How Interactive Digital Signage Can Transform Your Business

You can change the way your business works with digital signs.

This article covers a few ways that you can use digital signs to streamline your business, to improve efficiency, to improve staff communication, or to simply modernize your business.

What’s more, you can pick up digital signs for less than a cheap TV, and you can use services like Kitcast to plug-and-play your digital signs. It has never been easier or cheaper to add digital signs to your business.

Streamlining Your Business

There are many ways you can do this. For example, you can install digital signs that tell people where they should go.

It could offer simple interactive displays with directions to different places, or you can have it connect to people’s Smartphones and have them guided around the property with a smaller version of sat nav.

On the other hand, the digital signs could give people the sort of information for which they would normally trouble the staff.

For example, if people are always asking where the changing rooms are, you could have a digital sign that people can ask about the changing rooms.

You can give people tutorials, demonstrations and lessons on your brand by simply running the relevant advert.

It would help to lower the amount of staff hours being wasted by them dealing with simple customer questions.

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Improving The Efficiency Of Your Business

The best example of this is with McDonald’s. They have removed the need to have people on the cash registers taking orders.

They are still there for cash customers, but most customers who pay with their cards or phones are quite happy to use the digital signs to make their orders.

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People pick what they want from the digital screens, they make up their order and they pay at the digital sign.

They are given a number, and they pick their food up in the normal place. This is just one amazing example that shows how easily a store may be made more efficient through the use of digital signs.

Improving Staff Communication

There are several ways you can use digital signs to help your staff communicate.

Firstly, you could post staff schedules on the signs so that people know who is working today and tonight.

Secondly, you can use digital signs as part of your collaborative team projects so that people can see at a glance whom is working at what.

Thirdly, you can use digital signs as a way of helping staff pass end-of-shift messages, perhaps where the night shift explains what was done and the day shift explains what they have done.

Modernizing Your Business

You can use digital signs as a way of telling people they should use social distancing, or that they should wash their hands after undertaking certain tasks.

In addition, you can give warnings about areas that are contaminated with possible allergenic materials (like nuts), or you can give simple warnings about wearing a hard hat.

You can show people what you are going to do for them, perhaps showing 3D renderings of the designs you created for a 3D printer. Or, you can use the signs as decorations around your business.

Exclusive In-Store Discounts

Give people a reason to look at your digital signs by offering exclusive discounts that only store visitors can enjoy.

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You can offer the codes as discount codes, or as QR codes, and you can tie your discounts to your primary branding principles.

For example, if you have a company slogan that says, “We deliver so quickly, you will think you ordered it yesterday,” then your discount codes could offer half price on delivery.

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This is especially effective if you sell the sorts of products that are difficult to take home on the bus.

Find The Way That Digital Signs May Benefit Your Company

Look at the areas where staff are being drawn away from their usual tasks on a frequent basis and look for ways that digital signs could replace staff members completely.

A good example of this is the changing room attendant. Instead of having somebody stand there all day telling people where they may change and which rooms are free, you have a digital sign telling people which rooms are free using sensors in the rooms.

That is just one way you can remove a member of staff by replacing them with a digital sign.

Booking A Place

You may have seen this sort of thing in airports where you can pick your seat on the plane.

They were also becoming a thing in cinemas until the Covid pandemic hit and cinemas stopped modernizing.

These days, people book their cinema seats using their phones, but you can offer an online service and a digital sign service for booking and picking your seats.

Even hotels have digital signs outside the dining room that allows people to book a cooked meal and assign it to their table and their bill using only their swipeable room keycard.

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