GoRead.io Review 2023 – Is It a Scam?

Goread.io Review – Is Goread.io a Scam?

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Goread is a company that says they’re all over your Instagram. They say that they can help you with every aspect of it so that you don’t have to worry about a thing – you can focus on making more content.

However, we have our doubts that they can follow through on every promise.

How hard has it been trying to grow your own Instagram page over the past few years? You might have started out strong and excited about the prospect of it, only to quickly get jaded and wonder if there’s even a point to it all.

Don’t worry, we get it – we know that it’s harder than ever to not only grow your Instagram profile but to get help from a company that’s legit.

My name is Jonathon Spire, and I have been around for long enough to know that the Instagram industry is pretty shady.

However, there’s also a lot of good that can come out of it as well, so you don’t have to be too pessimistic. You just have to know where to look for your engagement.

Let’s review Goread and see what red flags we can find. 

Goread Review 2023

Goread.io logo

Goread.io is a company that claims to be able to help you grow your Instagram profile really easily.

GoRead says that they can help you with Instagram likes, views, and followers, and while this is all well and good, we have a strong suspicion that these are all fake.

Let’s see. 

What is Goread?

Goread.io logo Services

Goread.io says that they are the best for your Instagram growth because they can help you save a lot of money and time.

They say that it’s much better for you to grow your Instagram profile through them than to pay for an Instagram ad. They talk about using hashtags and followers to help you get to where you need to be, which is a little bit confusing.

One minute they’re talking about automation software, and the next they’re talking about sending you engagement. Could they be selling fake engagement and using a bot at the same time?

How Important are Real Instagram Followers?

Before we get into the features, pros and cons, and risk and safety of GoRead.io, we will discuss why real Instagram followers are important.

Anyone who uses Instagram knows that having a lot of followers is “the in thing”, but not everyone knows why. Followers are essentially a status symbol on the Instagram platform, just as it is across all social networks.

When other users on Instagram see how many followers an Instagrammer has, they are interested in seeing why. Naturally, that’s not a random thing. It usually comes from an interest in content as much as how many followers a user has.

This is why you hear so much about having a niche within which to work for promoting things on social media and online. Your niche is one of the ways people find you on Instagram.

There are many ways to manually and organically attract relevant followers. Why relevant followers? Because you want to attract people who are interested in your content. Your content should always be original, unique, and relevant to your niche.

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Your Instagram account needs real followers to be relevant and to rank higher in the feed on Instagram. When you create niche-relevant content that appeals to a specific audience, you will gain more organic followers.

Once you have real, organic followers, your content will start to rank higher and get more exposure to your target audience. Essentially, that’s how it works. Much of it relies on creating quality content, but you also must engage with others.

Content creation alone is at least a part-time job, but when you add necessary manual engagement to that, it turns into a full-time job for which you may or may not have time to handle. 

People have priorities like jobs, kids, school, and other things that take up their time. That’s why you see so many Instagrammers reaching out to specialized engagement services to save time. 

However, not all of these service providers are reliable and safe. Unfortunately, there are more out there these days that are risky and unsafe to use for Instagram engagement.

These conditions are why we write unbiased reviews that give our readers the most accurate information we can provide about various IG engagement services.

What are Goread’s Features?

Goread.io Features

So, what exactly is Goread offering its clients, then? They say that they offer quick delivery of all of their features, and they say that as soon as you sign up for one of their packages, you can start expecting to see engagement come through.

They say that they will do this until you get the amount that you paid for. They also claim that they have 24/7 customer support, another feature that we’re not too sure of.

Legit companies will have this, but it looks like this is a promise that they don’t intend on keeping. They also say that they have secure payments and a money-back guarantee in case you’re not happy with your features. 

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What is Goread.io’s Pricing?

Goread.io Pricing

So, Goread.io has a lot of different features and prices, so it all depends on what help you’re looking for. They can help you with Instagram followers, for example, and they say that buying 50 Instagram followers is only going to cost you 89 cents.

They say that this comes with drop protection, as well as a safe and easy delivery. They claim that they don’t need your password to send these through, and they come with customer support around the clock.

They also remind you of the secure payment system they have. Again, this all sounds fine and dandy, but something still isn’t sitting right with us.

GoRead.io Pros & Cons

Every service that provides Instagram engagement has its pros and cons. We will cover these aspects of GoRead.io now.


