Build Your Empire University Review 2024 – Is It a Scam or Legit?

Build Your Empire University Review – Is It Legit?

Are you seeking a way to build an income online that works? If so, you’re among millions to billions of other like-minded people with an entrepreneurial spirit.

You will soon discover that some are turning to Build Your Empire University (BYUE) for training towards success. 

The Internet has evolved and gone through advanced technology that opens more doors that enable you to earn at least a side income online.

You should know where to locate the resources and how to use them to make it happen. That’s what BYUE says they can do for you.  

Is Build Your Empire University a legitimate method of building an online empire, or is this website just another scam blowing smoke?

Let’s have a look into this system to find out if this is a legit online income-making training system with our Build Your Empire University review.

Build Your Empire University Review 2024

The website claims to “teach everyday people how to start online careers for literally just one dollar!” The dollar gets you a 7-day trial to get started building your empire.

Also, you need not have experience to follow the step-by-step blueprint provided to you for that dollar. 

Once the trial is over, it costs $99 per month, which is an affordable option when compared to programs that require thousands of dollars from you to get started, and to top it off, they often charge recurring monthly fees. 

The biggest appeal of BYEU is its claim to help you start your successful career in 30 days or less. You don’t need a social media following, technical skills, or prior experience to get started.

Build Your Empire University has many positive reviews, which anyone who is interested in getting started should read. User reviews like you find on TrustPilot are good resources for determining if a website is legit or a scam. 

Additionally, honest and unbiased Build Your Empire University reviews like this one serve to promote informed consumers.

Keep in mind that not all user or online reviews are legitimate, so seek out the solid review websites with good reputations like this one.

Now that we have introduced BYEU, let’s dig into its inner workings to see what it offers and if it’s a good fit for you.

What is Build Your Empire University?

As mentioned in the introduction, Build Your Empire University’s website states that this is an online educational style service that helps people get started in their own online career journey. 

The system offers a step-by-step blueprint from which to learn, which means it’s beginner-friendly. You need not have any online experience to use this website’s services. 

The blueprint features five modules and three bonuses. 

  1. Module 1: Foundation 
  2. Module 2: Discovery 
  3. Module 3: Business Blueprint
  4. Module 4: Pre-Coaching Call
  5. Module 5: Funding a Business

Build Your Empire University 1

The bonuses include a 30-day sprint, mindset 101, and copywriting mastery courses.

Overall, this system provides its training modules, access to an exclusive partner program, one-on-one coaching calls, weekly Q&A calls, and special training across various areas. 

👉 Get BYEU’s Trial HERE

Marketing, support channels, social media, action points, and worksheets are part of the areas of training you can expect. You can also expect to have access as long as your monthly subscription is active.

Build Your Empire has received top-rated rankings for online courses among the big names in the market.

BYEU’s Refund Policy

What you should know is that the refund policy is fair and includes the one dollar trial period. How many services like BYEU offer full refunds that include any fees associated with the trial?

What does this mean? It means that Build Your Empire University is 100% risk free.

About Build Your Empire University

Build Your Empire University

This section will address the modules and explain more about them, so you can see what is offered. You will know what to expect before you pay your dollar for the 7-day trial.

Usability & Design

Before we get into the modules, let’s discuss the usability and design of BYEU. The overall design of their service is high-quality and consistent.

The user experience has been well throughout and is easy to use. The dashboard is part of that user experience. The people behind this product have put a lot of time and effort into this.

The overall design is professional and clear-cut. The HD videos are of high-quality, professionally recorded, precise, concise, and the playback is excellent.

Even the writing portions of the videos are neat, clean, and easy to read.

There is nothing overly complicated about the whole course offering like you usually find with other programs in the industry. 

Build Your Empire University offers a clean, user-friendly, and easy to understand program even within just the 7-day trial. It’s surprising how much you can get through in that trial period for a dollar.

👉 Get BYEU’s Trial HERE

The Main Modules

It’s vital to know that the main modules of such an educational system are legitimate and not scam. 

