Automatic Viral Review – Is It Still a Scam in 2020?

Automatic Viral Review - Is It Still a Scam in 2020?

Update May 2019: Automatic Viral has shutdown their service & gone offline!

Update 2020: Automatic Viral is back! But, I do NOT recommend this service. Read on for more info.

Automatic Viral Review

Instagram growth services, Instagram bots, buy Instagram followers, likes, and views are all services provided by a plethora of online companies.

The goal is to safely, efficiently, and effectively grow your Instagram presence with consistent followers, engagement, and growth.

Every one of these Instagram service providers wants your business, but you need to be wise, careful, and prudent about who you use.

You must consider the risks and consequences before you move ahead.

The thing is, while there are a lot of legit companies out there that do have a lot of good features to help their clients, there are also scams that you need to avoid when you can.

Automatic Viral might be a scam, we don’t know – this is why we review companies to ensure we reveal the truth.

Hi, I’m Jonathon Spire, and I know just how many shady companies there are out there.

I know that most of them are just trying to make a quick profit, and it’s hard to know how to recognise them.

I also know that there are some that are worth your time as well, here to help you as the reader work out the difference, so that you can find the right ones for your Instagram growth.

The service provider on the review block today is Automatic Viral.

What is Automatic Viral?

Automatic Viral-logo

Automatic Viral claims to automatically deliver real uses and real likes.

They say their system automatically detects your latest upload, then delivers likes to your new uploads at whatever speed you choose.

“Automatically” is a term used for what is known as botting software.

We can ascertain from this that they are using an Instagram bot, which, if not used correctly, sensibly & proportionately, is risky to your account since it’s against the terms of service of Instagram and their internal software is designed to catch that.

Automatic Viral’s Main Features

What can you do with AutomaticViral? Here are their main features, according to their website.

  • Get Real Users and Real Likes
  • Automatic Upload Detection
  • Matching Views
  • Dynamic Likes
  • Like Delay (speed adjustment)
  • Customer Support
  • Cancel Anytime
  • Money-Back Guarantee

These are the basics included with the service.

Top-rated Growth Tools for Instagram

Here’s my list of top tools to grow your Instagram account. Did Automatic Viral make it?

RankGrowth ServiceMore Info
2Stellation MediaVisit

Unnatural Timing of Likes

What we find a little bit strange about Automatic Viral is that the timing of their likes doesn’t seem to be as straightforward as we’d hoped.

They say that they can send you engagement when they recognise a new post after 30 seconds.

While this all sounds well and good, the reality is that they’ll send you all your engagement at once, and after a few minutes you’ll have way too much ‘engagement’ on your content.

It will will look strange to people checking out your profile, and they’ll think that you’re being spammy.

Their Accounts Are Obviously Bots

Another thing that we have noticed since reviewing this Instagram growth company is that the followers that they send you are quite obviously bot accounts.

This means that not only does your content get all of this engagement on it out of nowhere, but most of the likes it gets come from accounts that are very clearly bots.

They don’t have a profile photo, they have a weird name, and they have almost now followers themselves.

This, again, spells fake, and it’s the type of thing that you want to avoid if you can.

Not Very Good Customer Support

We all need good customer support from time to time, right?

This is one way that we can get the help we need when something goes wrong, instead of having to wait around for ages and lose momentum as a result.

The trouble with Automatic Viral is that they offer very average support. You either will get a response that takes a long time, or you won’t get one at all.

They don’t even have a phone number that you can call, so there’s no direct way to get in touch with them.

What About Their Team?

A lot of the time, if a company is legit, they’ll make sure that you can read about the team behind their features.

This way, you get to know a bit about them and how they work, and you feel a lot more confident signing up for their service.

We couldn’t find anything on the Automatic Viral website that talked about who is behind the features, which is definitely a bit concerning.



Automatic Viral offers six basic packages with visible pricing on the website.

The Packages:

  • 100 Likes Per Post – $17.00/Month
  • 250 Likes Per Post – $24.00/Month
  • 500 Likes Per Post – $48.00/Month
  • 1000 Likes Per Post – $75.00/Month
  • 2000 Likes Per Post – $134.00/Month
  • 3000 Likes Per Post – $189.00/Month

Each package includes:

  • Up to 4 posts a day (can be increased as needed)
  • Real Likes from Real Users
  • Free Views on Videos (like matching)
  • Safe & Secure
  • 24/7 Customer Support
  • 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee
  • Cancel Anytime

Is Automatic Viral Safe? Is It a Scam?

I will say that AutomaticViral has some positive aspects as well as negative.

While their secure site URL is a good thing, deeper investigation tells more of the story.


  • Https secure site
  • Paypal verified payment gateway
  • Visible pricing
  • FAQ section/page
  • Support/Help page
  • Email form fill contact available


  • Poor reputation score from RepDigger
  • Unsafe site status from ScamAdvisor
  • Deemed unsafe for kids and may be fraudulent from EasyCounter
  • No real onsite reviews or testimonials
  • Domain registered in the US, but is hidden (red flag)

With the negative reports and botting technology, we don’t find this service to be particularly safe based on the technology they use, the risk involved, and the website reports mentioned above.

Some of the off-site reviews I found were on TrustPilot, a reputable authority reviews site. You can read them here.

Automatic Viral-TrustPilot

Review Conclusion

The risk to your Instagram account is too high to take chances on an automatic liking service like this one, especially when you can find alternative services that are less risky.

If you’ve already got an Instagram reputation that you’re trying to take care of, you really need to make sure that you avoid companies like this.

This way, you can preserve all the hard work that you’ve already done, and you can look forward to a positive Instagram experience in the future.

Top Automatic Viral Alternatives

If you’re looking for a way to grow your Instagram without having to compromise with fake engagement or a bot, let’s talk about it.

Here are a couple of excellent Automatic Viral alternatives.

1. Stellation Media

Stellation Media

Stellation Media has everything you need to grow an Instagram account successfully. What’s really nice about this company is that they update their features as Instagram updates theirs.

This is why they are currently promoting their clients profiles through Instagram stories and their mass story engager feature. Check them out for solid Instagram growth.

2. Nitreo


If you need a company that’s going to cover everything you need as well as everything you don’t need, you should consider checking out Nitreo.

This capable Instagram growth company takes time to explain that they don’t work with fake engagement, and they only have time for organic growth.

Ultimately, they want to help their clients get ahead with legit likes, comments, and followers, so that people see your content and love it. There’s really no other way to grow a sustainable Instagram account.

RankGrowth ServiceMore Info
2Stellation MediaVisit
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My diverse background started with my computer science degree, and later progressed to building laptops and accessories. And now, for the last 7 years, I have been a social media marketing specialist and business growth consultant.

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