Flyme Social (for TikTok Review 2024) – Is it a Scam?

Flyme Social for TikTok Review

When working to grow your online presence through TikTok, it is imperative that you know as much about what tools you use as you do about TikTok. One way to learn about TikTok growth services is to read online reviews and/or user reviews.

Flyme Social Review 2024

Reviews that are legitimate reveal the facts about a company as well as provide you with vital red flags that signal a company is potentially less than reputable than the website might imply.

Since TikTok is only a couple of years old, you will not find a multitude of online tolls or services for growth. However, that will quickly change as several new TikTok tools are either added to current social media growth services or new TikTok follower apps are developed.

Flyme Social for TikTok is the focus of this review. The following will cover TikTok, what Flyme Social is, what this company offers, and whether or not it is safe for you to use for TikTok growth.

What is TikTok and who uses it?


The TikTok platform itself is used primarily for the creation and sharing of short videos, memes, challenges, and other content designed to engage its user base. The average active user base on TikTok is under 34 years old. If you are a marketer that is an important statistic for determining your target segment.

TikTok is consistently growing and evolving with the 35 and up crowd starting to get in on the fun. Who knows what will come of this social media app in the near future?

Regardless of your age or your market segment, it is important to have fans, likes, views, and other engagement on TikTok that you can share across other social media channels.

What is Flyme Social for TikTok?


Flyme Social is an online company where you buy TikTok fans and engagement. This company also services multiple social media platforms. The website says that buying TikTok fans maximizes your fans count, which turns you into a TikTok influencer.

The website is loaded with content related to what they do, the tools offered, perks for using these tools, and some FAQs for the curious mind. This company delivers likes, fans/followers, views, and shares for a price.

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What are the features of Flyme Social for TikTok?

The following addresses the claims made by the website regarding Flyme Social.

Getting Started

  • Like with similar companies, Flyme Social makes it easy to get started using this platform to grow TikTok accounts. You just pick your package, complete the payment process, and then your engagement is delivered quickly.


  • Real accounts – Fans offered are from authentic accounts
  • Reasonable prices – Packages range in number and price
  • Beat your Peers – Maximizes your likes and shares to give you the edge
  • No Data Breach – Secure and authentic service
  • Fetch Revenue – Fans that turn you into a popular influencer
  • Credible Service – Loyal fans



Each package offered on Flyme Social is personalized for engagement such as followers, likes, shares, and video views.

  • Followers/Fans: Range from $2.85 for 100 to $69.85 for 5,000
  • Likes: Range from $2.85 for 100 to $350.85 for 20,000
  • Views: $1.85 for 1,000 to $55.85 for 100,000
  • Shares: $2.00 for 100 to $109.00 for 7,500

These prices reflect average prices for the amounts of engagement and are competitive with other similar companies in the industry.

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Is Flyme Social for TikTok Safe? Is it a Scam?

Every company that was ever established has its pros and cons. Flyme Social is no different. Let’s discuss the pros and cons of this company.

Pros and Cons

  • The website is https secure and compliant
  • Pricing and what you get are visible
  • Contact support page
  • FAQ page
  • No refund policy under the guise of always delivering
  • We cannot determine if the one review currently on the site is real
  • Slight risk from the website reported from Scam Advisor
  • No off-site related reviews could be found
  • No offer of 24/7 support

The cons are the downsides of Flyme Social. While the website and its services are legitimate and safe, some of the on-site claims are questionable in our opinion.

Since there are very few off-site user reviews for Flyme Social regarding TikTok growth, the reviews we found based on the other social media platforms they cater to were mixed.

We will not claim that this website, or its services are unsafe. As is our common practice, we always advise that you do your due diligence and research on whatever TikTok growth tool you choose before investing your money in it.

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Reviewer’s Final Thoughts

Outsourcing this engagement has become the norm across social media networks, so it makes sense this would happen for TikTok as well. The objective is to determine what kind of outsourcing you will use and where you will buy it. It does matter.

Flyme Social does not always receive poor ratings or reviews, but they do have a few red flags that we consider to be important before using this company for TikTok growth. We cannot tell you what companies are going to work the best or your needs. That is a decision only you can make.

Even the fact that there are no current reviews related to TikTok growth related to this company gives us pause to reflect. In time, this could change. However, we are not prone to recommending website where you buy followers or engagement due to the risk (minimal or severe) to your account. It is something to think about before you choose your TikTok growth outsourcing solution.

The idea behind our reviews is to inform you so that you can make the best decisions according to your personal or business needs and objectives. Some businesses consider buying fans and engagement effective for fast growth, while others prefer to outsource in other ways.

If you are concerned about the safety and security of your TikTok account, but you do want to outsource your growth, there are alternatives to buying engagement that could be fake or questionable.

Have Your Say!

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Do you disagree with my review? Sometimes I do make mistakes. Comment below & let me know what’s factually incorrect and I’ll rectify it as soon as possible.

Thanks for reading.

- Jon

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