Follow Adder Review 2024 + 40% Discount Coupon!

Follow Adder Review + 40% Discount Coupon!

Now that Instagress has well and truly bitten the dust, it’s time to look for an alternative that’s going to do the job just as well.

It can be hard to know which one to go for, which is why it’s good to do your research.

Let’s review Follow Adder, a highly rated, legit Instagram bot that takes its Instagress legacy very seriously. Don’t forget to check out our coupon below for a special discount!

Follow Adder Review 2024

Follow Adder is a form of Instagram automaton that can carry out all your basic functions for Instagram, such as following and liking. This tool makes Instagram growth easy.

It also comes with some legit bonus features that make it stand out in the bot world – its sophisticated technology makes for a state of the art bot that is hard to beat right now. Use our coupon below to give it a try.

How Follow Adder Works

Let’s review one of the internet’s best Instagram bots and how it works to promote your Instagram account.

Essentially, this can be broken down into two main services – engagement and scraping. Sounds like a scam, but it’s not.

1. Interacting/Engagement

An aspect of Follow Adder that makes it so legit is its ability to do a lot of automated activity in a short space of time.

This means that you can upload a series of photos that you’ve got lined up to go on Instagram for the next month, and Follow Adder will publish them for you at a staggered rate, to make it look consistent and natural.

Because Follow Adder does all these actions with a computerized system, it enables you to engage with your existing and potential community on a much faster, bigger scale than if you were doing the work yourself.

This ultimately leads to your page growing at a more rapid rate – the more engagement you get on your page, the bigger you will grow.

2. Scraping

Scraping is just technical jargon for the gathering of data. This is Follow Adders other main ability – the service of scraping information about people you want to engage with potentially.

It then uses this data to help you decide how you want to go about targeting your niche audience. Because you’re able to see who is visiting your page and when they’re doing so, you’re able to choose what schedule to have your automated activity on.


When reviewing Follow Adder, what does it offer when it comes to features? Let’s check it out.

1. Lists


This is one of the best features that Follow Adder offers which falls right into its ability to scrape information. Once this information has been gathered, Follow Adder will organize it into lists.

An example of this is creating a list of photos that you would like to leave a comment on potentially. Follow Adder can schedule this activity to happen at a later date, so it doesn’t appear like a scam.

2. Pictures


As talked about previously, Follow Adder’s system means that you can upload a large number of photos that you want to be published all at once, which Follow Adder can then drip feed onto your page.

This is incredibly convenient and means you don’t have to spend time uploading each one separately.

3. Direct Messages

This is a favored, reviewed, feature of Follow Adder, which takes your automated activity one step further and allows you to interact with your followers on an extra personal level.

You can choose an automatic message that is sent to your followers at the same time every week, reminding them of what you offer or notifying them of an upcoming contest.

You also have the ability to message them when they first start to follow you so that they feel welcomed and appreciated for the follow.

4. Hashtag Targeting

Follow Adder will take the hashtags that you use in your bio and on your previous posts and use them to target people they think will be interested in checking out your account.

By doing this, Follow Adder can focus on the people it believes are highly likely to follow you when they check you out, instead of just looking at your page and moving on.

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Here’s my list of top tools to grow your Instagram account. Did Follow Adder make it?

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Follow Adder has a lot of advantages that make it one of the best Instagram bots reviewed on the market. Let’s check out its advantage and what makes it such a desirable bot:

1. Easy to Use

Follow Adder makes its dashboard easy to operate and user-friendly so that even if you’re entirely new to the Instagram bot world, it won’t take you too long to figure out how to work it and get onto promoting your page.

A lot of other bots make their interface quite complicated and hard to work out, which can be off-putting.

2. Bulk Uploads

One of the most considerable advantages to Follow Adder is its ability to allow you to upload a large number of photos at one time.

This saves you time in the long run and enables Follow Adder to work on your behalf a lot more efficiently.

3. Pricing

Follow Adder is exceptionally competitive on price in the bot world. Considering that it offers state of the art, sophisticated features that you aren’t likely to find with other bots, it’s incredibly affordable.

Whether you’re just starting out or an old hand at using an Instagram bot, Follow Adder will more than likely fit well within your budget for outsourcing your activity.

Follow Adder Price

This review indicates that Follow Adder is a considerably better choice than a lot of other options out there.

While some of them might be slightly more affordable or appear to offer different features, you will be hard-pressed to find something that is as inexpensive, efficient and user-friendly as Follow Adder.

It’s a great idea to do your research and make sure you know what you’re getting yourself into – that way you’ll be able to choose the bot that’s right for you.

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We love this one because it’s so safe and stops you from raising red flags as outlined in Instagrams terms of use.

Buying Likes and Followers Vs. Follow Adder

We wouldn’t suggest that anyone ever just buy their likes or followers unless they want a quick boost, e.g. they’re launching a new service or product and need some attention on it straight away.

However, if you’re an influencer or hope to be someday and your goal is to stand out on Instagram for the long haul, then we suggest that you build up your followers gradually and keep them engaged by producing high-quality content.

