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Technology has quickly changed our lives. Entering almost every sphere, mobile apps make our life much easier. Since the modern world is so much better technology-wise, we are always looking for new ways to make our lives even easier and more efficient.

The desire to make life easier is the key driving factor behind more app development. As a result, the number of mobile apps is snowballing, offering people a vast choice.

There are applications for almost every part of our lives, like sleep tracking software, apps for better concentration and productivity, mental health support applications and more.

Even though some are skeptical about phones taking our lives, technology has integrated into modern society, and now it is an essential part of our happy lives.

Since the choice of apps available is vast, we created a list of 6 most exciting mobile apps you can consider in 2023 to make your life easier and more productive.

Apps Make Our Lives Easier

There are numerous useful apps available today, ranging from productivity apps to health trackers, EV charging apps, and so much more. Using these apps opens a variety of possibilities that have been shown to improve our lives and businesses dramatically.

However, since the list is vast, it is usually overwhelming sometimes to find the apps that will cover your specific needs. Below you will see a list of 10 brand-new apps that will make your life easier and more productive.

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Cool Reader

In case you don’t have enough time or money to purchase books from stores, but you still want to read more, this app is the way to go. Cool Reader is precisely what its name suggests, being one of the most popular free reading and reference apps available for Android.

This mobile application allows users to find and read a huge list of ebooks in any format present under the sun, such as fb2, epub, txt, doc, tcr, pdb, pml and so on.

In addition, Cool Reader also allows you to customise the text size, font, colour, line spacing, and brightness, providing an amazing reading experience and making the process as personalised as you can imagine. With this app, you can take your favourite books with you anywhere you go or travel; what can be easier?

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Electric vehicles are gaining popularity. Being safer and ecology-friendly, EVs also represent a cost-efficient solution for car owners in 2022. Since experts believe more and more people will turn to electric vehicles over traditional cars, the demand for applications specially designed for EVs will also grow.

Luckily, there is one electric car charging app available today that can make the life of EV owners much easier. The application is available for both iOS and Android platforms. ‘

Since it is still hard to find car charging stations for electric vehicles, the Bonnet app is an excellent way to get the best EV charging experience. It connects drivers with the best charging networks available and turns every charge point into an accessible, simple charger.


As we’ve already mentioned, technology is everywhere. We use smartphones, laptops and other types of devices on a daily basis. However, these devices produce high-energy blue light that may cause insomnia and disturb your inner clocks, making it hard to fall asleep or wake up feeling refreshed.

Therefore, this app is designed for this blue light from your computer and devices’ screens. That is why this app is mostly used by people who work on computers.

Even though this feature is the key in this app, it also offers additional functionality like a timer that can be set to begin screen dimming at the needed time only. Filtering the blue light allows you to use the phone or computer in the late evening or the night without worrying. 

Hours Keeper

Self-employment is becoming the most popular type of working cooperation today. Even though it has many benefits, it also means that you have no boss and no control over your working time.

While some are more productive when they work on themselves, others experience problems with time management. That is why this app can become an excellent choice.

As the name implies, the Hours Keeper app allows users to better manage time spent on multiple clients while also letting users sort the hours by pay period and create invoices.

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They can also use a timer or set time manually. This app is specially designed for freelancers to manage their time better, stay productive, be organized and subsequently be better focused. 


The KeyMe app seems to be highly useful for modern society. That is because it combines one of our basic necessities – keys – with new technology in an interesting way.

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Most modern people are worried about losing their keys, so the app’s founders created a company and this app to solve this problem easily.

The KeyMe app lets you scan your keys, like those from home or car, by clicking a photograph of them, and you have a copy (digital) in your hands. So in case of lost keys, you can quickly go to the company’s office to make a new key.


MoodFit is available in GooglePlay and the Apple App Store. Being a free mental health app packed with tools and insight meant to “shape up” your mood, the application is designed to help users get into mental shape.

Whether you struggle with understanding your emotions, experiencing anxiety, chronic stress, or depression, MoodFit is a great way to help you achieve inner balance, work with your mental health and start to feel better.

The app allows users to answer questions to determine the severity of the symptoms, while many articles and audio files will let you explore your feelings deeper and understand how to overcome them.

The Bottom Line

You won’t be surprised knowing that technology is everywhere. While it helps businesses stay strong during market changes and reach the speed of the market, there are also many apps designed for people and their everyday problems. Here we showcase several most interesting apps to consider in 2023.  

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