How To Combine Customer Relationship Management Platform With Email Marketing For High ROI

Customer relationship management platforms have surged in popularity over recent years, increasing in utility as data becomes a more central part of every business. It’s not hard to see why, with companies that implement CRM systems experiencing ROI of over 245%.

Being able to manage information and consolidate it into a singular platform gives businesses total control over communicating with their audience. Despite the changing landscape of marketing over the past few decades, one of the streams of communication that remains popular for marketing teams is over email.

Email marketing is famously successful, netting around $36 for every $1 spent. As a low access, high-reward form of marketing, this is typically a central piece of the puzzle for every marketing team.

Although distinct, CRM platforms and email marketing can actually benefit each other greatly. As two successful business tools, both can be brought together to heighten the return on investment of each other.

In this article, we’ll explore the balance of CRM and email marketing, demonstrating how they work together to push company success forward. 

What Is Customer Relationship Management Software?

A CRM platform acts as the central database where all customer data goes. From contact information and their personal details to what products they’ve interacted with in your store and what they’ve already bought.

Beyond just data capturing, a CRM platform can also streamline communication into one place, allowing business owners to access their clients from all angles in a single platform. When using an effective CRM platform, business owners will have complete access to all the tools they need to manage their business.

From interactions with customers to cultivating business relationships, everything is conducted through a CRM platform. Most commonly, these platforms are used by sales and marketing teams in order to segment and target their customers to a greater degree.

With the selection of outreach tools that CRMs often hold, they are a perfect partner to email marketing. 

How Does Customer Relationship Management Support Email Marketing

Acting as a central source of information, business owners can use CRM platforms to feed information directly into their email marketing campaigns. Campaigns work best when they’re specific, accurate, and useful expressly to the recipient.

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With this in mind, creating data-driven campaigns can be one of the most effective ways of increasing the engagement that people receive on their marketing campaigns. There are a whole range of benefit when you integrate a CRM platform into your email marketing campaign strategy:

  • Allows for Personalization
  • Automation 
  • Email Data in One Place

Let’s break these down further.

Allows For Personalization

CRM platforms become a central repository of data for all consumer data that a business has. Pulling information from all social channels and company website data, CRM platforms can create a highly-accessible pool of customer information.

From marketing teams to sales teams and managers, everyone can use this information to bring a level of data-driven efficiency to their role. Specifically for email marketing campaigns, this level of data can allow marketing teams to increase the personalization of each email they send.

Instead of sending out a generic email to the entire mailing list, businesses can segment their users into different groups. These groups could be based on location, demographic data, shopping preferences, or anything else that unites large groups of people.

Once placed into these smaller categories, marketing teams can then generate content for each group specifically. If a group has been identified that has a shopping habit of making quick buying decisions, you could send out a flash sale link to your site only to that group.

You could even change the email signature that you attach to each email based on what marketing materials you want to promote. Check out this range of email signature examples for some great ideas in this area. 

Alternatively, if a group loves a particular category of product, you could send that segment a coupon code that works with those products. Giving this initial bit of incentive could push them further down the sales funnel.

Accomodating to each segment within email marketing has much higher results, helping you increase the return on investment of each campaign. 


Alongside storing data, CRM platforms also contain a range of communication streams to enter into. Most will offer their own email marketing platform, which you can utilize to structure your campaigns for the long run. 

While you can actively plan your marketing campaigns ahead of time, you can also automate them, decreasing the amount of work that each new campaign will take. Marketing teams can create specific templates within the CRM platform, creating new structures for certain promotions or holiday events.

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Over time, this approach will allow your team to rapidly create new emails to send out. Instead of creating everything from the ground up, you’ll be able to rapidly drag and drop elements into the email.

With the connection to data, you can prioritize adding elements that your customers are more likely to enjoy, helping to increase how successful each campaign is. 

Automation will save your teams time while also streamlining your production process, allowing you to prepare more emails for your campaigns in a shorter amount of time. 

Email Data In One Place

Beyond just collecting platform data, CRM software will also collect live data on the success of your email marketing campaigns. With this function, you’ll be able to track the success of each campaign. Those which have a high clickthrough rate are ones you can continue to produce, while any that dont’ see much traction can be reworked over time.

This continual stream of data will allow you to improve your email marketing strategy over time, helping to push the bounds of what you can achieve with this stream even more. 

Final Thoughts

Email marketing is going anywhere anytime soon. That said, there are a number of ways to make it even more effective than it currently is. Fusing email marketing with the customer data that a CRM platform holds can boost the personalization of the former.

With more specific data insights, marketing teams can build better email communications, helping to increase engagement and click through rate. Using these modern tools in tandem is a powerful way of boosting the success of your email marketing.

With a CRM platform, you’ll have all the data you need available, allowing you to create high-impact email marketing campaigns in a pinch. 

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