Growthoid Review – Is It a Scam?

Growthoid Review – Is Growthoid a Scam?

Growthoid Review

Growthoid is a company that can take your Instagram to new heights – or can it?

We live in a day and age where you can no longer grow your social media accounts manually.

Trying to grow your IG profile manually is a difficult and time-consuming set of tasks. It is simply not efficient enough for today’s desire for instant gratification.

Plus, there are entirely too many people out there trying to do the same thing as you.

If you want to do everything by yourself, you’re going to end up spending a lot of time and effort on it that you probably don’t have.

Building and growing an Instagram profile is not only time-consuming, but is also challenging amongst all the niche competition on the platform.

That’s how almost anyone can compete with medium to large business, brands, and niches on Instagram.

This is why a lot of people are now turning to third-party companies that can make a difference without getting you into trouble.

After all, you don’t want to take chances with over one billions monthly active IG users out there to reach.

Everyone with a cause, brand, and/or business should be able to find, target, and reach out to their own niche audience without risking their accounts or taking hours every day on the platform.

You will find yourself lagging behind your competition within your niche if you neglect to effectively and efficiently market on Instagram.

Some influencers and business owners, maybe that’s you, have a “day job”, which would make for a much longer day if after a full-time job you have to manage your IG marketing.

Some of the tasks involved include creating content, operating your side business, and engaging on Instagram to stay active and interesting.

So many people think that being popular on Instagram is such a glamorous life, but behind the scenes, it’s hard work and not so glamorous.

New followers don’t just fall out of the sky (or the cloud) and land on your IG profile. It takes a lot of work.

There are legit companies out there – but there are scams out there as well.

Hi, my name is Jonathon Spire.

I have been working in this business for a while now, and as a result, I have a fair idea of how this industry works.

While there are some legit companies out there, unfortunately, there are more scams than ever before.

This means that you really need to watch out and make sure that you know how to tell the difference between the two.

I believe that I have a fair idea of what the difference is, and I want to share my secrets with you.

Let’s review one company and decide if you should use them to help you with your Instagram growth or not.

Growthoid Logo

Growthoid is a company that promises its clients Instagram growth by hand.

They say that they want to help them get more followers, likes, and comments, the organic way.

They don’t mess with fake engagement or bots and judging by their website, we’re inclined to believe them. 

What is Growthoid?

Growthoid Instagram Followers 1

So, Growthoid is a company that believes in being able to help its clients get help with their Instagram profile, without having to use a bot.

It considers itself an Instagram marketing agency that helps you get a boost over your competition, so that you have a chance to succeed on this social media network.

One of the drawbacks of using some of these companies involved the excessive use of automation and/or bots, which doesn’t make the Instagram algorithm happy.

They know that there are more than enough bots in the industry these days, and the last thing that anyone needs is one more.

So, if you’re hoping to somehow get real comments, likes, and followers without using a bot, then Growthoid is the company for you.

They simply grow Instagram accounts and help them get more engagement – that’s all there is to it.

They’re perfectly simplistic.

How Does It Work?

If this service isn’t using bots or automation, how does it work?

Essentially, the system is merely doing what you would be doing if you had the time to do it on this platform.

This IG growth service is simple and straightforward to the point that even novice users can figure it out without a problem.

What Should You Expect from The Growthoid Process?

  1. Choose the plan from the two available no-contract options that suit your needs.
  2. After that, sign up, pay for your plan, and check your email since an account manager will be in contact with you within about 24 hours.
  3. Once you get to connect with your dedicated account manager, you will provide them with some information like your targeting expectations so that they can find users in your target segment, which helps to obtain relevant and real followers.
  4. The account manager saves your niche targets and starts working on engagements unique to your audience.

Yes. It’s that simple and straightforward to get started.

What Are Growthoid’s Main Features?

Get Started the Growthoid
  • Dedicated Account Manager: Your champion toward effective Instagram growth.
  • Targeted Followers: Based on your targets, your dedicated account manager will ensure that your audience is pinpointed so that you have the right people interested in your content engaging with you.
  • Industry-Leading Services: Because this is a manual growth service, this can work across all industries, businesses, and niches.

Growthoid is determined to help their clients through automatic niche targeting.

This is where they sit down with every new client and learn all about what their niche looks like.

This way, they can use usernames, hashtags, locations, and gender to determine who they target on their behalf.

This is a great way to find the best community for your content so that each and every individual who comes to check your profile out is highly likely to resonate with what you’ve got to offer them.

