Essential Gadgets For Remote Workers

The recent pandemic brought many changes in our lives, and one of the most prominent ones is an increased shift toward remote work.

Even though the initial switch was forced and rushed, company owners soon realized remote work environments have numerous advantages that can help their businesses thrive.

For instance, many employees reported increased productivity and better work-life balance as their primary reason for choosing remote work.

At the same time, employers highlighted cost savings and improved employee satisfaction as their primary motives for keeping the remote work arrangement.

If you’re interested in replacing your traditional office with a remote location of your choice, you’ll have to ensure you have the right work conditions and tools to support this shift.

Let’s start with gadgets you’ll most likely need in your new environment. Here is the list of tech essentials every remote worker needs.

Tech Gadget Case

If you often change your work location, consider investing in a sturdy gadget case to keep your devices and cord organized and neat.

Travel gadget cases vary in size, materials, and prices, so find some time to research the net and choose the one that suits your needs.

For instance, if you usually bring several pieces of tech with you, and each tech gadget has its cord, choose a case with several compartments to prevent tangling and an overall mess.

However, a bulky and overstuffed tech pouch can be a hassle during traveling, so make sure you choose the compact and practical one.

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Also, if you know there is a chance your tech essentials could get wet, find a waterproof case that will keep your tech safe. 

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Noise-canceling Headphones

Whether you’re working from home surrounded by other household members or you prefer working from a local cafe, you can’t control the level of noise around you.

We suggest investing in high-quality noise-canceling headphones that can help you turn off distracting surrounding noises and keep you focused on your tasks.

If you’re a music lover, these may be just the suitable gadget for you because the noise-canceling feature will allow you to listen to the music on a lower volume. At the same time, the sound quality and clarity remain flawless. 

Lap Desk

Working from home has many perks—including the fact that you can work from your bed. However, even though it’s cozy, slouching over your computer may not be the healthiest idea.

If you plan to frequently work from your bed or couch, look up lap desk solutions that will keep you organized and reduce the strain on your back and neck.

Many lap desks have cushions to rest your wrist, built-in mouse pads, and phone holders. Those who want a premium experience can choose a lap desk with drawers, adjustable tilting top, or built-in fans. 

External Hard Drive

Even though more businesses are switching to cloud storage options, there are still situations when you have to save your files locally. If your business requires you to use local storage, buying an external hard drive may be a good idea.

They are portable, super convenient, and easy to use. If you’re looking for one, choose based on your storage capacity needs and transfer speed.

Also, an external drive can be a lifesaver if you change your working device. You can simply store any essential documents on the drive and access them from different devices whenever necessary.  

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Blue Light Blocking Glasses

Spending 8+ hours in front of the screen can significantly affect your vision. Electronic devices you use every day emit blue light that can increase eye strain, cause vision issues and disrupt your natural sleep pattern.

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Luckily, there are countless blue light-blocking solutions you can choose from to protect your eyes from harmful blue light exposure. For instance, researchers from Columbia University found out that people who wear amber-tinted glasses to block blue light get around 30 minutes of extra sleep.

However, if you already wear prescription glasses, make sure you’re adding a blue light-blocking filter to protect your eyesight more effectively. 


After recognizing the benefits of the remote workforce, more businesses are offering their employees hybrid and remote working options.

However, this model has a few downsides, the most prominent being the lack of direct IT support people usually rely on in an office environment.

This can lead to an increased risk of data breaches and similar cybersecurity-related issues.

Therefore, if you’re considering switching to remote work, ensure you have adequate security tools and features and find a reliable communication channel to stay in touch with your IT team. 

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