ektor.io Review – Is ektor.io a Scam?

Instagram is one of those platforms where you need more followers in order to get more followers, but it is easy to fall into the trap of filling your account with followers you have purchased.

Instead of buying followers, why not employ an Instagram bot that will not only give you the followers you want but also match the target market you are trying to attract.

ektor.io Service Comparison

ektor.ioTop Alternative
Organic GrowthNoYes
Personal ManagerNoYes
Proxy SupportYesYes
Real FollowersYesYes
Real LikesYesYes
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ektor.io Review

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ektor.io is one of the last remaining, stable automation tools available for Instagram.

It allows you to run an automation tool that will grow your Instagram account safely and securely from the comfort of your desktop or laptop.

How Does ektor.io Work?

Ektor.io - Features

ektor.io utilises multiple data points in order to engage with your target audience.

Unlike other growth services, it utilises 3 strategies in order for you to maximise your account growth. Simply configure the tool to reflect your target market and growth strategy and sit back and watch it work.

Does ektor.io Grow Your Account?

Ektor.io Account

In short, yes. ektor.io is a stable and safe way to ensure that your follower number increases.

What you do need to bear in mind though is that the tool is only ever as good as the information you provide it with.

If you are unsure of what audience you are trying to attract to your feed or what locations you are trying to directly market to, you need to assess your goals prior to use.

ektor.io stops the need for you to have mass marketing strategies and really enables you to directly market yourself and your product, so by evaluating your target market prior to configuration, you are making sure that you get the most out of it.

By outsourcing actions to ektor.io, you will see your account grow with followers that actually represent your target market.

ektor.io is a lot more efficient than you will ever be at finding these users, so you can be sure that the growth you are seeing is from genuine users that are interested in your content.

Is ektor.io Secure?

Ektor.io Safest Solution

Over the last year, there have been a lot of automation tools that have fallen at the hands of Instagram and its changing terms of service and app updates.

ektor.io is one of the last secure platforms that you can use safely in order to grow.

Unlike other growth services, it not only mimics the latest updates from Instagram, but it continues to fly under the radar of their algorithms.

When you configure the tool, you will need to ensure that you stay within the allocated amount of actions per day, so that you don’t flag any algorithms, but as long as you limit your activity through ektor.io you will be fine.

There is also a verification process to allow you entrance into the software, this ensures your account security and makes sure that it cannot be hacked. Keeping your personal information and account safe is one of their top priorities.

ektor.io User Reviews

ektor.io has a mix of user reviews on sites like Trustpilot, some good and some bad.

Some users have problems configuring the software.

ektor.io trustpilot reviews

When first I started using this IG bot, I was a little hesitate. But after a while, I found out that it has a great effect on my Instagram marketing. First of all, the price was really low and It didn’t get me banned from Instagram. I gained a lot of followers in one month and they are all real people. So happy with the result so thanks a lot

This Instagram bot is currently the best Instagram bot.
at first I wasn’t that much satisfied with it, but after the first week I changed my mind. It brought me a lot of new followers with great engagements!

Downloaded the software with no problems but have been having some trouble signing in. I have send about 5 emails to ektor’s email address and also through the chatbot on their website and still nothing for almost 4 days now. I really wanted to get started because it sounded so promising. Hopefully someone will get back to me soon and can get it up and running.

I haven’t gotten a chance to use, I bought the pro for 3 accounts. All three zipped folders gave me an error code when trying to download and now I’m out 3 tries, and 124.00 (there is a promo code 50% off for pro google it) but I recommend if you have this app already contact your bank and dispute. Ektor’s term and conditions states “[they] will not be hold accountable for any damages that will arise with the use or INABILITY to use the materials on ektor.io’s Website”. But if you never got the product this isn’t valid. I think it would be a great tool, but then again I wouldn’t know. I didn’t get a chance to use. I have emailed them and its only been– as of now 10 hours Since purchase. In the morning I’m calling the bank. I read all of these reviews just like you probably are right now and decided to take the chance dispite multiple bad reviews with in the last few days…I’m here to act as a final stone. Steer clear of this application if you have a Mac. I think anyone interested in this app should wait a few updates and check back into this review panel . The comments I’ve been seeing and in a short time my own experience should help you in your decision. For this who feel ripped do not hesitate to call your bank. I hope Ektor replies sooner than later and this can be avoided for me as well as many others. I will update if anything Changes. Guys go get your money back. Dont pay with cash app they won’t help you. Real bank cards only.

Review Conclusion

ektor.io is one of the last remaining automation tools that will successfully grow your Instagram account.

It has survived this long due to its superior technology and ability to advance and learn, even in the face of changing terms and usage conditions.

ektor.io will streamline all the actions required to help grow your account with real users who are interested in your content.

Before you deploy etkor.io make sure you have fully understood who you are attempting to target as the tool will only ever be as strong as the data that you have given it.

Once you have done this, sit back and watch your account grow.

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My diverse background started with my computer science degree, and later progressed to building laptops and accessories. And now, for the last 7 years, I have been a social media marketing specialist and business growth consultant.

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