Follow Adder Not Working? Here’s The Alternatives

Follow Adder Not Working? Here’s The Alternatives

2020 Update: Follow Adder is online and working. The outage was only temporary!

Follow Adder Not Working? Shutdown?

As of 24th May 2018, the Follow Adder website has gone down, and the Follow Adder software is not working.

However, this isn’t something to be too worried about – in fact, this kind of thing happens all the time with companies like this.

Sometimes, software servers go down for brief periods of mandatory, scheduled maintenance. Again, this isn’t anything new, so you might just want to wait for a little bit before trying them again.

It doesn’t mean that Follow Adder will never work again, and it doesn’t mean that they’re now not a good option for your Instagram growth.

Follow Adder can help you with every aspect of your Instagram growth and more. They can help you with other social media channels as well, consolidating your growth in one place.

There isn’t anything they can’t do for you, so make the most of this legit company.

Will It Come Back Online?

At this point, we don’t know. All we know is that Follow Adder is not working & hasn’t been working for a few days now.

UPDATE: it’s back online & working.

Follow Adder Support

We contacted Follow Adder support and they said it will be back online soon.

UPDATE: It is now back online.

Follow Adder Refund

The best way to get a refund from Follow Adder is to contact their support. Follow Adder has a good level of support, so you shouldn’t face any issues doing this.

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Do You Have Any Input?

Perhaps you’ve got some info? Please leave your comments below!

Top Follow Adder Alternatives & Replacements

Of course, if Follow Adder goes down again and you need an alternative to get you through until things are up and running once more, below we’ve got some legit companies that come highly recommended.

Let’s check out what these are:

1. Stellation Media

Stellation Media

Stellation Media is your one stop shop for all things to do with your Instagram growth.

One thing that stands out to us the most about them is that they keep up with the play in terms of Instagrams algorithm and features.

Their latest service is in line with one of Instagram’s, which is Instagram Stories. Their mass story engager can help you to connect with people in your target audience through their stories.

2. Nitreo


One of the things that we are pleased to see about Nitreo is that they show all the things that they aren’t as well as the things that they are.

This legit company knows all too well that this industry can be shady and full of scams, and they’re determined to not have anything to do with this side.

Nitreo promises completely organic Instagram growth, as well as real, active followers who will love your content.

3. Ingramer


If you’ve always wanted to find the one company in the Instagram growth industry that’s legit enough to offer a huge long list of features, then you’ve come to the right place with Ingramer.

Ingramer has been around for a while, and one of the things that they offer the most is diversity in their features.

They offer scheduling for your content that you’ve created, and they offer help with your hashtag strategy. They also offer help with welcoming new followers, too.

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4. Task Ant

How hard has it been for you to find the right hashtags for your niche? If this is the case, then don’t worry – you’re not alone.

Hashtags are hard to find, and it’s even harder to get the balance right with them. This is why you need Follow Adder alternatives that are legit like Task Ant.

These guys can help you with other aspects of your growth, but their main specialty is their hashtag generator.

5. Social Clout Club

Social Clout Club

If you’re trying to become an influencer, and rub shoulders with some of the best in the business, then you need to check out Social Clout Club.

This company can help you get your content in front of huge audiences that follow famous people. How?

They set up monthly promotions, and work with the famous to connect your profile to the campaign. People in their audience who want to win have to follow you.

Get it? This is a huge opportunity.

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9 thoughts on “Follow Adder Not Working? Here’s The Alternatives”

  1. Hi, here’s my feedback, Dec 2022: Followadder does not work for me. Program will not add a new user. After one week of trying to contact followadder support does not reply. I do believe their program doesn’t not work anymore and they still taking payments sadly.
    I do know how to use followadder so there isn’t any error on my part.
    If the program is still working for someone else I’d be keen to hear. But the fact that their support is silent for a paying customer, tells me that they probably scamming us now.

  2. JOHN… are you the followadder support person ????
    I have just downloaded the latest version. I paid for ONE account for the 6 months…
    NOW I am getting TOKEN ERROR ??
    I have lots of blogs and forums.. not only very confusing…. but didnt work.

    HOW can I get followadder to verify this TOKEN ???

    ANNNNDDD I have been trying to contact SUPPORT and even put a support ticket request in .. ove a week ago..

    NO response… I am now going to my bank to report FollowAdder for FRAUD….

    Can you help with the TOKEN part mate ???

  3. Hello,
    follow adder does not work for me, for several days .. either the update of subscribers and subscriptions is not done, or once everything has loaded, no activity takes place on the account (like, or follow , etc)

  4. It happened again right?

    I don’t have it since yesterday, it say ”internet connection is unavailable” while my internet is working.

  5. I have an active subscription of 3 accounts, but I need to buy a new one to manage more accounts, can I add the new subscription to my followadder and not loose the current one? and can I continue to add more with out losing the ones I have already?

  6. I wanted to write good riddance but then I saw the update that it’s now back online. Well, I still won’t be using this service anymore. I’m still waiting for my refund and I think I’ll probably have to go the Paypal dispute route because I haven’t heard from them ever since I contacted the support. Don’t know what alternative I’ll be using yet.


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