Famups Review 2024 – Is It a Scam?

Famups Review – Is Famups a Scam?

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Famups Review 2024

Famups is the kind of social media growth company that can seemingly do it all – or can they? We beg to differ as we delve into what they really are in the review below.

The world of social media isn’t easy, especially if you are a bit late to the game. If you don’t have too much experience growing your social media accounts manually, then you might find it difficult to do it all by yourself.

There is nothing wrong with growing your accounts on your own, but if you want to do really well this year with them and turn your side gig into a profit, you need to start thinking about how you can outsource some of your engagement.

The trouble is, there are a lot of companies out there that only have their best interests at heart and not their clients. This means that they will most likely scam you.

I’m Jonathon Spire. I have been around the block enough times now and this industry to know that there are just as many legit companies out there as there are scam ones.

However, telling them apart is another story altogether. If you don’t think that you know enough about the industry to do this by yourself, check out the review below.

It has everything you need to know what a legit company looks like.

Let’s review Famups and determine whether they are worth your time or not.

Famups logo

Famups is a growth company that claimed that they could help to boost your social media networks with organic reach. They say that they only need a few minutes to establish your reputation in the market, and while this might sound promising, we think that they are a scam.

Famups for YouTube

Famups - Youtube

Famups Say that they can provide their clients with YouTube views, followers, and likes. They say that their YouTube views begin at $21 for 3000, and these can typically be delivered within three to seven days. They claimed that you don’t need to share your password to get them, and you don’t need to follow anyone else to get them either.

Lastly, they promised life support around the clock, which we don’t think is actually true.

Top YouTube Growth Tools

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1Media MisterVisit

Famups for Instagram

Famups Instagram

Famups can help you with your Instagram likes, views, followers, and comments. They say that 500 Instagram followers are going to cost you $7.00, and they can be delivered between one and three days, and you don’t need to give them your password to get them. Again, they say that you don’t need to follow anyone else to get this and that they offer live chat support.

Top Instagram Growth Tools

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Famups for Facebook

Famups for Facebook

Famups for Facebook can help you with Facebook likes, followers, and views. They say that you can get 500 Facebook page likes for $18.00, and they will be delivered within one to three days, and you don’t need to give them your password to receive your order. They promise the other features as well, including their live support.

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Famups for Twitter

Famups for Twitter

Famups for Twitter can help you with followers and retweets. Their Twitter followers begin at $18.00 for 500, and this can be delivered within one to five days without a password being required. Honestly, we think that their pricing is overrated and that it actually reflects low quality in their features. Always be on the lookout for companies who offer rates that just seem way too good to be true, because most of the time, they will be.

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Famups Pros & Cons


  • Secure HTTPS website
  • Caters to Multiple Social Networks
  • Visible Prices


  • Suspicious Website 
  • Negative Reviews
  • Fake Engagement
  • Possible Bots

Pros Explained

  • Having a secure website isn’t uncommon nowadays and is expected by most people. The benefits are mutual for both sides, the site and the site visitor. Your information is safe while on the site, and they get a higher ranking on Google Search for using it.
  • Having access to a service that can become a one-stop service across your social profiles is handy when it’s reliable and reputable. While we aren’t convinced that Famups is a good service, they do cater to multiple social media networks.
  • Another good thing is that this website shows how much services will cost for whatever kind of services you want.

Cons Explained

  • While we don’t use Scamadviser as our main source for determining the validity of a service like Famups, when it deems a site as suspicious, we take notice. There are valid reasons for this report, so we cannot ignore it, and neither should you.
  • Negative reviews on third-party user review sites like Trustpilot give us reason to pause when evaluating and reviewing these services. This service has a rating of 2.9 out of 5 starts, which means it has substantially more bad reviews than good or average.
  • Even though fake engagement cannot always be definitively confirmed, when your negative reviews are high and users call you out on fake engagement and drop off followers after a day or two, that’s confirmation enough for us.
  • The very potential of bot usage turns us off of services that claim to provide good services for clients. While bots are common and accepted by some people in the general marketing community, this method of engagement is clearly against the terms of service for using Instagram. 

Extra Pros & Cons

  • The About Us page looks more like a poorly designed FAQ page, so while they provide some information about the company and their ideology, nothing can be confirmed. 
  • There is also a lack of information about their payment processing system, so we cannot verify that it’s safe and secure. 
  • Overall, other than negative reviews and some vague website content, we found very little information about Famups.

How Did Famups Do in Tests?

Just like any other company that we review, we put Famups to the test. We bought 500 followers for our Instagram profile and then sat back and waited for them to be delivered. We did think that they came pretty quickly, so we didn’t have to wait around too long for them, but it soon became evident why it was so easy for them to send them over.

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They were very low-quality Instagram followers, they didn’t interact with our content at all, and after just a couple of days, they started to drop off again. this means that they have a really low retention rate, and they are most likely fake.

What About Their Team?

Companies that have a good reputation amongst their existing clients will make sure to match their level of accountability with a bit of background information about the people that work for them. This is a good way to make a good impression from the beginning with potential clients and ensure that you are seen as upfront and trustworthy.

We are sad to say that we couldn’t find any background information about the team behind the features on Famups’ website, which means that we have to assume there really isn’t one.

A little update on the customer support information: The About Us page claims that this company provides professional support and will address any questions, problems, or concerns you have. However, the current reviews suggest that this isn’t accurate.

Famups User Reviews

Famups Trustpilot

Review Conclusion

So, what do we think of a company like Famups at the end of the day? We think that while they might claim to be aboveboard and trustworthy, at the end of the day, they are the kind of company that is just trying to make a quick profit with a low-quality engagement that isn’t going to help advance your social media networks online.

It would be nice if this weren’t the case, but when we reviewed them, their intentions became very clear. If you choose to go with a company like this, you can expect low-quality engagement that is going to make your social networks look bad to existing followers.

Look elsewhere for your online growth so that you can take care of your existing reputation.

Important Update Regarding Instagram Engagement

While this information is focused on Instagram engagement, it also applies to Facebook and other social sites in general. 

Bots, automation, and fake profiles, followers, and engagement have long been prohibited by Instagram. However, since their most recent algorithms updates, they are now even more ineffective than ever.

Some of the previously popular automation services are now receiving bad reviews over issues from using their offerings. The complaints range from getting nothing from the service to spammy and faulty engagement that they cannot control. 

We suspect that Famups is using at least fake engagement and potentially Instagram bots to engage on the IG platform. We cannot claim that this service ever worked, but we can claim that it doesn’t now. 

Furthermore, we suggest that you check out our alternatives and avoid the issues of fake engagement.

Top Famups Alternatives

RankGrowth ServiceMore Info

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Do you disagree with my review? Sometimes I do make mistakes. Comment below & let me know what’s factually incorrect and I’ll rectify it as soon as possible.

Thanks for reading.

- Jon

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My diverse background started with my computer science degree, and later progressed to building laptops and accessories. And now, for the last 7 years, I have been a social media marketing specialist and business growth consultant.

2 thoughts on “Famups Review 2024 – Is It a Scam?”

  1. Note to everyone…
    Famups are are scam.
    Don’t buy likes from them… they don’t deliver.
    They are liars and have no integrity.
    They will reep what they sow!

  2. Jonathon I just wanted to ask you what is the best rated company to legitimately buy YouTube subscribers and other perks from. I mean the ones who actually deliver the goods. You seem very knowledgeable in all this but so far I have ran at least 5 or 6 Companys through your review of such company’s and can’t find 1 yet to trust. Do you have a number 1-5to pick from that is legit. This would be for YouTube only. Thanks Jonathon


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