FollowFox Review 2023 – Is It a Scam?

FollowFox Review - Is It a Scam?

FollowFox Service Comparison

FollowFoxTop Alternative
Organic GrowthNoYes
Personal Manager Yes Yes
Proxy SupportNoYes
Real FollowersNoYes
Real LikesNoYes
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FollowFox Review 2023

Instagram is a social media favorite across the world. Influencers, businesses, brands, and regular folks like us enjoy our daily dose of Instagram content. It doesn’t matter what you’re interested in, there is plenty of content to engage you.

Even with all the images, memes, and videos on the platform and the fun in watching it all happen in the feed, there are challenges for marketers, brands, influencers, and anyone trying to build something on the platform.

There is the matter of the algorithm that somewhat restricts how much, how often, and sometimes even what you can post.

These restrictions aren’t designed to cause marketing and engagement challenges, but they do. The algorithm is there to actually protect IG users.

Competition is a big challenge for everyone on Instagram who is working to build something they are passionate about. No matter what niche you’re promoting, there is an audience on Instagram.

There is also a lot of other people promoting their offerings in that niche to your audience as well. The good news is that with the right content and engagement, you can overcome your competition.

Finally, time is an issue for people trying to make Instagram their job. If you have a day job, children, or other things that you must prioritize in your life, time is precious.

Your downtime may not be enough to effectively engage on Instagram to grow in a short time. It can take months to years to build something on Instagram.

When your goal is to become Instafamous, you can outsource at least some of your mundane engagement tasks. That will leave you with time to create that amazing content that will interest your target audience and keep them engaged.

Due to the challenges facing Instagrammers nowadays, it’s no wonder they turn to growth and engagement services like automation to help them manage their time and some or all of their IG engagement.

But is it worth it?

FollowFox Review

FollowFox is one of these services that some Instagrammers turn to for help.

But, is it safe?

Is it risky?

Does it provide value?

We don’t believe it’s safe, nor do we believe this service provides real value to your Instagram.

That is our opinion, but we are here to delivery to you an unbiased review of FollowFox, so you can make up your own mind. 

Let’s see what this company has to offer.

What is FollowFox?


One of the things we examine when evaluating Instagram automation services is how the company views itself. The website title often gives us what we need for that, but the website content is what tells us the rest of the story. 

So, what does FollowFox’s website tell us it is?

First, FollowFox has not given a title to its URL, which merely means they stick to the address. However, once you start reading the content on the homepage, you find how this company sees itself. 

The first thing you see is “100% Real & Instant Organic Instagram Growth!” The content then goes on to state that they use no bots or shadow tricks and that this is a 100% human-powered service intent on helping your IG account grow. 

They go on further to let you know that you can “hire a dedicated Instagram Growth Expert” to help you get Instagram followers. 

Everything in the content makes this service appealing, and it seems aboveboard, right? 

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Maybe, but maybe not. The word “Instant” sticks out to us as a sign that something more than human engagement is happening behind the scenes. 

Let’s see what’s under the hood.

What Does FollowFox Claim to Deliver?

They claim to deliver the following:

Organic Followers – The claim is that you get 100% real followers, with no bots or fake followers. Then there is a statement in this section that says, “FollowFox uses advanced growth strategies” to grow audiences.

They claim they will increase your likes, comments, direct messages, as well as your followers. 

Targeted Follow & Unfollow – This service says that they engage with “highly targeted” IG users daily with your account.

They claim to actively engage with not only your target audience, but also with competitors’ followers and similar accounts. 

Likes & Comments – Apparently, they have an in-house “Data Scientist” that tracks and reviews interactions weekly.

They also claim to engage with like-minded accounts, which should provide the highest chance of reciprocation.

What are FollowFox’s Main Features?

FollowFox Features

We already know that they claim not to use bots, but what do they use? Is this service really 100% manual and human-powered, as they claim?

To discuss the features of FollowFox, we must go over the available packages for engagement offered. 

It appears they offer three main packages, which include the Personal, Influencer, and Business. 

Personal Package 

  • Guaranteed Growth
  • Account Manager
  • Target Hashtags
  • Target Accounts
  • Monthly Reporting

Influencer Package

  • Super Growth
  • Account Manager
  • Target Hashtags
  • Target Accounts
  • View Stories
  • Like & Comment
  • Weekly Reporting

Business Package

  • Ultimate Growth
  • Premium Account Manager
  • Target Hashtags
  • Target Accounts
  • View Stories
  • Like & Comment
  • Custom Reporting
  • Priority Support

The term “Guaranteed” in the personal package makes us squirm a bit because there is no way any service like this can guarantee anything. It’s in poor form. 

