AppSally Review 2023 – Is It a Scam?

AppSally Review – Is It a Scam?

AppSally Review 2023

If you’re using multiple social media platforms to market your brand or business, it is challenging to manage them all.

This is why so many businesses choose to outsource their engagement. While outsourcing your engagement is a perfectly fine thing to do, you must choose carefully.

There are an overwhelming number of sites and services that claim to build, grow, and help your social media sites with engagement.

The issue isn’t the lack of locating a way to outsource your social media accounts. Instead, the issue is navigating around them to find the ones that are legit and transparent.

Your job is to learn what you can about these companies before you invest your money into any social media management option.

Reading reviews like this one is a good start, but you also need to do some of your own research. It’s helpful to have reviews at your fingertips because they help you think of things you might overlook in your own search.

You should be looking for a company with a good reputation, and that is reliable and that delivers as promised.

Remember, when any service-related company makes a lot of claims that seem too good to be true, trust that those claims may be just that.

Another factor that you should be aware of is whether the service is likely to get your account suspended or banned permanently.

All social media platforms have rules and guidelines that must be followed. Most of these guidelines are in place to protect the platform’s users.

So, you see that there is much more to choosing a method of growth and engagement for any and all of your social media accounts.

Today, we are reviewing AppSally for our readers.

Based out of New Zealand, AppSally is a company that says they can help everyone with social media growth, no matter what platform they’re on.

There are many different routes that you can take in the social media marketing industry these days, and while some of them are better than others, if you’re brand new to this kind of thing, you might struggle to figure out what is what out there.

There are legit companies that care about your reputation, and then there are those that are a scam and want to steal your personal credentials.

How do you know how to tell the difference between the two, then?

My name is Jonathon Spire.

I know that this industry is full of a lot of shady people who are just trying to exploit naïve and new clients, but I also know that it shows a lot of promise.

There are a lot of legit companies too that are hardworking and do everything they can to make sure their clients are happy.

So, where do you find these kinds of companies?

Let’s talk about it.

Let’s review AppSally and determine whether we like them or not.

AppSally - logo

AppSally is a growth service for all different types of social media accounts.

They claim to have hand-vetted marketing professionals that can help you grow your socials, and they want to make sure that you can do it all with one company.

We think that they are a blackhat store.

This AppSally review will provide you with the things you need to know about their offerings before you invest in it.

Is it legit? Is it a scam? Is it worth your investment? By the time you read this full review, you should be able to come to your own conclusion about these questions.

AppSally – The Process

Before we go into the offerings for each social media outlet, here is what happens when you make your choices.

When you select TikTok, Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, or whatever social media platform from the Social Media menu, you are directed to the “What’s your marketing goal” page.

Here, you pick whether you want to Boost Traffic, Boost Engagement, Boost Conversions, or Other services.

Other services include video production, graphics design, website development, copywriting, account management, virtual assisting, coaching and consulting, and account optimization.

With the exception of the “Others” services, the other selections direct you to a page where you input your chosen social media URL.

You cannot move forward until you have done this.

If you choose “Others”, you get to choose from two more packages, which are Voice Over (Artist) and Voice Over (Computer Generated).

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Again, you aren’t given the opportunity to move forward until you make a selection.

Even though some prices are provided, this website isn’t transparent about some aspects of their pricing.

AppSally for Instagram

Instagram logo

AppSally is a little different to most, which makes them a little bit confusing.

First, you have to choose which platform you want help with, like, of course, Instagram.

Once you’ve done this, they’ll get you to choose from boosting traffic, boosting your engagement, or boosting conversion rates.

Once you’ve chosen which of these features you want, you enter your URL.

There are no signs of pricing. 

This website fails the transparency in pricing metric across all of their services even though they do have some package pricing available.

However, until you give them your URL for the account you want to boost or manage, you won’t know how much your paying.

AppSally for TikTok

The offering for TikTok is Followers, Fans that start from $18 for 200 to 1600 for $180.00. We find their offerings on the higher end of the spectrum in price.

To be realistic, we think they are too expensive for the process.

Just like with Instagram and the other social media sites, the information provided by the website is confusing and not clear.

Choose your marketing goal option, enter your URL, and checkout. It seems they just aren’t into pricing transparency for all their packages.

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AppSally for YouTube


AppSally for YouTube can help you buy YouTube views, boost your traffic, boost your live traffic, boost engagement, boost conversion rates, and boost ranking.

Again, though, they aren’t giving up their prices too easily, and you have to enter your URL before you get to look at anything like this.

This is very concerning for us because companies like this should be able to show their prices. 

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AppSally for Twitter


AppSally for Twitter can help you with your engagement and your conversion rates.

They say that they can help you with shares, tags, follows, likes, and votes.

They also claim to be able to target the right Twitter audience for your needs based on your niche.

