How AI Will Change The Gaming Space

To some, artificial intelligence still seems futuristic. However, already today, AI is inextricably linked to games and opens up a whole new perspective.

In the long term, this influence is likely to become more pronounced and lead to entirely new games. It is about how the game reacts to the user and how the user interacts with the game. 

Therefore, the final level for AI in games is far from being reached. Artificial intelligence will certainly play an even bigger role, and not just in the video game industry.

What Are The Strengths Of Artificial Intelligence?

Artificial Intelligence reacts to users’ gaming behavior and develops entirely new game worlds over and over again. In fact, it is ubiquitous at all times, and users don’t notice anything. Thanks to artificial intelligence, many problems are a thing of the past as systems are able to mimic natural behavior and react to game behavior.

Under the sign of artificial intelligence, games are equipped with a creative storyline and engage the player in the digital world. This interaction influence has spread to gaming platforms as well. Online casino games at Vulkanbet, for example, use AI to better calculate random variables.

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The First Intelligent Computers

People consider a game successful when they interact optimally with a machine. Even today, artificial intelligence has enormous potential to develop further and become an integral part of the entire gaming culture.

One of the pioneers and heroes in the context of artificial intelligence is undoubtedly the Deep Blue chess computer, which was produced by the technology company IBM. Deep Blue managed to defeat the then world champion Garry Kasparov in 1997.

At the time, the algorithms still worked in relatively simple systems. In recent years, all this has developed tremendously. Today artificial intelligence is available even in multiplayer matches and can compete with absolute professionals.

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The artificial intelligence in the system is able to learn from experience and gradually get used to and react to the behavior of the game.

How Is Artificial Intelligence Affecting The Gaming Industry?

In turn, machine learning is an important human tool that no one can do without. After all, players expect the virtual environment to be as authentic and believable as possible. Games must react dynamically to the game’s behaviour without causing visibility.

Even new game developers are taking advantage of the benefits and strengths of artificial intelligence. Large companies such as Ubisoft, for example, have their own research departments that focus solely on AI.

In other programmes, for example, AI takes care of motion data and animation data. Tasks that used to take Betsoft Gaming developers 4-5 hours to complete are now done by artificial intelligence in just a few minutes.

This is a time-saver that many companies can profitably and profitably use for their work, their systems and their games. Today’s users demand a lot from successful gaming:

  • smooth graphics;
  • exciting levels;
  • challenging games with limitless possibilities. 

At the same time, there is a growing demand for simple and easy games that provide a short amount of time, which is well covered by casino games. 

Future Of The Gaming Industry

The combination of artificial intelligence and virtual reality takes players to another universe. With devices such as headphones and VR goggles, users get the feeling of being immersed in another world.

Three-dimensionally animated opponents and challenges that always adjust to the current course of the game are just as much in demand as cooperative games in which players interact with one another.

For most successful games today, everyone needs a stable Internet connection, a powerful gaming computer, a large display or a gaming console.

This will become even more important as artificial intelligence grows in popularity, as games will place even greater demands on PC performance. Artificial intelligence will prevail either way and make the digital world even more real.

Artificial Intelligence Helps Programmers

AI also has benefits at the direct game development stage. Game company Ubisoft is exploring this in its own research department, Laforge. The Commit Assistant AI, for example, recognizes P in code in advance.

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In another project the AI is responsible for processing animation and motion capture data. What would have taken the developer a good four hours to do, the AI does in about four minutes.

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Researcher Michael Cook has already taken it a few steps further and is working on creating an AI that can develop games entirely on its own.

According to Gamestar, Angelina not only generates the virtual environment, but also the gameplay and descriptive text. You can already check out the first rudimentary results with Wheel And Steal.

Xbox-Studio is now pursuing a different goal in the use of AI. The Microsoft Playfab team wants to bring classic Nintendo games into the HD era using artificial intelligence.

Instead of just blowing up an image with similar colored pixels as before, algorithms must compute the image to match the scene. In the future, pixelated classic games could be automatically adapted to high resolution quality standards.

Games As A Testing Ground For Ai: From Games To Real-world Applications

The benefits of AI in games are not just one-sided. Video games are valuable platforms for testing and training new AI systems. Algorithms that are developed and tested in the games industry can also be used in other areas in a slightly modified form. 

This, for example, is the overarching goal of graphics technology expert Nvidia. The company recently unveiled an AI that can recreate the classic Pac-Man game using the so-called GameGAN process. 

The peculiarity is that the AI doesn’t need source code to do this, it just learns to clone the video game frame by frame while “watching” it. In this way, GameGAN’s AI is more like an interactive video prediction system that could be used in the real world in the future. 

For example, one could imagine a system that observes the movements of conveyors in a warehouse and creates navigation software based on this independently.

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