Celebian Review 2024 – Is It a Scam?

Celebian Review – Is Celebian a Scam

A Brief History of TikTok

You may or may not be very familiar with TikTok, so here’s some information to briefly update you on this social media platform. 

It used to be called Musical.ly, but it was bought out and rebranded as TikTok. 

It’s a China-owned entity with some controversy surrounding it, but it’s still being widely and safely used by more than 500 million global monthly active users.

TikTok is categorized as a short-form video sharing app, mostly used on smartphones. Users can create and share 15-second videos across a variety of topics. 

The Chinese market calls the app Duyin, but still owns the TikTok app as well. 

The main difference between Musical.ly and TikTok is its broader scope of video content. Musical.ly only focuses on lip-syncing.

Celebian Service Comparison

CelebianTop Alternative
Organic GrowthNoYes
Personal ManagerNoYes
Proxy SupportNoYes
Real FollowersNoYes
Real LikesNoYes
Get TikTok Growth

If you’re not on TikTok right now, then we highly suggest that you get on there and see what it’s all about. It is the latest social media sharing app, and it’s extremely popular among its users. However, this doesn’t mean that it is not without its competition.

If you want to really stand out and get known on TikTok, then you’ve got to utilize a third-party service. However, finding one that is legit and not a scam is easier said than done.

I’m Jonathon Spire, and I have spent enough time in the social media marketing industry to know that there are lots of legit companies out there that can help you with your TikTok growth, but there are also those that are just going to want to take advantage of you.

I help my readers through reviews like the one below, so that you can work out what a legit company looks like, and which ones to avoid.

How Does TikTok Help Brands?

TikTok started out as a fun way to create and share short-form videos, but now, it’s expended into a viable marketing platform as well. 

That said, you must understand that TikTok has no space on it for displaying conventional ads and doesn’t even compete with the other social media outlets when it comes to marketing. 

But, because of its exponentially fast growth and continually rising popularity, brands are hopping on board due to the realization that this platform has so much potential for marketing.

Some ways brands leverage their game on this app include contests and challenges, helping boost engagement and brand-centric content. Hashtags are being leveraged by brands much like other social platforms to promote their campaigns.

The biggest difference is their audience reach. TikTok has a younger base of users that some marketers can market to. Also, there are some older users  that continue to grow on the platform. 

You can almost compare them to Instagram since initially, mostly younger people used it, but then us older folks started using it as well. That’s pretty much how it’s happening on TikTok. 

You might even see your granny on the app  promoting her anti-aging products. You never know.

Another way marketers are leveraging TikTok for their marketing campaigns is through influencer collaborations, again just like they do on Instagram. 

In the case of TikTok marketing, it’s done via the short-form videos.

If this all sounds time-consuming, it is.   

Because it is time-consuming to do the engaging necessary to gain optimal success, marketers and other TikTok users are turning to third-party engagement companies for help.

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Celebian happens to be one of the companies that caters to TikTok engagement. 

Is it effective? Is it legit? Is it safe?

That’s what we aim to find out.

Celebian Review 2024

Celebian claims to be a place where you can purchase TikTok likes, followers and views so that you can do better with your profile in general.

This is all well and good, but there is every chance here that they are selling fake engagement, and taking you for a ride.

The website is loaded with some exciting content, videos, and language that may make it appealing to the novice. 

That’s one reason we write these unbiased reviews. We aim to help people be more informed consumers.

What is Celebian?

Celebian likes

Celebian looks to be a pretty typical TikTok growth company, and they say that they are top-rated for a good reason. They make things pretty simple as far as we can tell, and offer their clients likes, followers, and views for their TikTok profiles.

Again, this is all well and good, but if you aren’t with a company that is offering high-quality engagement for your TikTok profile, then there is every chance of getting banned.

Right off the bat, we get the impression that their TikTok engagement is subpar at best, and it isn’t going to get you anywhere near where you need to be when it comes to getting seen by the right target audience.

What are Celebian’s Features?

Celebian Features

Celebian say that they can help boost your posts with likes, and they say that they even have a free likes trial so that you can see how their likes interact with your content before you commit to anything.

They also say that they can help you buy followers for your account and get lots of views on your videos.

Further down their home page we can see that they are offering free TikTok views and free TikTok likes, which we’re not too sure about, as there’s usually a catch with free stuff.