The best way to do this and the best alternative to buying your likes and followers is to use an Instagram bot.

Follow Adder allows you to safely automate your Instagram engagement because they use the same IP address that’s on your home account. This means that no red flags are going to be raised while you use it.

If you’re looking to grow your account with an Instagram growth service and want to stay out of Instagram’s way, we recommend checking out Follow Adder, and this review of them.

Dashboard and Login


The Follow Adder login is really easy to use. Once you have signed up with them and paid for a service, you’ll be able to register with their software and then add your own Instagram to the dashboard.

What we like about Follow Adder is that they allow you to add more than one Instagram account at a time, which is great if you’re managing multiple Instagram accounts.

They also have easy to understand instructions, as well as an FAQ section if you’re having issues with anything.

Once you’ve set up your account with them, it’s super simple and easy to navigate through their dashboard, so you don’t have to waste too much time learning how to use it.

Setting Up Your Account

We’re impressed with Follow Adder’s account settings tab through our review. This is the part of their service that lets you set and forget your Instagram engagement.

Another feature that we really like is the ability to put off uploading things. This is perhaps one of their most important features – you want your uploads to appear random and organic so that Instagram doesn’t think you’re doing too much automation.

You can also utilize a proxy so that your IP address is hidden. We only recommend this feature if you’re using Follow Adder’s dashboard for multiple different Instagram accounts.

If you’re working with more than one account on the same IP address, Instagram will automatically block them, so you’ve got to make sure you use a proxy provider to hide it.

Targeting with Follow Adder

Automated Instagram Software

Follow Adder allows you to target your audience in a number of different ways. You can use locations, usernames, and hashtags to do so, which means that the people visiting your page are most likely going to be interested in your content.

If you’re always switching your locations and hashtags up, then Instagram isn’t going to be able to keep up, and you’ll stay off their radar.

This is because Instagram will stop you from using the app if they think you’re implementing the same engagement again and again.

Follow Adder is more than aware of this, so it gives you a number of features that helps you appear random and not consistent. For example, you can use the hashtag search feature in the morning, and then the user search feature in the afternoon.

You can then try the comment search feature in the evening and then start again the next day using a different order. If you always like pictures using the same hashtags, then Instagram is going to start getting suspicious.

Features of Follow Adder

We love that the features on offer with Follow Adder are simple and straightforward. You can create a whitelist and a blacklist, control the speed of their automation, schedule your posts and much more.

Unlike a lot of other software options out there, Follow Adder isn’t going to put a limit on the speed at which you choose to use their service.

From their dashboard they let you control all of the activity you do through them, which means that the rest is up to you. It’s a great service if you’re someone who wants to stay in control of the activity on your Instagram account.

We recommend starting out slow with your engagement and then slowly increasing it over time. This is because you want to indicate to Instagram that you’re becoming more active over time.

If you start out too strong with the Follow Adder bot, then they’re going to suspect you and automatically block you.

Let’s take a look at a few of the Follow Adder features you can make the most of:

  • Messaging: Follow Adder’s dashboard lets you easily send direct messages to followers.
  • Scheduling: it’s really easy to schedule upcoming posts with Follow Adder, and you can also post content directly through them as well.
  • Unliking: if you want to go back and unlike a picture you liked, then you can do this through Follow Adder.
  • Liking: automatically like other people’s content.
  • Commenting: automatically comment on other content that you like.
  • Unfollowing/following: you can automatically set up your account to follow people you like and unfollow people you don’t like or who don’t follow you back.
  • Customization: you can easily customize any settings within the dashboard, so they’re catering to your needs.
  • Follow Back: this feature lets you automatically follow back anyone who has followed you.
  • Many Different Search Features: as we mentioned, there are many different ways you can search for people in your target audience, including locations, comments, usernames, hashtags, and likes.
  • While list: you can automatically add people that you don’t want to unfollow.
  • Blacklist: you can automatically add people that you don’t want to follow or engage with.
  • Time delays: you can set Follow Adder’s automated bot to random, so it doesn’t look like it’s being too spammy.
  • Account Analytics: if you’re managing multiple accounts, Follow Adder lets you see weekly reports of the progress.

Activity Log

As we mentioned above, Follow Adder has a feature called an activity log, which allows you to see what locations, usernames, and hashtags are working and what isn’t. You can use this to decide who you unlike and unfollow.


While the Follow Adder reports are basic, this also means that they’re super easy to make sense of. Follow Adder loads all your statistics onto a graph so that you can see all of your unfollows and follows.

Performance of Follow Adder

We used our test account to try out Follow Adder. We needed to make sure that we weren’t going to get any blocks or warnings from Instagram when we used their service.

So we decided to go with Follow Adder’s starter plan, and we must say that we were pretty pleased with the results.

In just seven days we were able to get 150 new followers – and remember, we were still getting to know exactly how their software worked.