Again, we find this hard to believe, and really don’t like that they can’t be honest about pricing. 

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AppSally for Facebook


AppSally can help you boost your Facebook traffic, as well as your engagement and conversion.

Basically, they can offer you everything that they offered the rest of the social media channels, just slightly tweaked to suit Facebook’s format.

We don’t generally recommend signing up for anything unless you can see the pricing first – it’s just not good practice.

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1Media MisterVisit

How Did AppSally Do in Tests?

Like the rest of the companies that we review out there, whether they’re good or bad, we make sure to put them to the test so that we know what we recommend to you – or not.

We signed up for some of AppSally’s Instagram growth features.

We are sad to say that hardly any of them came through, and then when we tried to get in touch with them, that was a whole process in itself.

Ultimately, we don’t think that AppSally is doing the kind of job that you need to get your socials up to scratch.

What About the Team?

Companies that have nothing to hide and want to build a connection to their potential clients will have a little bit about themselves on their website.

This is their way of making sure that you can feel confident about their company.

AppSally doesn’t have anything like this to show.

We are less than impressed by AppSally’s customer service team. The website says they are available 24/7, but that’s not how it works.

If you dig a bit on the website, you will find their official hours of operation, which is when you can reach them.

Even so, that information is in the small print in gray letters over a white background. So, essentially hidden information that you cannot claim is hidden.

We find their customer service team to be ineffective and mostly unresponsive. The only method of support is to go through their support ticket system.

There you are most likely to be left hanging, or you’ll get some lame excuse for their misrepresentation or incompetence.

Good customer service is an essential part of a reliable and credible business.

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Is It Safe?

One of the most questionable things about this website is that it doesn’t directly deal with the social media platforms to which it claims to cater.

Instead, they cherry pick different services. The website has seven sections, which include Music & Video, Marketplace, Social Media, Apps, Website & SEO, Business Listing, and More.

What is More? The dropdown menu under More in the main menu presents Accounts, Virtual Assistant, Coaching and

Consulting, Polls, Signups, Surveys, Graphic and Design, Writing and Translation, and Miscellaneous.

AppSally’s website also claims to be “The Perfect Growth Weapon for Your Business” offering services that help clients outrank their competitors.

That certainly seems like a good thing, right? However, everything points to this service being less than worth the investment in its outsourced services.

One thing you should know is that whatever choice you make from the four choices regarding your marketing goal, it won’t be AppSally doing the work.

Instead, they will choose from one of several other services that actually do the work. The website claims that these are vetted and hand-picked by AppSally. They also claim there are no bots.

Essentially, the website is loaded with only good reviews, including a paid-for custom video about their company.

It seems they have invested a lot of money and time into making the website amazing, while failing to actually follow through with their promises.

AppSally Pros and Cons

There is a longer list of cons over pros, but here is where we will present the list.

  • A wide array of services
  • Expensive prices for only basic features
  • Questionable followers’ quality
  • Trustpilot has banned them
  • Getting a refund is impossible
  • They sell fake reviews as part of one of their services
  • You don’t see most prices until you give them your social media URL
  • Delivery is not as promised, but is late if it happens at all
  • Customer service isn’t good
  • Unclear about their operating procedures

We want our readers to know that we recommend that you take great care about who you trust with your social media account information, whether it’s personal or business.

It’s much too easy to fall into a scam that is under the guise of being a helpful service these days. That’s one reason to do your own research for any service you choose.

Another thing that stands out to us about AppSally is that it’s so obvious that this is a scam, we wouldn’t advise that you even test it out.

We recommend skipping on this one and look for something better.

We are unhappy to report that in our opinion, the only thing that is legit about this website is its secure HTTPs website.

Keep in mind that that website protocol not only protects your information, but also benefits the website owner by boosting their Google search rank.

AppSally User Reviews


Review Conclusion

Ultimately, we don’t think that we can safely recommend a company like AppSally to you as the reader.

While they might appear to be legit on the surface, the reality is that they’re actually more like a ‘blackhat’ store.

This means that they’re constantly on the lookout for ways to take advantage of their clients, and ways that they can steal personal information and sell them fake engagement.

Reviewers say that their service is a scam, that doesn’t actually deliver the engagement that they promised, and even has fake reviews out there trying to improve their ratings.

There are three reasons for you not to use them, and we think that by not using AppSally, you’re actually dodging a massive bullet.

Find something else that actually cares about your social media growth, who isn’t going to take advantage of you.

Top AppSally Alternatives

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Have Your Say!

Important: Do you represent this company?

Do you disagree with my review? Sometimes I do make mistakes. Comment below & let me know what’s factually incorrect and I’ll rectify it as soon as possible.

Thanks for reading.

- Jon

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My diverse background started with my computer science degree, and later progressed to building laptops and accessories. And now, for the last 7 years, I have been a social media marketing specialist and business growth consultant.

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