Why Healthy Communication Is A Core Value For Successful Companies

One core value that most successful companies share is healthy communication. Healthy communication is when employees and business management communicate effectively and respectfully with each other to achieve business goals and be more aligned with company values. 

This core value should also be applied to the way you communicate with clients and customers. Healthy business communication is essential if you want to achieve success and growth for your organization. Here’s why.

The Importance Of Good Communication For Business Success

Sets Clear Goals And Expectations

You may have a clear vision for where your company is headed, but your colleagues won’t understand or share that vision unless you communicate it with them.

Healthy communication practices should start the moment you onboard any new employee, with you communicating your company’s business goals and your expectations to them. This ensures every employee knows where they fit into the vision.

Keeps Employees Informed

In the age of remote work, ensuring that every employee stays informed — no matter where they are — is more important than ever.

Whether you have a company-wide update or a specific project-related piece of news, informing the people it’s relevant to keeps them in the loop and up to date, so they can do their jobs better.

Holds People Accountable For Their Work

Communicating task and project progress holds employees accountable for what they are working on. For example, using collaborative tasks and to-do lists ensures everyone can see what everyone else is working on and helps identify bottlenecks.

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Increases Productivity And Performance

It’s been shown that companies with good communication culture are at least three times more likely to outperform their competitors. If you want to surpass your competition, starting by improving your internal communications is a great idea.

Improves Collaboration And Teamwork

Strong communication builds strong teams. If you’re a team leader, try to lead by example and communicate downwards clearly and frequently. Make sure that employees know they can ask you or each other for help when they need it.

This type of open communication brings teams closer together and makes everyone work more efficiently, which is essential if you want to achieve your business goals.

Prevents Misunderstandings

Misunderstandings can delay or derail projects, and having healthy communication practices in place reduces the chances of this.

Even if there are disagreements within your company or between people on your team, good communication helps resolve these quickly and ensure progress doesn’t get too slowed down.

Improves Customer Service

When a company has good internal communication, it’s reflected in external communication. This impacts the way your employees treat clients and customers. 

If you sell products or services, placing healthy communication among your core values will ensure your employees listen to customer needs and answer their questions with care.

Boosts Engagement And Morale

Poor communication is one of the biggest reasons employees often feel frustrated in their roles. But, when you promote healthy communication at your company, employees feel more engaged and better about their jobs. And, happy employees are more efficient employees.

Builds Company Culture

Setting communication as one of your company’s core values also makes it easier to build your company’s culture by communicating other values and best practices. Open, clear communication fosters a better overall work environment and gets everyone on board with your company’s culture.

Reduces Employee Turnover

Healthy back-and-forth communication between employees and managers helps identify and solve problems that could otherwise lead to turnover.

For instance, if an employee feels like they aren’t getting the support they need to do their jobs, they are likely to search for new opportunities. But, if they feel like they can talk to you and ask for what they need, they are more likely to stay with your company.

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Helps In Negotiations

Whether you’re negotiating a sale with a client or a new salary with an employee, good communication helps both sides find the right agreement. This ensures you maximize your bottom line, while still pleasing your employees and customers.

How Can You Improve Your Business Communication?

Did you know that the average employee spends approximately 25% of their day dealing with emails? This is a phenomenon known as email overload.

One easy way to improve the way you and your colleagues communicate is to use the right email app, such as free webmail with Spike — the world’s first conversational email app.

This type of conversational email app removes stiff formalities and repetition from traditional email threads, making your conversations feel more natural, which is essential if you want to communicate effectively and reduce email overload.

Besides that, Spike is an all-in-one collaborative workspace and communication platform that eliminates the need for multiple team chat apps and centralizes all your communication in one place. 

This makes it much easier to receive all the benefits of good communication mentioned above, as well as reduces the time spent context switching, or switching between tons of different screens and apps throughout the day.

Overall, Spike helps you and your team get more done, in less time, especially when it comes to communicating.

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