Expandi Review – Is It a Scam?

Expandi Review – Is Expandi a Scam?

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Expandi Review

Networking has long been the best way to find and get jobs no matter where you live. Today, LinkedIn is the social media giant of professional and business social media networking for companies, freelancers, and job seekers. 

Since its introduction, LinkedIn has evolved and grown into a networking platform for all things jobs, recruitment, and B2B sales marketing opportunities. This social media outlet is loaded with traffic seeking to enhance the appeal of their profile.

Another way that LinkedIn has evolved is within the lead generation realm. Businesses are always looking for ways to increase their leads through the LinkedIn platform. Sometimes, this means they use outside, third-party services to manage their growth and engagement.

This can mean hiring a digital marketing or social media marketing agency, paying for online automated services or scheduling, or other forms of outsourcing used by businesses and other LinkedIn users.

Getting involved with some of these options can do more harm than good to your LinkedIn account, which is why you should take precautions before choosing how you outsource your tasks on LinkedIn.

Expandi happens to be an automation provider exclusive, to LinkedIn. This Expandi review will discuss what you need to know about Expandi to find out if this is how you want to manage your LinkedIn account.

Expandi believes that their client’s LinkedIn profiles are more important than ever and claim to have features that reflect this. We are not so sure, as we outline in the review below.

When it comes to being on LinkedIn, you have your work cut out for you. If you managed to get in and create a profile a few years ago before everything was crazy, then you might just have been able to do well for yourself.

LinkedIn, like all other social media platforms, is highly competitive, time-consuming, and has an algorithm to contend with for your engagement and marketing efforts.

However, if you have only been on the popular professional social network for a little while now, then you will know how heated the competition can get. It feels like everybody out there is trying to achieve the same things as you are, and to be honest, this isn’t far from the truth.

While LinkedIn comes with many challenges, each of them can be overcome.

If you have done everything by yourself so far, and you think it’s all a bit much, then you might want to consider outsourcing your LinkedIn engagement to a trustworthy company. Trustworthy being the operative word.

I’m Jonathon Spire. There is a lot more to discover about an industry like this than you might think, and one factor is that there are a lot of companies out there that aren’t legit.

It is sad but true; there are companies out there that are just trying to take advantage of their clients.

Whether this is in the form of charging too much for their features or stealing their personal information, if you just go for the first company that comes along, you do risk getting in trouble with LinkedIn for using them.

Let’s review a company that is in the LinkedIn growth industry and decide whether we think they are a good choice for you or not.

Expandi logo

Expandi says that they want to help their clients choose their LinkedIn automation tool wisely and think that they are a safe, effective option.

The issue that we have with them is that they are an automation tool, which means that they are more than likely just another LinkedIn.

Issues With LinkedIn Automation

Before we continue with this review of Expandi, you need to know some things about LinkedIn automation. If you have ever read other reviews about any kind of social media automation, you know that it can be a bit tricky.

Using LinkedIn automation services is as tricky as or trickier than other social media outlets. This is primarily because its algorithm is built to detect suspicious activities that have the potential to affect their professional platform. This is in place to protect LinkedIn’s user accounts. 

Recently, bots and automation have stopped working on social media, including LinkedIn. Some of these services fail to keep up with the algorithm updates and changes, so it causes issues on users’ accounts. 

Some have even been shut down recently for violating the rules, and they are also getting more negative reviews than when they worked.

Let’s not forget that automation is an activity that is against LinkedIn’s terms of use. 

That’s because this is a business and professional networking platform with some paying clients, and they want to be protected from spam and suspicious interactions. 

Remember that LinkedIn’s detection algorithm is much smarter and stronger than other social media platforms. They are strict about their business.

These are things every LinkedIn user needs to know, but especially those who plan to use services like Expandi to manage their accounts.

What is Expandi?

Expandi says that they are not just a piece of software. They are a reliable LinkedIn growth partner. They say that if you sign up for their services you will be in good company and they also claim to be able to show on their website a few brands that are already working with them, although we couldn’t see these.

They say that LinkedIn is so much more than just a game of numbers, and they say that they think their clients need to find a new way to do things. 

