Bot4Gram Review 2022 – 4 Reasons NOT To Use Bot4Gram

Bot4Gram Review

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Bot4Gram Review 2022

Bot4Gram is a company that claims to offer all the options you’ll need to grow your Instagram profile well. However, we’re not so sure that they’re all they claim to be.

Instagram is the golden child of social media these days, but without active followers, it’s fool’s gold.

If you want to truly boost your following on this social media blockbuster, it’s time you learn more about which online Instagram growth services are good and which ones are not so good.

The thing is, the industry is full of companies that can help you – and then there are those that can’t really help you, either. There are two different categories – companies that are legit, and companies that are a scam.

While it’s nice to think that there are more legit companies than there are scams, we don’t think this is the reality. Plus, how do you know how to tell the difference?

My name is Jonathon Spire. I love being able to impart my knowledge of this industry onto my readers, so they can get a much better idea of what they’re getting themselves into.

I now know all the signs to look for when it comes to companies that are legit, just like I know how to identify scams.

Through reviews like the one below, I can help you determine the differences, so that you can avoid being taken advantage of.

This review of Bot4Gram will discuss the things you need to know before diving into this service. Let’s see how they do, and whether we think they’re worth your time.

What is Bot4Gram?


Bot4Gram advertises their service as a “Free Instagram Bot” uses for follows, likes, direct messages, and more. Again, this is another Instagram bot service that openly confesses to using botting technology, which puts your Instagram account at risk.

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Besides being blatant about being an Instagram Bot, this company also has the audacity to infringe upon Instagram’s copyright, which is a legal matter that further makes this company a high-risk.

Instagram owns the copyright on terms such as “gram”, “insta”, and “IG”. Nonetheless, we will move ahead to address the offerings of this company.

What are the features of Bot4Gram?

Bot4Gram features

Bot4Gram allows you to use their service with limited access for free or you can use their paid services.

The features include:

  • Automation for following/unfollowing, liking, commenting, and direct messaging
  • Blacklisting and whitelisting users
  • 24/7 in-app support
  • Premium accounts gain access to filtering, speed and limits control, and other premium features
  • Audience targeting
  • No server middle-man – it runs from your device

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What are Bot4Gram’s packages and prices?

Bot4Gram Pricing.png

The packages and pricing structure are clear and simple to understand.


  • Auto Follow/Unfollow, Like, Comment, Direct Messaging
  • Spintext
  • Activity Log
  • Whitelist & Blacklist
  • Free Updates
  • 24/7 Support

3 Months

  • $12 per month
  • All features from the Free package
  • Account Filters
  • Extra Speed Control
  • Extra Limit Control

1 Year

  • $5 per month
  • All features from the Free Package and the 3 Months package

Pros and Cons

There are pros and cons to using Bot4Gram.

  • Https secure website
  • Clear and visible pricing
  • Unable to confirm payment gateway safety
  • No reviews or testimonials on site
  • Instagram bot technology is known to cause account banning or suspension
  • Lack of initial contact information for queries
  • Could not confirm 24/7 support
  • Legal copyright violation in their name (gram)

Is Bot4Gram Safe? Is It a Scam?

Sometimes, safety, security, and privacy depend on the individual’s perspective, but generally speaking, no one wants to feel they may put themselves at risk online.

While the website may be https secure, this website is located in a high-risk country known for partaking in fraudulent and fake services.

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I cannot recommend Bot4Gram for Instagram growth and engagement. It’s a high-risk site and service.

Another thing that is concerning here is that they completely lack customer support. There are lots of companies that offer technical services online these days, but only those that can stay connected with their clients are worth your time.

You should be able to offer technical support if you’re selling software, so this is a huge red flag for us.

Bot4Gram User Reviews


Review Conclusion

I personally steer clear of websites that claim to provide Instagram bot services. Bot4Gram has what I call the “avoid at all costs” trifecta with 1) botting technology, 2) legal copyright violation, and the 3) high-risk website location.

Before you pay good money for Instagram bots or followers and engagement, research the company first. Look for the earmarks in the cons section and in this review to help guide you before making a decision about which online company to use.

What’s more, there is no sign of reviews anywhere – both positive and negative. This doesn’t bode well – companies that have a good reputation need to be able to show their clients reviews that people have left about how much they enjoyed their experience.

It’s telling, and it shows that this is just another generic bot you need to stay away from.

Top Bot4Gram Alternatives

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Bot4Gram Coupon

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Thanks for reading.

- Jon

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My diverse background started with my computer science degree, and later progressed to building laptops and accessories. And now, for the last 7 years, I have been a social media marketing specialist and business growth consultant.

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