GrowBot for Instagram Review – Is GrowBot a Scam?

GrowBot for Instagram Review – Is it Safe?

If you’re looking for a way to help your Instagram grow without it taking up all of your time, then you’re probably going to have to outsource some of your engagement activity.

While you might like the idea of being able to do it all yourself, unfortunately, this isn’t realistic, especially if you still have a day job.

There are now plenty of options out there in the social media marketing industry that can make a real difference to your growth – but you’ve got to be careful who you trust.

While there are lots of companies that have your best interests at heart, there are a lot that don’t.

If you’ve been looking at GrowBot for Instagram for a while now, and you’re not sure whether to take the plunge or not, you’ve come to the right place.

We’re going to take a look at the pros and cons of using a company like this, so that you can determine whether they’re going to be a good fit for you or not.

We’re passionate about what we do here, and are always on the lookout for companies to review so that we can decide whether they’re legit or a scam.

Let’s review GrowBot specifically, and determine whether you should give them any of your time or money.

GrowBot for Instagram Review

GrowBot for Instagram is an Instagram bot that can be downloaded as a Chrome extension that you can use through your web browser to help grow your profile.

While they appear to have features that are effective, the reality is that they’re a bot, which can put your profile at risk. 

We do appreciate that they’re so upfront and honest about the fact that they’re a bot, but this definitely doesn’t do them any favors.

We don’t usually condone the use of bots, as at the end of the day they’re more likely to put your account at risk than not.

Most of the time it’s not worth using one to grow your account, but let’s continue with the review either way.

We’ll talk about this a bit more below.

What Is GrowBot for Instagram?

Growbot Automation for Instagram

GrowBot is an extension for Chrome that can be used in conjunction with other companies or on its own to grow your Instagram account successfully.

There is one thing that you need to be wary of when it comes to using a Chrome extension – it can get in the way of your browser use.

There are some Chrome extensions that slow down your browser speed, especially if they haven’t been made well. When you test out tools like GrowBot, make sure that they don’t slow down your online activity.

However, the trouble is that they’re quite obviously an Instagram bot, which comes with quite a few setbacks.

Instagram bots are known for putting your account at risk of looking spammy, and Instagram is really good at telling if its users are using a bot as a Chrome extension or not.

This means that you will more than likely be suspended or banned for using it.

What Are GrowBot for Instagram’s Features?

GrowBot for Instagram says that their biggest feature is their follow/unfollow feature, which they use to help their clients get ahead.

While you might have heard of this before and be relatively excited about it, we’re here to break the truth, and the truth is that it’s generic.

There’s nothing about this method that you can’t get anywhere else, so unfortunately it doesn’t stand out enough for us to say that we think this company is unique and original with their features.

This classic feature that can be found with many other companies follows people that could be interested in your content, before unfollowing them once they have followed you.

This keeps the list of people that you follow down, and the list of people that follow you up.

Additionally, Grow Bot for Instagram say that they offer a free trial for a week so that you can get to know how they work without having to commit to anything first.

They also talk a bit on their homepage about their privacy, saying that they never ask their clients for their password.

This is both a good and a bad thing – while sharing your password does come with its risks, it’s always better to do this, as it shows a company is legit.

If a company can’t access your account to give you engagement, then they’re a scam and aren’t offering anything above board.

You are going to put a bit of risk to your account by sharing personal information like this, but if the company is legit then it’s worth it because they’ll keep it safe.

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Plans & Prices

So, how much is GrowBot for Instagram going to cost you, then?

The information on their website about their pricing is pretty basic, so it’s difficult for us to know what it includes. They say that their service costs $6.99 a month, or $69.99 a year.

This means that they just have one price point to choose from, which is, of course, very limiting, and doesn’t let you speed up or slow down your growth preferences in any way.

The other thing that we really don’t like here about their pricing is that it’s cheap. There is a thing in this industry about cheap vs. affordable pricing, and if you haven’t heard of it, then you need to. Cheap pricing almost always means that the quality of the features is low.

However, on the flip side of this, affordable pricing means that the quality of the features is a lot higher.

While this does mean that you’ll need to pay a bit more than what you might be comfortable with, at the end of the day it’s going to pay off, and not bring any harm to your account like cheap features could.

They say that you can try and load their Instagram bot once the trial has ended, by choosing ‘subscribe now.’

Is GrowBot for Instagram Safe? It It a Scam?

Is GrowBot for Instagram the kind of botting company that’s going to keep you safe? Let’s review their advantages and setbacks.

Pros & Cons

  • Secure site
  • Visible pricing
  • No FAQ page
  • No real reviews
  • No customer support
  • Questionable features
  • Just a bot

Reviewer’s Final Thoughts

So, what do we ultimately think about GrowBot for Instagram in terms of your Instagram growth?

Honestly, we think that you could do better.

While they might look like your typical Chrome extension for Instagram that can help with effective growth, unfortunately, they are just another generic Instagram bot.

This means that you need to be wary that they bring a lot of risk with them. If you want real Instagram growth from people who aren’t going to be fake or spam your account, then you need to look elsewhere for your engagement.

Grow Bot for Instagram is, as you can see, just a bot, and their prices are too low for us to think that they’re good quality. You want to go for affordable, not cheap, to make sure that it’s worth both your time and money.

The biggest takeaways from this review article about GrowBot for Instagram is that you need to ensure that you find a growth company, not a bot to help you with your Instagram growth, and you need to make sure that they care about the quality of their features.

We’ll be the first to admit that finding a legit company out there that’s not a scam is a lot easier said than done.

There are plenty of average quality brands, but hardly any decent ones that care about their clients. However, as long as you have a high standard for yourself and your growth, you won’t have any trouble getting connected to the right one.

Top GrowBot for Instagram Alternatives

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