Digital Prosperity Movement Review 2024: Is It a Scam?

Digital Prosperity Movement Review - Is It a Scam?

Are you one of the millions of people across the world who is looking for a business opportunity that will give you more personal freedom?

Do you want to be your own boss? If you answered yes to these questions, you’re not alone. The Digital Prosperity Movement. DPM,  claims to provide you with such an opportunity.

Millions of people are searching Google and other search engines to find business opportunities.

The Digital Prosperity Movements seems to be one of those opportunities. The next few paragraphs will discuss this company and whether it’s legit, or a scam.

The following sections will address what DPM is, if it’s MLM or a pyramid scheme, and if it’s legit or a scam.

Digital Prosperity Movement Review 2024

Digital Prosperity Movement

The DPM launched on March 20, 2020 and was founded by James Francis, who is still the CEO.

It’s commonly referred to as just Digital Prosperity. The mission statement claims to mentor customers to succeed.

What is DPM? This is an MLM company that provides an array of educational and training tools and resources designed to teach you how to use sales funnels and paid traffic.

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When you join DPM, you’re paying for the privilege of the business training, but what are they hiding?

What’s in The Training?

Here is a brief breakdown of the training:

  • Digital Marketing & Sales Funnels Training
  • Automated Online Sales 
  • Global Facebook Community
  • Weekly Live Training
  • 30-Minute One-On-One Coaching
  • One-On-One Mentoring

Dpm Offers Two Services, Which Include:

  1. Done for You setting up of your site and sales funnel
  2. Ultimately Done for You sets up your entire online business

These services are the vehicles that drive you to sell Enagic products. Let’s dig deeper in the following sections.

Is the Digital Prosperity Movement a Pyramid Scheme?

Digital Prosperity Movement

In the simplest terms, a pyramid scheme is a phony structure for making money that is mostly based on recruiting ‘investors’ into a system.

It’s referred to as a pyramid because of how the investor numbers increase at each level.

Pyramid schemes are illegal because they are unstable and unsustainable business models where ‘investors’ make money from the investors they recruit or the membership fees and not from any gains from investing.

What’s happening is that you are not selling anything real or tangible. They often promise to help you get rich quickly.

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You will recognize this kind of ‘business opportunity’ by checking out the following:

  • Is the company selling something real? Legitimate MLM companies are selling something tangible, pyramid schemes are not.
  • Is it making the promise of getting rich quick? If a company is offering you a get-rich-quick promise of overnight success or guarantees, it’s a pyramid scheme scam.
  • Can the company verify it’s generating retail income? If a company can’t show you its financials, it’s likely that it’s selling memberships into nothing and no tangible product.
  • Does the commission structure and process seem complicated or odd? Pyramid schemes notoriously offer complex information about their structure and process of making money. Legitimate MLM companies offer easy-to-understand structures about their commissions.
  • Is the company pushing recruiting? Here’s where things really get challenging. While legitimate MLM companies sometimes provide incentives for recruiting efforts,  they don’t force you to recruit. Also, even if you never get one recruit, you will still get your commissions. Pyramid schemes don’t pay out unless you get recruits.
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Now that you know that, we can tell you that the Digital Prosperity Movement cannot be classified as a pyramid scheme. 

Why? Because behind the mask, it’s selling Enagic water filters and turmeric supplements.

Granted, Enagic products are outrageously priced, but DPM is selling a real product through the Enagic company. 

Is the Digital Prosperity Movement an MLM?

Digital Prosperity Movement

Before we can verify that DPM is an MLM, we need to define MLM. MLM stands for Multi-Level Marketing. 

Multilevel marketing is a business model where groups of hierarchical sales teams directly sell products to consumers, while also encouraging them to join as a sales representative.

You may also read or hear it called network marketing or referral marketing.

Based on this definition, we can confirm that Digital Prosperity Movement is an MLM company. This is because they are promoting and selling physical products from the Enagic company. 

You can either become a member or an affiliate of DPM to sell Enagic water systems and turmeric supplements. Keep in mind that Enagic is also an MLM company.

Before we discuss the legitimacy of the Digital Prosperity Movement, we feel we should be upfront about Enagic to provide you with a full idea of what’s happening with these companies. 