They are correct about LinkedIn being more than a numbers game, since not all followers will engage with you. If you get fake followers or inactive followers, the numbers don’t help you. 

Followers and engagement on content are the key components to growing and maintaining your LinkedIn presence. 

What are Expandi’s Features?

Expandi Features

Expandi Says that each and every one of their clients gets a dedicated country based IP address so that you can keep everything anonymous.

They also say that they will delay the time between actions, and everything is done through the cloud so that you don’t have to download anything onto your desktop.

They also offer smart limits, which they claim helps reduce the risk of you getting in trouble with LinkedIn for using them. If only it were this easy to stay out of trouble when using a third party like this.

It’s true that a cloud-based program poses less of a threat to your reputation on LinkedIn than a downloaded program. That doesn’t mean that there is no risk, just a little less risk.

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What is Expandi’s Pricing?

Expandi Says that because they care about their clients, they have only offered one plan. We don’t really understand this approach because we think that the more price points they offer, the more they care about their clients, so it is a little bit counter intuitive.

Their one price point is going to cost you $99 a month, and this offers unlimited campaigns, reply detection, resume sequence, tracking campaigns, an analytics dashboard, military-grade support, and replied templates, among many other features.

The pricing page is easy to find and gives you plenty of information about what you get for the price. Also, the service appears to be feature-rich, if it indeed works.

You might be excited to see just how many features they offer, but again, if they are being done by a bot, it is not worth your time.

One of our concerns about Expandi is that because it’s an automation service, it’s essentially a matter of time before it’s discovered. Eventually, it will get accounts that use it suspended or banned.

What are Expandi’s Features?

Some of Expandi’s features include:

  • Live onboarding
  • Auto warm up your profile
  • Build multistep campaigns
  • Personalize your messages with images
  • In-app chat and smart inbox
  • 2-way integration with all CRM programs
  • Designed with people who manage multiple LinkedIn accounts in mind
  • Insights and campaign metrics

How Did Expandi Do in Tests?

We decided to put Expandi to the test to make sure that they are the right company for you to be using for your LinkedIn connections. Of course, we had to sign up for their one price point, and honestly, it took a little time for things to get going.

When they did, the automation was alright, but we knew straight away that it was going to potentially put our account at risk of being suspended or banned. We also noticed that quite a bit of the engagement fell off again after just a couple of days, meaning that it has a low retention rate.

What About Their Team?

Companies like this that are supposed to care about their clients should be able to talk about their team on their website.

This is not only a great way to get to know a company before you can match, but it is also a great opportunity for them to be upfront and honest about everything they do, including behind the scenes stuff.

Expandi is keeping all of this close to the chest, and we couldn’t find any real information on their website about a supposed team.

Review Conclusion

Expandi is one of those companies that you could be convinced of – if LinkedIn was okay with the idea. The trouble with companies like this is that they aren’t in line with LinkedIn’s terms and conditions.

If they were, we would feel pretty differently about them, but at the end of the day, they are in direct violation of LinkedIn’s guidelines around using a third party, which is why we can’t condone that you use them.

If they did fall within LinkedIn’s guidelines, then they could potentially be a helpful tool for your connections, but considering that you’ve worked so hard for your reputation on LinkedIn so far, we just don’t think that it is a good idea.

The good news is that there are other companies out there that respect LinkedIn’s guidelines so that you can use them for your growth without any guilt or worrying about being suspended.

You have just got too much to lose right now to risk being with a company like this.

Review Verdict

One of our concerns about Expandi is that because it’s an automation service, it’s essentially a matter of time before it’s discovered. Eventually, it will get accounts that use it suspended or banned.

Overall, automation services for LinkedIn hold little to no value due to the potential risks. LinkedIn is serious about its terms of service and use, therefore you should be too.

You need real engagement and real people to encourage growth and to enhance your LinkedIn presence. 

We don’t recommend Expandi, though it may not be the worst, it’s also not the best. We have alternatives that are safe to use and that help you better grow and engage on this professional platform. 

Furthermore, we can only give you the information we gather to help you be an informed consumer. We cannot and do not tell you how you should engage on LinkedIn or any other social media outlet. 

Please do your own research and protect your LinkedIn account above all else.

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Thanks for reading.

- Jon

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