This, in turn, will convert followers into paying customers, and you’ll be able to grow a community around your product that is loyal and here to stay. 

How Can You Tell Growthoid is Manual Engagement?

Growthoid Followers

Some of the telltale signs of bot and/or automated services is random or spammy engagement from profiles that aren’t even within your niche and that either drop off or are inactive.

Likewise, a telltale sign of manual engagement doesn’t attract that kind of engagement.

This is why it’s obvious that this company doesn’t use automation or bots. This service genuinely works with your target segment to attract high-quality followers and engagement for your content.

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What is Growthoid’s Pricing?

Growthoid Pricing

Growthoid is brand new, so their pricing isn’t quite available yet.

However, we can promise you that it’s reasonable and falls within a good price margin.

We don’t like companies that offer low prices, and we don’t like companies that charge too much for their features.

We believe that Growthoid has priced its features based on their value, so you’ll definitely get what you pay for with these guys. 

Pros and Cons

There are always going to be upsides and downsides to companies in this industry, whether they are legit or otherwise.

Let’s take a look at Growthoid’s pros and cons.

  • Secure https website
  • Natural, organic features
  • Targeted features
  • FAQ section
  • Great customer support
  • Reasonable pricing
  • No free trial

How Did Growthoid Do in Tests?

Just like with any other company that we check out, we made sure to put Growthoid through our testing system so that we can honestly say whether they’re worth your time or not.

We paid for a growth package and gave them some of our niche keywords so that they could make it nice and targeted.

We’re happy to say that we saw an increase in our following within two to three days, and they were really great about asking any questions that we had.

We are happy to say that this company truly does seem to care about their clients and has a high level of accountability with them. 

What About the Team?

One of the best ways to figure out if a company is legit or not is to see what they have to say about their team on the website.

If they’re legit, they will be open and honest about who is behind the features – but if they’re not, they will struggle to say anything about them.

We are pleased to say that Growthoid has a lot about their team on their website, which means that you can find out all kinds of things about them before you commit to anything.

This is the best level of honesty and the only one that you could hope for in an industry like this.

Be wary of companies that can’t offer this type of transparency with their clients on their website. 

Why Growthoid Doesn’t Use Automation or Bots

Growthoid Growth

For several years, the use of bots and automation has been taboo because it’s against Instagram’s terms of use. This kind of activity is known to get IG accounts flagged or even totally banned indefinitely.

Plus, most engagements via automation and bots are low and rarely provide any real results. Often, the random engagements are not even within your target audience.

Some things that can happen with fake engagement include inactive followers, fake followers, ghost followers, low content profiles, and other poor engagements that literally ruin your overall interaction metrics and make a poor showing of your performance ratio on Instagram.

These bothersome things don’t happen with Growthoid.

Review Conclusion

So, as you can see, we have a lot of love to give Growthoid. Why?

Because Growthoid is essentially the closest thing you can find next to manually engaging on your IG account.

Sure, you can do what this service does yourself, but when saving time is a thing, you need this kind of service to do it for you. That way, you can handle more important tasks such as creating content.

Plus, you are not likely to get the results you need or want by doing this yourself because your engagement will be limited to a few profiles, which is problematic.

It literally takes hours upon hours to truly get to the level of engagement needed to see results on IG.

It isn’t often that you come across companies like this that truly can say they hold their clients in high regard, are authentic, and only want to put the best quality features out there.

It’s so rare that we come across companies like this that we have to say it’s one of the best growth services we’ve ever seen.

The peace of mind you can enjoy by using Growthoid to boost your IG engagement and performance metrics is something that cannot be measured.

Besides that, you get a solid and helpful team of social media experts working for you and alongside you to help you reach your desired level of success.

As you can see, it wasn’t hard at all for us to decide to recommend Growthoid, either – their amazing features shone through.

In an industry that is difficult to get along with at times, we praise companies like this for putting the work in and making sure that they are doing right by their clients.

For your number one Instagram growth service, choose Growthoid every time.

So, yes, we are on board with Growthoid. We honestly believe that if you give this service a try for only one month, you will be happy with the service and level of customer support you receive.

You can choose to cancel anytime, so if you aren’t happy with what you get, then you have nothing to lose.

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Growthoid is a company that promises its clients Instagram growth by hand. They say that they want to help them get more followers, likes, and comments, the organic way. They don’t mess with fake engagement or bots and judging by their website, we’re inclined to believe them.

Price: 59.99

Price Currency: USD

Operating System: All

Application Category: Social Media

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