Flock Social Review: Is It a Scam?

Flock Social Review: Is it Safe or a Scam?

Flock Social Service Comparison

Flock SocialTop Alternative
Organic GrowthNoYes
Personal ManagerNoYes
Proxy SupportNoYes
Real FollowersYesYes
Real LikesYesYes
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Updates on Instagram Growth Services

Some new developments have come up since the initial writing of our review for Flock Social. While the general verdict in the final paragraph still stands, there are some things you should know about new updates in Instagram’s algorithms that are affecting how Instagram growth services are working.

Any service that uses bots, automation, and fake engagement on Instagram is specifically forbidden. Even though we all know people make use of these services on the platform, we also need to realize that it’s not allowed. Just because something is accepted by the general marketing community doesn’t mean it’s ethical for engagement.

The fact is Instagram has updated its algorithms, so now they are stricter than ever about suspicious activities. Therefore, any service that uses bots, automation for certain tasks, and fake engagement of any kind has either totally stopped working, or has stopped working as well.

Some of these services have even had to close their doors for these prohibited activities and/or for the legal issue of using one of the terms owned by Instagram via legal copyright. These terms include “insta”, “gram”, and “IG”.

These are the latest updates regarding some of these services that were previously working, but are now getting a substantial number of recently reported bad reviews. In our efforts to keep our readers informed, we are sharing this information.

This update may or may not affect Flock Social services. It’s important that you find out for yourself.

Let’s also find out what Flock Social has to offer.

Flock Social Review

If you’re looking to outsource some or most of your Instagram engagement and growth, you want to find a third-party company that offers safe, secure, effective, and affordable (good value, not cheap) services. These websites flood the internet, but not all of them are safe or effective to use.

This review is going to discuss Flock Social, which used to be Stim Social. Stim Social was not a safe service to use for various reasons.

Some of those reasons included the lack of transparency in pricing, lack of 24/7 support data, the support provided was known to be slow, lack of real onsite reviews, operated like a bot, its performance was considered unreliable, and the website was not honest or straightforward about the service. 

This information makes us cautiously curious about whether these issues have been resolved on the new website for Flock Social, or if it’s a revival of its former company with a new name.

We have to admit that the website itself is responsive and appealing, but we may find some red flags.

What is Flock Social?

Flock Social Features

Flock Social is considered a new Instagram growth and engagement service that is based in Serbia. It definitely looks impressive on the surface considering it’s only been around since late 2020 under its new name. 

The website is appealing and attractive, so it could draw in naive users. That would be unfortunate since several red flags popped up as we examined and researched this website.

Stim Social catered to Instagram and TikTok, but Flock Social is working on TikTok services, but it’s not available now. 

The website says that Flock Social works just like Stim Social and that all they have done is “trim down” the fat from Stim Social’s approach to create an incredible solution for their clients. 

We aren’t sure what that even means. Stim Social was already vague about how it worked, so is that the same thing for Flock Social? From what we can see on the website, the “how it works” is still vague in our opinion. 

What are Flock Social Features?

Flock Social Pricing

We can at least state that the website offers a visible pricing page, which is more than what its predecessor offered. There are two packages that come with similar features.

This is what we found on the site:

Instagram Rising Star: This one claims to be good for personal profile growth, delivers 600+ new followers per month, and costs $49 per month.

  • Activity scheduling
  • Location, hashtag, and competitor targeting
  • Advanced analytics and insights
  • Access to the system’s Instagram tools

Instagram as a Business: This package claims to grow your Instagram “like never before”. You get a personal account manager and a guarantee of a minimum of 1,000 real new followers per month for $99 per month.

  • Everything from the Instagram Rising Star package
  • Personal account manager
  • Growth optimization

Each package allows you to cancel the service anytime. So, if you’re unhappy with what you get, you can contact them and see how that works. 

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Is Flock Social Safe or a Scam?

We are simply going to say that at this time, Flock Social is not safe to use for Instagram growth and engagement. We would have to give it between a C and D grade. Why? 

The fact that they “guarantee” numbers makes us suspicious. It has been our experience that guarantees of growth and engagement when it comes to numbers falls short in the safety department. 

We think the basic follow and unfollow function works well but not for the guarantees claimed.

The website claims a 90% or above conversion rate. In other words, 90% of people will reciprocate engagement. This is not true. You might be lucky to get a 10% conversion rate, which is still high for this kind of service. 

A 90% reciprocal rate is not possible. If that conversion rate were true, it’s likely because some of the accounts following you back (reciprocating) are owned by Flock social and are not organic.

Another reason we find this service to be untrustworthy is the obvious bot use. There is not a sign of any kind of human interaction. This activity is safe to a certain point, but then, it’s risky and could get you shadowbanned.

A couple of other red flags we discovered include their track record of “5,000 managed accounts” and why the mention of not needing your password to your account is missing from the mix. 

We’ll address the 5,000 managed accounts by saying that’s an unrealistic number since they have only been around since late in 2020. As for the lack of mention regarding your account password, they could be getting your password information when you login for services. 

Trustpilot offers some interestingly favorable reviews but they all claim to have been using the site for longer than it’s been in service.

We think that’s a major red flag. We also think the people behind the reviews are not who or what they claim to be due to the language. Even the distribution of the reviews makes us suspicious of their authenticity. 

Even though we don’t view Flock Social as safe, we are not claiming it’s a scam either. We are just saying that by being less than straightforward with the services they offer, red flags go up for us.

FlockSocial User Reviews


Review Conclusion

All this information is designed to inform you, not to sway you in either direction. We believe the team behind Flock Social is dishonest, but we also think there is a pretty good chance that the services provided will work. 

There are too many people on the team for the service to be some sophisticated scam. While they may be trying to deceive you into trusting them, the quality of the service is likely ample enough. That is why we give it a C-D grade ranking. 

As always, the choice of how to grow your Instagram presence is ultimately up to you. We just recommend that you be watchful and do your research.

Top Flock Social Alternatives

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