HelpWYZ Review 2024 – Is HelpWYZ a Scam?

HelpWYZ User Reviews

HelpWYZ Review 2024

The overwhelming desire to have the most Instagram followers has created an air of competitiveness on the social media channel. This competitive spirit has resulted in the use of questionable methods to grow their accounts.

The appearance of fake followers, fake profiles, and bots created the need for Instagram to update their detection software and change their algorithms to catch this behavior that is against their terms of service (ToS). Additionally, just a couple of years ago, they shut down popular bots including Instagress and Mass Planner.

So, if you’re thinking about using a company that sells followers or uses bots for engagement, I suggest you do your homework.

Part of that homework is to read reviews like this one about HelpWYZ.

Let’s get into this.

What is HelpWYZ?

There is no About Us page on this website, but it’s obvious that HelpWYZ sell followers, likes, views, and comments for Instagram. While they provide similar engagement for Facebook, YouTube, and other social media users, we’re concentrating on Instagram.

I have researched and checked out this website and I found that ScamAdvisor noted these issues:

  • The registered, administrative, and technical emails are free ones.
  • Malware was detected on the website, therefore, I am not including the website address in this review.
  • The website is set up and operates in a country that is known to be high-risk.
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Nonetheless, we will continue this review.

What are HelpWYZ’s main features?

Since they allow people to buy followers, likes, comments, and video views, they claim to provide these features.

  • Safe & Easy
  • Low Price
  • 3-Month Drop-Back Guarantee
  • Privacy Protection
  • 24/7 Support
  • Super-Sonic Delivery
  • Money-Back Guarantee

I clicked on Instagram on the top menu and they make no secret about what they are selling. It says “Real Looking Instagram Followers” for one of their packages. The actual package page doesn’t say that, but the drop-down menu does.

I found a RipOffReport on this site that says this is a scam website/service. It’s only the one report, but there is currently no rebuttal.

Top-rated Growth Tools for Instagram

Here’s my list of top tools to grow your Instagram account. Did they make it?

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I will summarize their packages and pricing because their offers are too broad for one review. There are two packages for followers, which includes the real looking followers and the real active followers.

Instagram Followers – Real Looking

  • Followers: 100-100,0000
  • Price Range: $2.95-$360.00
  • Options: You can add Likes for an additional fee

Instagram Followers – Real Active

  • Followers: 100-5,000
  • Price Range: $6.95-$120.00

Instagram Likes

  • Likes: 100-10,000
  • Price Range: $2.95-$49.95

Instagram Video Views

  • Video Views: 1,000-100,000
  • Price Range: $8.00-$645.00

Instagram Story Views

  • Story Views: 500-100,000
  • Price Range: $5.00-$500.00

Instagram Comments

  • Comments: 10-200
  • Type: Customer or Random
  • Price Range: $2.95-$19.95

Instagram Auto Likes

  • Instagram Automatic Likes: 40- 1500
  • Time: Weekly or Monthly Plans
  • Price Range: $0.48-$6.50 per day

Is HelpWYZ safe?

After reading the website information gathered by ScamAdvisor and the RipOffReport, I can’t say this site or service is safe, but we will still go over the pros and cons.

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  • Secure https website
  • Form-fill contact available
  • A few social media tips
  • Visible prices


  • What looks like a verified payment gateway through PayPal may only be the image
  • Too many negative reports and high-risk services
  • EasyCounter reports scam activity
  • Low-quality and foreign followers
  • Likely fake followers and profiles

Final Thoughts

When there are as many red flags as this company raises in my mind, I don’t recommend using a service. I would look for a legitimate method of getting followers and engagement on Instagram.

Top HelpWYZ Alternatives

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HelpWYZ Coupon

I have tried to contact HelpWYZ for an exclusive coupon or discount code but has been unsuccessful so far. Have you found a working coupon? If you have, please share it below.

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Thanks for reading.

- Jon

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