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Enagic Product Line:

Water Filtration and Ionizers Plus Cost

  • Anespa DX Cost: $2890
  • LeveLuk JRIC Cost: $2980
  • LeveLuk SD501 Cost: $3980
  • LeveLuk SD501 Cost: Platinum $4280
  • LeveLuk K8 for Cost: $4980
  • LeveLuk SD501 Cost: $4980
  • LeveLuk Super 501 Cost:  $5980

Turmeric Supplements

  • UKON Supplements DD Cost: $760
  • UKON Soap DD Cost: $760
  • UKON Tea Cost: $760
  • UKON Sigma Combo Cost:  $1980

Enagic’s water filtration systems have long been a main product line, while turmeric supplements are a newer addition. 

If you have ever shopped for water filtration systems, you will know these come with an excessive price tag. One of the ways they lure new members in is with the meager discount offered for the products. 

To become a member of the Digital Prosperity Movement, you must buy their required products. This is another aspect of the MLM business model.

Since they aren’t transparent about the structure, we are guessing that what level member you are is based on what you spend. However, there is likely a minimum spend.

For DPM affiliate marketers, this would be considered a high-ticket item.

Plus, they are promoting and selling the Digital Prosperity Movement training program and the Enagic water systems.

Essentially, the upsells for affiliate marketers can really bring in a lot of revenue with just one sale. 

Another issue with Enagic MLM products is that they make some lofty health benefits claims that have yet to be proven. 

Even though their water ionizers and filtration systems are functional, they only remove chlorine and some debris like reverse osmosis machines.

The difference is that most reverse osmosis machines don’t claim to offer health benefits that are unproven. 

Some of the health benefits Enagic claims that you will experience from using their ridiculously expensive water filtration machines include:

  • Heartburn and acid reflux relief
  • “More” hydration
  • Immune system improvement
  • Slowing of the natural aging process
  • Boosts metabolism
  • Cures diabetes, cancer, measles, etc.
  • Eliminates migraines
  • Relieves pain from arthritis and gout
  • Relieves allergies, asthma, chronic fatigue, and constipation
  • And more
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Keep in mind, none of these health benefits have been proven. We all know that drinking water is hydrating and comes with health benefits, but to claim more benefits from their water is a sales tactic to say the least. 

Is the Digital Prosperity Movement Legit?

So what does the Digital Prosperity Movement do? The Digital Prosperity Movement is considered a business training system.

You may be able to use some of the training for a business of your own, but it’s geared toward selling Enagic products. 

The training platform seems legit, but how they use it to get upsells is what sends up red flags. Not many affiliate marketers are interested in this program because it’s got a 30/100 rating.

They will look for better high-ticket programs that are more valuable to people than this one is. Plus, you need to be an experienced network marketer to get this ball rolling.

We don’t want to label the DPM training platform as legit, but it’s not illegal as far as we know. This business, in our opinion, is questionable. 

Here’s how we came to this opinion. DPM has not been approved as a partner in any way with Enagic.

However, they take money for their training program to the tune of $105 not including the massive upsells. 

Is the Digital Prosperity Movement a Scam?

We have discovered that this training platform has not received approval to sell Enagic products by the company itself. Therefore, it may be acting as an affiliate under the guise of the training program. 

We think this training platform is questionable, but we cannot claim it’s a complete scam.

After all, the training has helped some people learn how to use sales funnels and paid traffic to make money with their own businesses whether they bought into the Enagic products or not. 

That said, we know you can find better training courses for using sales funnels and paid traffic for less money and no pressure to buy into another company or go through excessive upsells.

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Review Conclusion

We hope you now understand the Digital Prosperity Movement better now. As far as we are concerned, there are better ways to get into an online business. 

What we see here is buying a business training system for $105 that takes you to multiple upsells for two different services, and then they want more money for getting into another, technically unrelated MLM, Enagic. 

You could invest over $10,000 before it’s over if you get fully involved in this program.

We think you can find less expensive training to learn about how to set up a sales funnel and use paid Facebook Ads.

We recommend that you do your own research and find better businesses to start online with lower cost training that is just as effective and comprehensive.

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