GetInsta Review 2024 – Is It a Scam?

GetInsta Review – Is GetInsta a Scam?

Updates and More About Instagram Engagement

Instagram is a wonderful social media platform for sharing your passions and promotions. Marketers, brands, and influencers use it for a big portion of their overall digital marketing strategies. 

That said, it’s challenging for influencers, marketers, brands, and businesses to engage with some restrictions created and enforced by the algorithms. Yes. Algorithms in plural, since there isn’t one single Instagram algorithm. 

For instance, Instagram’s ToS (terms of service) states that no bots, automation, or fake profiles/followers/engagement are allowed. Yet, people use these methods of engagement. Some get caught, some don’t. Others choose not to risk it at all.

Using automation, bots, or fake anything isn’t against the law, but it is against the IG ToS. However, there is something that is a legal issue that arises on Instagram.

One of the legal issues that cause challenges on Instagram is the use of companies for engagement on the platform that are using the copyrighted terms owned by Instagram. These terms include, “insta”, “gram”, and “IG”. 

While there are instances when these terms can be used, the services that currently do this are in violation of copyright law, If Instagram so chooses, they can shut them down and hold them accountable for that.

That’s a little “housekeeping” done on our part to ensure that our readers are as informed as possible regarding the use of engagement services. 

The newest update to the use of bots, automation, and fake profiles and such is that they are not working on Instagram any longer. Either they don’t work at all, or they don’t work properly. Some are spewing spam and some just aren’t delivering like they once did. 

Why? Because Instagram has updated/upgraded their algorithm that manages bots, automation, and other suspicious activities on the platform/ The companies that use these methods of engagement either haven’t caught up with the new changes, or they don’t care.

Some of these companies have been getting more negative reviews recently for not working as promised. A few have even closed their services. 

Now that you know the latest news and updates about Instagram’s inner workings, we can get on with this GetInsta Review. 

Let’s find out if it’s worthy of your attention or too risky to use.

GetInsta Service Comparison

GetInstaTop Alternative
Organic GrowthNoYes
Personal ManagerNoYes
Proxy SupportNoYes
Real FollowersNoYes
Real LikesNoYes
Get Real Instagram Followers

GetInsta Review 2024

GetInsta is a company that claims to be able to help their clients do better on Instagram in general. While this sounds promising, we doubt that they are following through on their promises.

We live in a pretty competitive world, both on and off the screen. This means that if you’ve got your brand online unless you’re in a niche that is super small and you don’t have too many people to compete with, you’ve got your work cut out for you.

A lot of the time, it’s almost impossible for people to grow their Instagram by themselves, which proses a problem – how do they get big in an industry that’s getting bigger every day? You use a third party.

However, the third-party industry is just as tough as any other and has a lot of scams that you need to avoid.

I’m Jonathon Spire. I know that there are a lot of ways that you can grow your Instagram profile these days, but I also know that there are companies out there that aren’t worth your time.

I have spent a lot of time in this industry learning all about what a legit company looks like, and how to tell if one is a scam.

This way, I can pass on my knowledge to my readers and find a way to help them bring real, authentic people to check out their Instagram content.

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Let’s review GetInsta and decide if they’re the kind of company you want to work with or not. 

GetInsta logo

GetInsta (also known as Easy GetInsta) is a company that claims to offer you high quality, 10% free Instagram likes, and followers.

They claim that you don’t have to share your personal information to benefit from their features, and while this might sound great, we think that they sound like a fake business. 

What is GetInsta?


GetInsta is a company that is pretty proud of its features, which is surprising considering that we think they’re nothing more than a fake Instagram engagement company.

They say that you can get completely free and high-quality Instagram likes and followers without having to share your password and without having to fill out a survey.

This means that according to them, there’s no risk to your account – but we beg to differ. They also claim to be completely safe, too, although they do get you to download an app, which is a little weird. 

What Are GetInsta’s Features?

GetInsta Features

GetInsta says that their main feature is their ability to bring real people together on their website to follow and like one another. They say that everyone can get coins by liking other people’s posts and following those people as well.

They say that with your coins, you can get unlimited free Instagram likes and followers for your own posts and accounts. This sounds like it’s going to take a bit of work on your end, which you might not have time for.

Beyond this, it also sounds like they are selling fake engagement, because reciprocal networks like this hardly ever work out.

Another thing you need to feel confident about is the customer service that a company provides. We don’t see any proof of even mediocre customer service from GetInsta.

When a service like this isn’t forthcoming with their customer service and how it works, we see a red flag.
Top Instagram Growth Tools

Top Instagram Growth Tools

RankGrowth ServiceMore Info

What is GetInsta’s Pricing?

Again, GetInsta emphasizes that their services are completely free, which means that you don’t have to spend any of your marketing budgets to benefit from their Instagram engagement.

They claim to offer an unlimited number of likes and followers for free and that when you log in to their network, you will get hundreds of coins straight away so that you can buy likes and followers.

They say that you can earn even more coins by completing easy tasks. This is really starting to sound like a company that’s selling fake engagement to its clients. 

How Did GetInsta Do in Tests?

So, we thought that we would put GetInsta to the test to make sure that it was the kind of company you want to associate with. It’s not. As soon as we signed up for GetInsta, it was clear that they were just sending us fake engagement.

We had to do a lot more tasks than we thought to get enough engagement, and when we did, it didn’t even stick around for long enough to make a lasting impression.

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We don’t think that this is the best way to get real, authentic Instagram followers for your profile.

Review Conclusion

So, you can probably guess what we think at this point about GetInsta. We don’t think that they are worth your time – we think that they are actually a waste of it.

We think that they are just a fake engagement service for Instagram that’s not safe at all and is just going to get you in trouble. While you might be tempted by the fact that it’s free, don’t be fooled – they aren’t worth the risk.

Opt for something else that’s going to take care of your account while you grow it.

We think you should steer clear of this one and other services like it. 

While this company has put in some effort into creating a nice website, it doesn’t mean they provide the best services. We know one of the methods to get people to buy from them is to create a nice website.

This service also offers free engagement, which is just another ploy to get people to use them. If you’re reading this and are a novice just getting started, we hope to help you know better before you go down the wrong path.

Ultimately, GetInsta isn’t doing anyone any favors, including themselves. This is an Instagram bot that not only violates the ToS of Instagram, but also the copyright of Instagram with the use of “insta” in their name. 

If you use this service and Instagram shuts it down, you will be left with nothing that you may have gained from the service. If you gain anything from it at all. 

Final Thoughts

What do we recommend that you do if Getnsta isn’t a good method for Instagram engagement?

First, we recommend that you read professional and user reviews. 

Trustpilot is a reputable and reliable resource for real user reviews. While sometimes companies try to circumvent this site by paying for fake reviews, Trustpilot catches up to them and puts an end to it rather quickly.

Just take a look at the current Trustpilot reviews for GetInsta here. Currently, this is only one review, but this company has been around for a while and has changed its URL a few times. 

That is just one resource you can use to investigate other similar services for Instagram engagement before you spend your money.

Knowledge is truly power when it comes to being a consumer of goods and services. 

Your first priority should be to your Instagram profile and ensuring its reputation and protection from harmful and risky engagement methods. 

There are plenty of excellent alternatives to GetInsta that will help you instead of harm you. 

Top GetInsta Alternatives

RankGrowth ServiceMore Info

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Do you disagree with my review? Sometimes I do make mistakes. Comment below & let me know what’s factually incorrect and I’ll rectify it as soon as possible.

Thanks for reading.

- Jon

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