  • Safe HTTPS website
  • Wide array of plan packages
  • Visible pricing
  • FAQ page
  • Email form contact


  • Potential bot usage
  • Selling fake engagement
  • Bad reviews
  • Missing About page
  • Little to no information about the company
  • No phone support
  • Lack of 24/7 support

Pros Explained

  • The HTTPS protocol is important to your browsing and interactions on a website. Most websites have gotten on board and use this secure website element. It not only protects you, it also helps the website rank higher on Google. While it’s nice to have it, it’s nothing special or unusual.
  • Having multiple packages from which to choose is a nice touch since it may help them offer something for anyone with any kind of budget.
  • Visible pricing is a must-have on these websites. People should know how much they will pay for a service.
  • The FAQ page may be available on the GoRead.io website, but it’s extremely limited with very little information. 
  • The email form contact page is a nice thing to have, but it doesn’t really tell us much about the response time.
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Cons Explained

  • Bots have always been prohibited on Instagram as well as other social media platforms. Now that Instagram updated their algorithms, not many are working at all. 
  • Fake engagement is also prohibited on Instagram and is detected and usually removed, which is one reason followers drop off after buying engagement from some services.
  • Every company needs an About page nowadays. People have more trust and confidence in a company with an About page that provides a backstory. GoRead.io is missing out on a great PR opportunity.
  • We found very little information across the internet regarding this company, which is a red flag.
  • This service provides no phone support, which is still something many people want from this kind of service provider.
  • Even though not everyone considers the lack of 24/7 customer support to be a deal-breaker, for most it is. Clients want to know that help is there when they need it, not hours or days from the time it happens. 

How Did Goread Do in Tests?

With every company that we look at and review, we make sure to put them to the test so that we can determine if they’re worth your time or not. We bought 100 Instagram followers off Goread.io, with the intention of seeing them help our account get more exposure.

We’re sad to say that they didn’t – the delivery was delayed for some reason, and when we finally got our order, they started to drop off almost straight away.

This is a big disappointment, and while it might feel like we’re the only ones this happened to, it’s far more common than you realize. Up to 80% of engagement can drop off from companies like this.

Goread User Reviews


GoRead Review Conclusion

So, what do we think about Goread when it comes to your Instagram growth? We think that you should stay as far away from them as you can.

Let’s think about three reasons why you shouldn’t use them: they’re selling fake engagement, they don’t have customer support around the clock as they promised, and they don’t have real reviews on their website.

Nothing screams fake like not being able to prove you’ve had happy customers so far.

With all of this in mind, we think that it’s important to say that we don’t condone using Goread, and think you should go elsewhere for your Instagram engagement.

GoRead.io is missing out on providing real engagement and followers for Instagram users. It’s a shame when we all know these companies could do better.

Top Goread Alternatives

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Thanks for reading.

- Jon

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3 thoughts on “GoRead.io Review 2023 – Is It a Scam?”

  1. yea so before looking at any reviews i just went ahead and bought about 10$ worth of followers, i start gaining hundreds of followers in within 5 minutes but 10 minutes later i’m loosing 30 a second, i’m not saying a waste of 10$ is a big deal but smhhhh

  2. Please stay away from this company, Goread.io or any other Goread, several months ago I had unresolved issue with them, I bought Instagram followers then lost everything in less than 2 weeks, they never refilled it

    Few weeks ago I started receiving several marketing offers, I thought they had changed for the better, I WAS WRONG!!!, I ordered several Instagram LIKES, my card was charged, the payment was successful on their website, yet I never received the last order on my Instagram, I instantly contacted them on the website, NO RESPONSE

    Days later I sent a follow up email, they replied and asked for my last 4 credit card digits, Instagram account name, order details, date, receipt etc, I sent everything, they came back with some bs that the order was already complete, we started going back and forth with emails, after 10 emails of back and forth I stop responding, they keep asking for more proof, must I send a bank statement to proof a basic Instagram likes, they will find every excuse not to resolve your case, Its just painful I fell for this company twice,

    They do not care about you as a customer, they only care about your money nothing else, YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED STAY AWAYYYY

  3. Hi,
    Please have been experiencing drop of followers with my account how do I resolve that.. kindly do something about your system of service


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