It’s worth nothing that we also found some scathing and rude smear campaigns from this company against their competitors. Also in poor form. We are not impressed when companies choose to be so blatantly uncouth and uncivilized. 

As review writers, we strive to be unbiased with our reporting, which we continue to do even when a company leaves a bad taste in our mouths. 

Let’s discuss more about FollowFox.

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FollowFox’s Pricing

FollowFox Pricing

We addressed the available packages and the features that come with them, but now let’s look at the prices.

You can choose the monthly or yearly subscription for these packages. 

  • Personal Package – $59 per month or $590 annually
  • Influencer Package – $89 per month or $890 annually
  • Business Package – $229 per month or $2,290 annually

We can say that their pricing structure is competitive and in line with similar services, their competitors. 

Still, these are expensive packages for the lack of real value you get from this company. 

Also, we don’t see enough difference in the packages to warrant such huge price increases for the two upper tiers. 

We think this service is much too expensive considering, even for what they claim to offer.

Pros and Cons 

  • HTTPs Secure Site
  • Visible Pricing
  • Dedicated FAQ Page
  • Contact Page/Email Form/Onsite Chat/Email Contact
  • Too Expensive
  • Fake Engagement
  • Bot Activity
  • Low-Quality
  • Not Targeted
  • Hard to Cancel – Keep Billing You
  • Poor Customer Service
  • Poor Unfollowing Function

We could go on and on with the cons of this service, but we choose to move forward on this review. 

Is FollowFox Safe?

We are going to have to take a pass on FollowFox because we don’t believe it’s safe for your Instagram account at all. 

We have seen too many complaints regarding followers dropping off, unfollowing favorite accounts, cancellation and billing problems, fake and low-quality followers and engagement, the promise of targeting is absent, bot replies and direct messages are used, and other disappointing activities to honestly be okay with FollowFox.

You can find some positive reviews online about FollowFox, but we fully believe they are paid for reviews, including the user reviews you may see online. 

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We think they have loaded Trustpilot up with fake positive reviews that will likely be detected and handled by the website in time.

That is, unless these people just happened to have a better experience than the tons of negative reviews and complaints we read.

FollowFox Trustpilot

Review Conclusion

An update on fake engagement, bots, and low-quality automation: These kinds of services are not working on Instagram any longer.

In recent months, more negative reviews have been posted on third-party websites like Trustpilot with major complaints of how ineffective and risky these services have become. 

Some of them have even recently shut down for this engagement.

We believe to combat the negative reviews, FollowFox has paid people to write positive reviews to get their ratings up.

However, we are not fooled by that. Just a few months ago, their ratings were horribly low. Trustpilot will catch up with them soon. 

The fact that FollowFox smears its competitors like it’s a political campaign is unacceptable. We don’t engage with services who have no respect for others.

Due to that factor alone, we believe they simply don’t respect anyone, not even their clients. They just want your money.

We see nothing of value in using FollowFox. 

Review Verdict

Our final words on FollowFox are that we will not recommend this company to anyone. We don’t like companies that make false claims and dubious guarantees. 

We checked the website on Scamadviser to find out that it’s reported as a suspicious site. One of the reasons for this verdict is that the website is too new to have so many reviews about it. 

We feel this confirms our belief that the reviews on the site and on Trustpilot and some other sites are fake and paid for by them.

If you want to get the best real followers and engagement on Instagram, we suggest that you run from FollowFox and check out the alternatives provided in this review.

As we usually do, we advise you to do your own research about any website that claims to delivery followers and engagement to your Instagram.

Any form of automation, and we believe that FollowFox uses low-quality automation, carries the risk of getting your account suspended or banned. 

We have seen horror stories about this issue, which is why we advise you to be smart and cautious when choosing how you engage on Instagram. 

Our final verdict is FollowFox is a scam!

Final Thoughts 

Due to recent circumstances and the upgrades in Instagram’s algorithm, many automation and bot services have fallen by the wayside and can no longer deliver any value to your account.

Bots, fake profiles and followers, and forms of automation are against the terms of service on Instagram and eventually will adversely affect your account. 

Even if you don’t get suspended or banned, you will lose followers and engagement, which will drag your content down in the rankings where it will barely be seen if it’s seen at all. 

Your Instagram reputation is at stake, and you deserve better methods of engagement to get exposure to your content. 

Go forth and engage well.

Top FollowFox Alternatives

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Thanks for reading.

- Jon

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