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Through these modules, you will learn how to understand entrepreneurship in ways you probably never knew, detailed explanations that answer most of the questions you may have after going through the first module.

You may feel skeptical about this kind of service if you have ever invested in one before. You may expect to find nothing special about it that other courses can offer.

However, this course is loaded with in-depth knowledge that isn’t boring. 

The video creators have made sure the content and delivery is interesting and engaging enough to keep your attention.

Some reviewers have stated that they had spent thousands of dollars on courses that didn’t go into the depth that Build Your Empire does.

It’s advisable to watch the videos and rewatch the modules to get as much out of them as possible because they are comprehensive. You want to feel confident that you are getting everything you need to be successful. 

Module 1: Foundation

Build Your Empire University Module One

In the first module, you will have access to three videos. Each one is unique, engaging, useful, and relevant to the course purpose. 

You will learn things like how your mindset affects your success. Additionally, you will learn of various types of opportunities for online business empires you can build. 

This initial module will inform you of what to expect during your journey, details of entrepreneurship, and why choosing valid online income streams is a wise decision.

Remember that the first module is essentially an introduction to future modules you will be watching. If you have more questions after watching the videos in Module 1, they will be answered in concurrent modules. 

Most people find the first module to be motivational and inspirational. That is how it should be when you’re being given information you aren’t likely to get anywhere else.

Module 2: Discovery

Build Your Empire University Module Two

Self-development and personal growth are the main focuses of the second module. You can expect a variety of member videos of Build Your Empire University.

They will give you insights of what they have done, gone through, gone on to do, and success stories from using BYEU. This kind of content is motivational and interesting to see.

Module 2 also provides a worksheet for you to fill out to check your understanding of why you want to build an online business, goal-setting, and how to succeed from the beginning.

This module is suited to those who need motivation and a pep talk to get started and to realize how beneficial building an online business is. 

By applying what you take away from module two, you should experience results far beyond your initial expectations. Remember, it’s all about your mindset and your willingness to put in the effort.

It’s no different from building a traditional business. Be patient and persistent.

Module 3: Business Launch Blueprint

Build Your Empire University Module Three

The third module provides more testimonials loaded with motivational and inspirational success stories that are relatable to most of us. The people in these videos are genuine and are not paid to talk about their paths. 

For any of us who have invested in online courses with various claims about how to succeed in online business, the Build Your Empire training goes above and beyond.

Also, if you have ever taken any other courses related to the subject, you should be able to spot a scam. You will know almost right away that BYEU is the real deal.

Module 4: Before Your Coaching Call

Build Your Empire University Module Four

This whole course is practical and engaging. So, if you have ever been disappointed with another course because it’s all theory and no application, you won’t see that with Build Your Empire University. 

What you can expect is a step-by-step  process as you go through the modules of practical and applicable information that you need to succeed.

After experiencing the frustration of vague and abstract theoretical ideas in other courses, you will find BYEU refreshing.

All these modules have discussed how affiliate marketing works, demonstrated a solid opportunity, and showed people how to enhance their mindset and grow in personal development. 

At this point, you will reach the actionable stage where you discuss with a coach what is needed to get started, how to set realistic goals (and expectations), and the cost differential between online and traditional businesses. 

Therefore, module 4 is an essential part of this course where you discover how to succeed. The coaching is professional, useful, helpful, and will make things clear for you.

30-Day Sprint Module

Build Your Empire University 30-Day Sprint Modules

The 30-day Sprint module is the last module of the Build Your Empire University course. It’s a module brimming with content that will take some time to go through.

Some videos in this module are over an hour long, if that tells you anything.

Just because this module is comprehensive with some long videos doesn’t make it challenging. Instead, they are delivered in a step-by-step method that is not only easy to understand, but also constructive.

Some training is provided by experts and is updated regularly to deliver legitimate, accurate, and current content. 

You will learn how to properly set up a Facebook page, how to set affiliate programs up and how to get paid to be an affiliate, how to do social media marketing the right way, how to create loyal customers and get sales, how to create and use domain names, and how to run your first paid ads. 

