How Can Automation Grow Your Business?

Technology is in a constant state of change. New innovations arise every year, making business and personal lifestyles more convenient and simpler.

One aspect of advancing technology is automation. The process of applications or software performing actions with less human input to maximize efficiency and free up human labor for other activities. Innovations in this sector are rapidly changing many aspects of life, including business-related processes.

As a business owner or marketer for your company, automating some of your processes could change your trajectory of growth and sales for the better. However, not all businesses have the same operations or types of products/services. As you look for ways to increase efficiency for your brand and free up more time for team members, consider some of the ways that automation can benefit your business.

New Employee Processes

From the application process to company training, many businesses are embracing automation for hiring talent. Some software can scan job applications and weed out those who lack the desired qualifications for the open position. Then, automation can help with follow-up questionnaires for potential hires, freeing up current employees from reaching out to each applicant to find out more about them. 

Even training programs can be automated, reducing the needed manpower for onboarding a new employee and freeing team members up for more important tasks. As your company grows and searches for new talent, automation will speed up the process and keep your employees working efficiently.

Purchase Orders

With the growth of online shopping, the need for automated purchasing and checkout for online storefronts has changed the game for selling products or services. Gone are the days of manually processing every order before it goes through. Companies can now rely on automated systems to track orders, accept payments, and initiate the delivery of the product or service to the buyer. 

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Many small businesses are using software that keeps them bogged down in tracking all of this data manually. Taking the step toward automation can improve processes and free you up for completing other business operations.

Automated Marketing Practices

Marketing plays a huge role in the potential growth of any brand. It takes a lot of work to plan a marketing campaign, strategize about which channels to use, what type of content to put out, and when to do so. 

Automation allows you to create triggers for certain marketing materials. For example, a customer who signs up to receive emails will automatically receive a welcome email with a discount offer included. You can even trigger a marketing campaign based on weather API data. This could be useful for a brand that provides sunscreen and has automatic triggers for certain ads when the temperature reaches a certain level. The potential for automation in marketing prevents you from constantly having to update channels manually.

Customer Support

The customer experience is another aspect of business that automation has improved. Manually responding to customer requests or questions can be time-consuming and frustrating when trying to run other facets of a business. 

Newer innovations like chatbots give business owners the freedom to automate initial customer interactions with their brand. Chatbots use artificial intelligence to answer customers’ questions from a database of automated responses, fostering open communication and helping to address the issue. If further assistance is needed, the chatbot can then initiate that process. 


For brands that schedule appointments, consultations, or other meetings frequently, automation can remove the need for constant emails back and forth to find a time that works. Programs like Calendly allow a business owner or account manager to block off their hours and allow a customer or other party to select a meeting or appointment time from the available slots. 

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This process can be helpful for service providers like contractors to be notified when a client or potential customer has chosen a time for a consultation. It also works for interviewing candidates for open positions. 

Automation Equals Efficiency

Depending on the size of your business, automation in the right areas could propel you to the enormous growth. It prevents the buildup of manual tasks that can take up your and your employees’ time during the day, allowing you to prioritize higher-value tasks. Artificial intelligence is opening up new possibilities for business owners who are looking to maximize their resources and offload menial tasks that are still important to growth.

As you search for ways to grow your business, consider automating some of your processes to focus more on product quality and other functions. Some of the most successful companies make heavy use of AI and automation to engage with customers and perform necessary tasks, including IBM, Google, Tesla, and Target. Do some research on your own about how your business could benefit from the use of automation. 

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