCommerce website.

    This supports the consistency of your brand, fostering awareness and trust among your visitors and clients.

  • Include a text field so visitors may express what they’re looking for to get more in-depth feedback.

5. Measure NPS | Google Meet

What This Message Does Well:

  • Immediately after attendees leave a meeting, a survey is delivered. The timing is perfect because after interacting, people are ready to take action.

  • People can provide feedback with ease. Simply rank their experience. Utilize a ranking system, such as this one, to learn how people feel about your offer or eCommerce site.
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What Could Be Optimized Or A/B Tested:

  • Asking people for more in-depth input will help you gain even more insightful information. Include a textbox for visitors to voice their opinions and an open-ended question that starts with what, why, where, how, or when to do this.

5 Tips On How To Write Quality Pop-up Surveys

Here are the five most important lessons you should learn from our roundup of example survey popups.

1. Use A Combination Of Closed- And Open-ended Survey Questions

Due to their simplicity, closed-ended questions are simpler for website users to respond to. Open-ended inquiries, on the other hand, provide you with a better understanding of how your visitors or clients feel.

2.  Avoid The Urge To Promote Your Solution To Visitors

It may be tempting to look for solutions that simply emphasize the positive aspects of your offering (website, service, etc.). However, some of the most valuable criticism focuses on areas where you can optimize and enhance.

3. Ensure That Your Text Is Brief

Don’t overburden your visitors with text to the point that they want to click the “X” button. In order to increase the number of answers you receive, keep your copy brief, concise, and legible.

4. Ask Only One Question Per Pop-up

By only posing one question at a time to your visitors or clients, you will significantly improve your response rates. You’ll confuse guests if you ask several inquiries at once.

5. Always favor interesting, entertaining texts over formal ones

In order to increase response rates, style your material to keep website visitors interested. Always keep in mind that text that is overly dry or formal will struggle to engage your audience.


A great way to gain access to a multitude of customer and visitor thoughts and sentiments is by using feedback popups. Popups are among the best ways to get the data you need to grow your business, from understanding how visitors found you to get their feedback on your goods.

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