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Most importantly we weren’t blocked or warned by Instagram for any of the automated engagement, which means we think that Follow Adder is a pretty safe option to help grow your Instagram.

Follow Adder Lists

Another feature that Follow Adder includes in its service is the ability to create lists.

This really helps you as an influencer or brand figure out exactly what your target niche is so that you can get busy targeting the exact right people for your content.

Creating a list through Follow Adder means that you can follow individuals that qualify for this list and message them directly, as well as create a list of pictures you would like to interact with in the future.

You can also create a list of comments that you want to use to interact with people’s content, as well as noting down those who you’d love to follow or unfollow in the future as well.

Once you’ve made that initial list, you can get busy using it to follow the right people, in the hopes that they will follow you back.


Follow Adder - Pricing Option

Follow Adder has a number of different pricing options. It all depends on how many accounts you want to manage through their dashboard.

The basic ‘starter’ plan is going to set you back $49 for six months, which comes out to just $8 a month – which we think is pretty reasonable. In other words, you pay one lump sum every six months.

They also offer a free trial for seven days so you can try them before you sign up for anything.

What Do We Like About Follow Adder

So, what do we like about Follow Adder? We like that they have a feature where you can unlike pictures that you have previously liked.

This is really helpful when you see that you’ve liked a picture you don’t want to be associated with.

This means that you can quickly like a picture in order to get the user’s attention, and then unlike it when they’ve followed you or interacted with your content.

We also love that you can schedule and delay your Instagram posts, and you can mix up the automatic feature so that Instagram doesn’t become suspicious of your activity.

Ultimately, we think that Follow Adder is simple and easy to use.

Follow Adder FAQ

Is it safe to use?

Yes – Follow Adder is safe to use. When we tested it ourselves, we didn’t receive any blocks or warnings from Instagram.

Are my login details safe with Follow Adder?

Definitely. Remember, if you’re feeling worried about them at any stage, you can always change your password.

Will they get me shadowbanned?

First of all – what’s shadowbanned? Shadowbanned is when your posts don’t get featured when people search the hashtags you’ve attached to them.

So, to answer the question, getting shadowbanned with Follow Adder is highly unlikely because they use a large variety of hashtags.

Will my account be banned or suspended?

There’s always a risk of your account being suspended or banned, whether you use a service or not.

However, you can significantly reduce the risk of being suspended or banned by Instagram by pacing yourself and starting out slow.
Slowly start to increase your Instagram activity as the weeks go by.

The majority of accounts that get banned do so because their owners spam other users with generic, repeat comments or messages that contain dodgy links.

Remember not to get too ambitious with the setting, and don’t spam other users.

Follow Adder Pros & Cons

  • Free trial
  • Affordable price points
  • Easy to use
  • Basic features
  • Can schedule posts
  • Includes an unliking feature
  • Makes the most of your IP address
  • You have to download the software
  • Can only use it with Instagram
  • Requires you to maintain it to a point

Reviewer’s Final Thoughts

At the end of the day, we think that Follow Adder is an incredibly simple and easy to use Instagram growth bot that helps you attract real likes and followers to your account and content.

It includes a number of different features that helps influencers gain a large following, as well as higher engagement rates. We also think that its unique ‘unlike’ feature helps it stand out from the crowd.

We also like their other features as well and believe that they’re the best way for you to grow your Instagram effectively.

One of the best parts of Follow Adder is that once you’ve learned how to use their dashboard, you can automate your engagement and schedule your posts so that you can ultimately focus on other important parts of your brand.

Recently, Instagram has been busy shutting down a lot of other growth services. However, Follow Adder has proven to be a staple of this industry and people continue to use it for their Instagram growth.

Because Instagram can’t know for sure if someone is using Follow Adder to help their account grow, they don’t have any grounds for shutting them down.

This makes us believe that they’re a safe company to work with who will be around for a while longer.

We also like that Follow Adder is staying off Instagram’s radar by not infringing any of their copyright laws. We think that all in all, they’re worth trying out for your Instagram growth.

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Through this, your savings will apply automatically. Good luck, and enjoy one of the best in the business!

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  1. I hope to hear if followadder is working? I paid for a followadder subscription a few days ago. But I’m becoming very doubtful the company is in operation apart from their money collecting scheme. It wont let me add a user to the program despite program showing that I have an active reg code which I was able to add to program (copied reg code at time of signup. No email received at all).

    I did email their support with no response. Also I do know how to use Followadder so it is unlikely an error on my part.

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    I am having a trouble adding my IG account on the program.
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    I tried to reach the helpdesk but it does not even allow me to log in, saying I am not authorised.
    Does this problem ever occur to you?

  3. I used Followader stater pack for 49dollars and it was awesome. On the expiration of my package, I subscribed for the Premium package of 75dollars and have not gotten my registration code after 3weeks of payment. Is there a way a can reach their customer service? I will really appreciate your help.

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    I am curious to know if this can generate issues to my IG account if someone else is running my IG account on their Follow adder software – their computer. and I now wish to subscribe and download the software?
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