5 Easy Tactics To Boost Employee Productivity And Morale

Your focus should be on your employee’s health and welfare in the business world. They’re the ones who keep your operation ticking over.

This means if they’re not happy within their role and dread the thought of coming to work, this can lead to a loss in productivity and low morale. 

A happy workforce is a hardworking workforce. If your employees enjoy their job, they’re more likely to go the extra mile which can keep your business thriving.

Here are some easy tactics you can implement into the workplace design today that are sure to increase employee productivity and morale.

Buy the Right Office Equipment

When employees rock in for their shift, they need to be comfortable in their setting. This means it may be time to look at purchasing new office equipment and furniture.

A rusty old seat isn’t going to be very supportive, and you could find your employees experiencing back pain. This can lower productivity and make it hard for your team to focus. 

All of this revolves around ergonomics, which is a science concerned with the fit between employees and their work.

Branch Furniture has this guide to ergonomics, which explains the importance of having suitable equipment, furniture, and environment to fit each worker.

They sell ergonomic chairs that promote good posture, which is necessary for boosting employee comfort and morale.

Hold Regular Meetings

As the head of the business, it can be easy to get lost in your workload and forget about your employee’s health and wellbeing.

If you’ve noticed profits are sliding and you have any concerns, it’s time to incorporate regular meetings into your schedule.

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We don’t mean one meeting a month either. You need to be interacting with your team ideally on a daily basis. 


Regular meetings are a great chance to check in with your team, see how they’re doing and identify strengths and weaknesses. If there are any issues, they can be addressed in the meeting.

Ultimately, you’ll want everyone to leave the conversation feeling positive, inspired, and ready to get stuck back into their work.

Reward Your Employees

Employees deserve respect and recognition for their relentless efforts. If they’ve gone the extra mile on a project or task, it’s your duty to acknowledge this and reward them for their contributions.

Showing you value and appreciate your team is a fantastic way to boost productivity in the workplace. When employees feel respected, they’re more likely to stick to their job, which will reduce staff turnover.

There are lots of ways to reward employees without breaking the bank too. This may include handing over a voucher, giving them a day off to say thank you, or taking them out for a nice lunch.

Rewarding your team will help them know where they stand within the business and keep aiming for success.

Implement Training

You cannot underestimate the importance of regular training in the workplace.

Whether it revolves around health and safety, hiring new employees, or keeping everyone up to date with the latest tools and software in the office, make sure training is at the top of the list.

Training programs allow employees to build their skillsets which will benefit your company enormously. 


Make sure there is opportunity for progression within the company too. If there is no chance to climb up the ladder and enter managerial roles, your employees may feel stuck in a rut and go elsewhere.

Whether you incorporate training in-house or go to a specialist center, training is a key component of any successful business.

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Just like with meetings, make sure there are always training programs running for the team.

Ask for Feedback

While it can be hard to do so, asking for feedback from your team is important for company growth. If an employee isn’t happy in their role, they may feel nervous and hesitant to let their feelings known.

Unfortunately, this can chip away at them over time and cause a severe decline in productivity. Any business owner should understand that there is always room for improvement in how they do things.

We’re not saying you have to conduct a face-to-face meeting to gain feedback. Some employees will prefer it to be confidential.

Therefore, placing a box at the reception and encouraging your team to write any concerns or worries they have is best.

You need to know how to handle constructive criticism and not to take anything too personal.

When you gather feedback, you can look through what your staff have said and make changes if there’s a common theme amongst employees.

If there is one thing business owners need to invest in, it’s their employee’s health and happiness.

To maintain a productive workforce, there are lots of simple and effective tactics you can try out that will elevate how you do business.

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