One of the reasons we are so suspicious of this service is that it’s got a low Alexa ranking, and it only has one backlink.

We learned that from Scamadviser, which is a reputable and reliable site we use to help us learn what we can about a website. 

While it’s not our only resource, it’s a valid one.

Scamadviser has categorized this website in the suspicious range, which is another red flag.

Promises From Celebian’s Website

This company claims that with every order, you get the following:

  • Reliable Service
  • Instant Automatic Delivery
  • Awesome Support

They don’t require your password for your order.

Pros & Cons


  • Free Trial


  • Zero Trustpilot Reviews
  • Missing About Page
  • No 24/7 Customer Support
  • No Live Chat
  • No Money-Back Guarantee

The pros and cons explain some reasons why we won’t recommend Celebian for your TikTok account. 

Keep in mind that these reasons are based on our expertise, but are still ultimately opinion based. 

Celebian has not claimed a Trustpilot page or verified their information. Therefore, they have no reviews on the site. Trustpilot is a reliable third-party user review site. So, we cannot verify whether Celebian isn’t a scam because there are no user reviews. 

The lack of information about this company is just another red flag. Even their website doesn’t offer an About page. There is no way to validate anything about this website such as where it’s located, it’s age, or who owns it. Services that are legitimate have an About page.

We found no live chat support, so we cannot confirm how the support team responds, if at all. 

It’s so important to include these things on a website for a service. Otherwise, you simply cannot confirm the validity or reputation of said service.

Top TikTok Growth Tools

RankGrowth ServiceMore Info

What is Celebian’s Pricing?


Celebian says that you can purchase post likes for your TikTok account from $2.49, which of course sounds like it is too good to be true, and we are here to tell you that it probably is.

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When it comes to their TikTok followers, these are going to set you back $4.99, which they say comes with fast delivery. Again, we think that this pricing is too good to be true.

Lastly, they say that their views for your videos start from just $1.49, which again is way too cheap to be good quality.

How Did Celebian Do in Tests?

Just like any other TikTok growth service that we review here, we made sure to put Celebian to the test to determine whether they are worth your time or not. We signed up for delivery of their TikTok likes, and honestly we were really disappointed with the results.

It took them ages to come through, and we noticed that after just a couple of days they started to drop off again. This means that they have a really low retention rate and are going to make your TikTok profile look bad in general.

Unfortunately, this type of engagement is super popular in the industry, so you will want to avoid it whenever you can.

Review Conclusion

What do we ultimately think of Celebian? We think that this is a generic TikTok growth company that is just trying to sell its clients fake engagement for a quick profit.

We can’t see anything that indicates that their features are high-quality, which means that they are only going to set you back in terms of your TikTok reputation.

The last thing that you need is low-quality engagement on your content making it look bad, so if you’re in the business of finding high-quality followers for your TikTok content, you will need to go somewhere else.

Using a site like this is definitely not going to be worth your time.

Final Thoughts

We found no evidence that Celebian is a legitimate TikTok engagement service. That makes it challenging to deem this company legit. The lack of Trustpilot reviews, About page, and even basic information anywhere online about the site is enough to put us off. 

We really think it’s a scam, but that is speculation based on the lack of evidence of its legitimacy.

Therefore, we don’t recommend it for your TikTok engagement. We honestly believe the engagement they deliver is fake and is of no value.

What constitutes valuable engagement for TikTok. Simply put, real people who genuinely engage with each other are valuable.

Only real people can become loyal followers who like your content, share it, and otherwise consistently engage with you.

What we can honestly recommend is for you to do your own research as well as reading our reviews.

Also, we truly believe we have valid and legit alternatives to Celebian below.

We hope you will check them out and that you find them valuable and useful to your TikTok account.

Top Celebian Alternatives

RankGrowth ServiceMore Info

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Do you disagree with my review? Sometimes I do make mistakes. Comment below & let me know what’s factually incorrect and I’ll rectify it as soon as possible.

Thanks for reading.

- Jon

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  1. This site is a scam! I purchased 10k followers from them. Within two weeks I lost over 2k followers. They refused to refill them all the way and refund my money for their crap service! I am fighting a case with paypal against them! Do not buy from them!!! They will scam you!


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