Fueltok Review 2023 – Is Fueltok a Scam?

Fueltok Review – Is It Safe to Use?

Whether you think that most of the companies in the social media marketing industry are legit or a scam, the reality is that they can be helpful to your TikTok growth.

TikTok has become such a crowded landscape that it’s difficult to stand out, even if you have some of the best content that anyone’s ever seen.

The competition is so hot that manual growth is futile – you need a company that knows what they’re doing to make things a little easier. Let’s review one in particular, and decide if they’re worth your time or not.

Fueltok Review 2023


Fueltok is an automated tool that is made with your TikTok account in mind. They claim to be able to help their clients save a lot of time, so whether they’re asleep or creating more content, their growth can be happening. We think that they look like a bot.

What is Fueltok?

So, Fueltok is one of those companies that claim to be an automation tool that can put everything you need to do on TikTok that’s boring on autopilot. Their overall goal is to be able to grow your TikTok followers by finding the right people who are going to be interested in what you’re producing.

One thing that we don’t like right off the bat is that this is actually a company that has been shut down by a social media website before.

These guys used to be called Fuelgram, and they allegedly helped their clients with their Instagram growth. What doesn’t sit well with us, though, is that they got shut down for violating copyright laws surrounding Instagram’s name. The term ‘gram’ is protected, which means that other companies can’t use it in their brand name.

So, they’re not off to a good start, having already been shut down by another social media channel out there. They also don’t seem to have very good reviews out there – and the ones that are positive look like they’re fake.

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What are Fueltok’s Main Features?

Fueltok - Feature

Fueltok’s main features include being able to target the right audience for your niche and industry. They get you to enter your TikTok username and password, and then they ask you to tell them all about your niche.

They want to add targets that are similar to your content so that they can focus on people who are going to like what they see. Once you have done this, Fueltok gets the client to choose how fast or slow you want them to work for you.

This is one good thing about them because it means that you get to control how big or little the risk of using them is. However, it also means that if you get red-flagged by TikTok, it’s your fault, so it’s worth being wary of things like this. They say that they can start working on your behalf as soon as you’ve done this.

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Fueltok’s Pricing

Fueltok - Pricing

Their pricing is a little strange because it is based on how long you want to use them for. This means that if you want to use them for a month, you can opt for their basic plan, which is $30. With this, you gain access to all of the necessary features, as well as a free trial for seven days.

Their three-month plan is going to cost you $27 a month and includes the same features as the one month plan. Lastly, their six-month plan will cost you $24 a month and comes with all the same features as the other two packages. Obviously, this means that the longer you sign up with them for, the less you’ll end up paying.

Fueltok’s Pros and Cons

Fueltok has advantages and disadvantages, just like all the other companies out there. Let’s take a look at what these are:

Reviewer’s Final Thoughts

So, at the end of the day we would love to love a company like Fueltok – but we simply can’t get past the fact that they are a bot, they have bad reviews, and they have already been shut down. Obviously, a bot poses a big risk when it comes to growing your TikTok account.

You don’t really want to associate with a bot when it comes to your TikTok, especially if you already have an existing reputation that you can’t lose. You also don’t want to go for a company that has bad reviews – this means that they haven’t done right by other people.

Lastly, we just can’t get past the fact that they have already been shut down once before. This means that there’s a really good chance that it will happen again. Better to go for something a bit more reliable.

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My diverse background started with my computer science degree, and later progressed to building laptops and accessories. And now, for the last 7 years, I have been a social media marketing specialist and business growth consultant.

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