As we said before, you will want to go through these modules multiple times to help you use the comprehensive information to your advantage.

Nothing is left out or left to chance. This is a complete, practical course on running a successful online business that you will find. 

You can expect the information to break down what to do on day one, day two, day three, etc.

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👉 Get BYEU’s Trial HERE

The Community and Facebook Group and Live Calls

You will have access to all this, plus the community, Facebook, and Live Calls from the trial period forward. While it can be frustrating to join Facebook groups with some programs, it’s not like that with BYEU.

Their Facebook group is active and engaging almost all the time.

The value you will get from this group is beyond what you can imagine if you have ever tried other programs where the engagement and value are less than impressive.

BYEU’s Facebook group makes you feel like you’re not alone in your journey. Their Facebook group is impressive and unique.

You can expect to not only feel engaged, but supported and part of something you can have confidence in doing. Most of the members in the group know what you’re going through and are actively helpful and supportive.

Once you have some time under your belt, you will also be part of this active and supportive Facebook group where you can pay it forward to new members.

You will be connecting in an authentic way to work together to achieve online business success. There is a collective goal, and you will be part of that collective.

More About Build Your Empire University

If you haven’t already noticed, this course and its members are active, supportive, engaging, and likable. There is nothing about this course that should repel you from it. Instead, you should be attracted to it. 

So, Is Build Your Empire University Legitimate, or A Scam?

The answer to that is yes it’s legit and no it’s not a scam. 

The modules are professionally done and include experts in the industry to take you through clear and concise steps to success. You will not get lost or left behind in this course.

Maybe it would help you to know that TrustPilot hosts 119 positive reviews on Build Your Empire University’s TrustPilot page. There is not one single negative review on their review page.

Why is that such a big deal? You may not realize how reliable Trustpilot reviews are, but it’s tough to get even five positive reviews on this user review page.

Trustpilot puts reviews through a set of algorithms that catch fake reviews. Even those that do manage to get through are discovered and removed by the system. 

Build Your Empire University Trustpilot

Sure, you can find negative reviews about Build Your Empire University in a Google search, but if you read them, you will find that these reviews also have ‘alternative’ courses they are promoting.

Why would they want to say good things about BYEU when they have their own agenda? 

So, don’t let these negative reviews cloud your judgment about Build Your Empire University, when there are more positive user reviews on viable review sites like Trustpilot.

No matter what, we encourage you to do your own research before investing in this or any kind of online course like it. 

When you are comparing other courses that cost thousands of dollars upfront, plus monthly fees (in some instances), you will find that $99 per month alongside an initial 7-day trial for one dollar is a huge value.

Also, if you aren’t satisfied, you will get your money back even if it’s for the one dollar trial. We like to call that integrity.

We believe the Build Your Empire University course will be easy for almost anyone to follow because of the step-by-step delivery of information from start to action.


Is the Build Your Empire University Course a Scam?

This course is regulated and licensed far above what it needs and is not, in any way, a scam.

Is the Build Your Empire University Course Legitimate?

Yes. This is a top-rated course that includes full refund policy and superior training modules jam-packed with practical and engaging content. 

Is Build Your Empire University an MLM or Pyramid Scheme?

The BYEU program is not an MLM or a pyramid scheme. This is a training course for people who want to succeed in the online business world.

👉 Get BYEU’s Trial HERE

BYEU Review Conclusion

Our review verdict?

As far as we are concerned, Build Your Empire University gives you exactly what they promise. You will learn a step-by-step way to become successful online by using this course. 

If you decide to invest in the initial one-dollar 7-day trial, you will soon realize that you are investing in yourself by subscribing to it.

Once you see the value in the modules, the functionality of the dashboard, and the consistent and constant support of the members, you will know you have found your place in the online business world. 

To be successful, you must have a positive mindset and be willing to do the things necessary for online success as is delivered to you by the Build Your Empire University.

If you want to finally be successful, it’s worth your time to research it and look at it.

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