CoinRule Review 2023 – Is It Safe? Is It a Scam?

CoinRule Review Is It Worth It for Automated Crypto Trading?

CoinRule Review 2023

With all the attention on cryptocurrency nowadays, it’s no surprise that cryptocurrency bots have risen to notoriety.

Because of the wild fluctuations and volatile nature of cryptocurrency, there are many challenges for novice and even experienced traders in this market.

It’s time-consuming to do the research and analyzing of digital coins hoping to figure out which way they will go next. 

That is why more and more traders are jumping on the cryptocurrency bot trading train to save time and money.

Many of these bots offer features, settings, indicators, and other functions that help you to not only make good decisions, but do your buying and selling.

This way you can get out from behind your computer and enjoy life.

Coinbase is a cryptocurrency bot on our review plate today. It markets itself as the “Lego toolbox” for traders with and without technical skills.

In other words, this trading platform is easy to use. 

Therefore, seasoned traders can create their own distinctive strategies and engage in trading like would on any platform and novice traders can more easily engage in trading without technical skills and grow and learn to become seasoned traders. 

Let’s see how CoinRule’s trading service works.

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How Long Has CoinRule Been in Business?

CoinRule review - Bitcoin

March of 2018 is when this platform was first founded by Gabriele Musella, the company’s CEO, and Oleg Giberstein, the company’s COO.

The headquarters and registration of this business is in London, UK. 

It is an up-and-coming trading service that is consistently building and growing its community of traders as well as its crypto trading service solutions. 

The goal of this trading bot is to automate digital assets in such a way as to maximize gains and reduce losses.

With this service, one can perform basic buy and sell orders, take-profit, stop-loss, and re-buying orders.

This platform is easily accessed via any browser it supports and it will connect to more than 10 of the top cryptocurrency exchanges through API keys that are connected to supported exchanges. 

With a few plan options, a person can get started for free via a demo exchange before opting in for a paid subscription.

What Kind of Reputation Does CoinRule Have?

CoinRule has a good reputation among the cryptocurrency community, which has a lot to do with its ease of use, appealing interface design, and multiple learning resources and customer service options. 

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CoinRule has an active presence on both Facebook and Twitter where many community members reach out with queries and support. 

What Exchanges Does CoinRule Support?

CoinRule supports most of the top leading exchanges including:

  • Binance
  • Binance US
  • Bitfinex
  • BitMEX
  • Bitpanda Pro
  • Bitstamp
  • Bittrex
  • Coinbase Pro
  • Kraken
  • HitBTC
  • Liquid
  • Poloniex

There will likely be more added as this community grows. 

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How Much Does It Cost to Use CoinRule?

CoinRule Pricing

You can start out with the free plan, the Starter plan and use the demo features. After that, there are two paid plans, the Hobbyist and the Pro Plan. 

  • The Hobbyist is $29.99 per month, which is billed annually at $359.00 and includes 2 exchange connections, 30 template strategies, and 7 demo rules. 
  • The Trader Plan is $59.99 per month and is billed at $719.00 annually. 
  • The Pro Plan is $249.99 per month and offers 50 live rules, integrated enchanges, and unlimited template strategies. 

All three paid plans include access to the Trader Community and Advanced Indicators. 

You may also sign up for one-on-one training for $249.99 per month billed at $2,999.00 annually. 

Stripe is the way payments are transacted, so your credit card will be needed to pay for any services on this platform.

Top-rated Crypto Trading Bots

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Performance Metrics

Technology: Some of the technology used for the operation of this platform include API integrations to protect your funds, over 10 exchanges, orders sent within a minimum latency, SMS for notifications, and it also uses data encryption for security.

Orders usually reach the market in about 500 milliseconds through their software. 

Functions: CoinRule is a web-based cryptocurrency trading service with a simple, clean, and appealing design that attracts users from all skill levels.

The thing that stands out about this trading system is that it lets any user implement trading rules without being skilled in coding.

Customer Support: There are several ways to get help when you need it on this platform.

There is a help center with guides and resources, a FAQ section, live chat, email, and Twitter or Facebook. 

Tools/Settings: The interface is easy to use and offers a modular rule configuration that uses the If/Then protocol.

The popular trading strategies like buy the dip, breakout, take profit, stop-loss, and others are used to get the most from accumulation, maximization, and contrarian techniques. 

Safety/Security: Each user gets a private, dedicated key stored on a detached storage system with AES-256 encryption.

There is also the Ukey1 secure authentication gateway so that passwords are never stored on the database. 

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All personal passwords and data are protected with advanced algorithms and the website itself is secured via Cloudflare CDN to prevent DDoS attacks. 

Two-factor authentication, SMS notifications, and secure API are used to further the security efforts. So, yes, this platform is very safe and secure. 

Profitability: Not unlike its competitors, CoinRule makes no guarantees or promises of profit by using its service.

There is no way a service can guarantee profitability when trading in such a volatile market. It wouldn’t be ethical.

Any crypto trading bot that makes promises or claims of any percentage of profitability should raise a red flag. CoinRule is an ethical company with a good reputation.

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Review Conclusion

CoinRule’s platform stands out from the crowd in cryptocurrency trading services because of its simple and easy to use design that is suitable for any level of trader.

This is something many traders are attracted to. This system makes it easy to configure, create, tweak, and test strategies with as much simplicity as possible through these platforms.

The level of supported exchanges is just another benefit to traders in the cryptocurrency community.

The leading exchanges allow for an ample array of digital coins for trading as efficiently as possible.

As with every crypto trading bot, CoinRule has room for improvement. For instance, they could draw more advanced traders with coding skills if they added that to their platform.

For anyone looking to get started in cryptocurrency trading, this system is a good choice because it’s so simple to use.

It is still growing and evolving in reputation, visibility, and its online community. 

Of course, nothing says that an advanced and seasoned trader cannot use CoinRule since it is so easy and would make life easier.

Plus, as this platform grows and enhances its offerings, that would mean you would have an edge on the system.

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My diverse background started with my computer science degree, and later progressed to building laptops and accessories. And now, for the last 7 years, I have been a social media marketing specialist and business growth consultant.

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