7 Best Ways To Find Someone’s Email On LinkedIn

An experienced user can discover any contact information on the network or have email using LinkedIn in roughly 10 minutes. One issue remains that they really are aware of the appropriate tools and functioning techniques for the job. These methods allow you to quickly get the information you want and spend more time growing your company.

However, some people make their email address private to avoid the spammy marketing emails, so when the situation occurs, there are some linkedin email finder tools available in the market to do the task for you, we’ve mentioned some of the free and premium tools in this article too. 

Let’s dive in the methods.

1. Obtain The Email Using The LinkedIn Account

The easiest approach to get information through LinkedIn is simply connecting with someone. You may quickly search through his or her profile to obtain the information if they approve your request by becoming the first-degree contact. Typically, an email account is connected to the business where a person serves. It has a web domain that embodies the branding of the business.

  • In the user’s LinkedIn account, tap Contact Details.
  • You may find an email contact there when it is active.
  • A banner graphic as well as the profile description might reveal an email account. Check everywhere.

Despite how easy it is to use, there may be some difficulties if you implement the given instructions. In the case of LinkedIn, it’s not like every user includes their email account there. Also, it can be too lengthy to get this information.

2. Contact A LinkedIn User Privately

You may contact someone privately to request their email address. Ensure your account has a properly edited picture, a suitable headline, a synopsis, and your significant job and educational experiences to improve your likelihood of receiving a response.

Make every effort to pique the attention of the individual you are attempting to contact after your user profile is attractive. Give him/her additional information about your offerings and outline the advantages of working with you.

Additionally, you may look up their clubs and preferences on LinkedIn then tailor your message to them. Make absolutely sure your content seems professional and follows an email’s format.

People are hesitant to offer their contact details to complete strangers, which is the sole disadvantage of this strategy. So don’t have high expectations!

3. Use An Application For Email Extraction

You only need to access the person’s LinkedIn profile, install a Browser Plugin to your tab, then utilize the addon.

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Free Extension


This linkedin email finder provides accessibility to contact information, such as contact information and emails. Users acquire 5 credits as well as a 7-day lag-free testing period. They also have premium plans.


among the most effective methods for differentiating between personal and professional email accounts. Email addresses may be found in LinkedIn accounts or search terms. There’s a complimentary option accessible, but you must accept a credit cap of just 100 credits each month.

Lusha Extensions

When you use the site, it gathers email contacts and phone information from your LinkedIn accounts. The greatest hit and reliability rates are the extension’s claim to fame, so you may get a bunch of crucial information without launching many programs. This includes information on the work role, business income, number of employees, and much more.

Premium Plugin


With this tool you can also get the user’s email, but in the free version, you will only get unverified email addresses, which might be wrong. If you want to get verified and active email addresses, you need to get the paid version.

Voila Norbert

Whenever your customer is available, you can find their contact information. It just takes one button press to complete the procedure. Using sophisticated tracking capabilities, you can download any information, add it to the databases you create, and contact individuals directly through Norbert.


It’s a B2B service that enables users to instantly evaluate emails and determine if they’re prepared for copy or extract. In addition to the email account, you may find out the company name, region, job title, etc.


Gem looks up information across several email databases to ensure that you always get current information. With email search and confirmation, CSV loading and extract, and integration with your candidate monitoring system, the addon attracts users.

4. For Bulk Email Contact Exportation, Use The Google Extension

One must go further into the procedure if they want to grab an address from LinkedIn regarding lead creation and outreach. Fortunately, you may get information in large quantities.

Your search might be based on a job role, industry, firm size, or expertise. For this specific objective, LinkedIn has a dedicated search tool.

Identify persons whose emails may be retrieved automatically by using Skrapp (Google Chrome plugin). These contacts may be added in batches and saved on the panel. Additionally, you may input emails into the CRM as well as download emails in CSV format to view in Excel. There is a monthly limit of 150 addresses for the free edition.

5. Use The Sales Navigator On LinkedIn

It’s also a useful tool that pulls the business identity from a user’s profile, allowing you to utilize it to sign up for LinkedIn email.

Start your search. Make sure you’re using the right keywords to discover the right folks.

You’ll see the name of the individual and the business they are employed by.

Use the Google technique described below this section, or maybe a LinkedIn extracting tool, like Swordfish.

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Although this approach costs money to implement, it appears extremely nice. LinkedIn Sales Navigator costs $99.99 per month. There are, however, more costly plans.

6. Start Google Search

It’s nearly hard to find an user’s email account if you aren’t linked to them in any manner on LinkedIn. For this information, you may mix a few different methods, however.

  • In order to identify an appropriate website, enter the title of the organization into Google.
  • Then, you can locate the email account by using the person ‘s title and domain. Such a search would be [email protected]
  • You may also utilize the “site” lookup command. Using the following format: [email protected] site:website.com
  • Once you’ve obtained an email account, use the verifier to determine whether this is valid.
  • Apps specifically designed to recognize email accounts are available. For instance, if you type in a firm web address in Hunter, this will show you the best typical email pattern connected to that business. Additionally, it shows every contact it can locate. Hunter offers a free subscription with 50 confirmations and 25 queries per month.

Few individuals leave their contact details available for public viewing online, which is a weakness of this strategy.

7. Use The Functionality To Export Networks

If neither of the methods suggested above are successful for you, retrieve the information from your profile. The contacts’ email addresses are also included.

  • Choose Settings & Security by finding the Me symbol and clicking on this.
  • Just on navigation bar, choose Data privacy.
  • Pick How LinkedIn manages your data from the drop-down list.
  • Pick Get a backup of your information from the menu.
  • Pick Choose what you’re looking for from the dropdown bar. Choose the items you want.
  • Click the Get Archive button after selecting Connections.
  • A message with a downloadable link is sent to your inbox when you provide a password.

Comparing this procedure to utilizing a LinkedIn address finding tool, it takes a lot more time. Additionally, you may only see the data for your primary LinkedIn connections.

Additionally, using this strategy does not ensure that you receive each of your primary contacts’ emails. Another interesting thing about LinkedIn seems to be that users may decide if they want to keep their connections public.

Final Thoughts

You may use a variety of techniques, such as personally reviewing prospect accounts for confirmed contact details or making use of third-party services like browser extensions as well as B2B connection databases.

While some approaches are quicker than others, the most important step is to get a reliable email account that you may use for outreach.

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